Contents of the IJSI, Vol. 3, No. 1, 2013   


Comparing Environmental Impacts of Natural Resource Extraction and Recycling Processes for Rare-earth Magnet Production

Hiroki Hatayama, Masaharu Motoshita, Kiyotaka Tahara, Tomohiko Akahori and Yuzo Hiroshige

Sustainable Management of Tank Bottom Sludge from Refineries: Role of Bioaugmentation with n-Alkane and Naphthalene-Degrading Burkholderia Cultures

Jublee Jasmine and Suparna Mukherji

Recurrent Flooding in Delhi and Mumbai: Challenges and Prospects for Sustainable Urban Ecology

Shalini Saksena

Biomass Pellets as a Sustainable Cooking Fuel

Ashok Gupta

Phosphorus Recovery from Charcoal of Sewage Sludge using NaOH

Masaaki Takahashi, Yukimasa Takemoto , Ken Onishi

An Ecological Perspective to Redevelopment of Cities: Mapping the Energy footprint of Thane City against its Bio-capacity

Priti Bhandari

Innovations for Sustainable Development of Mineral Industries


Hazards Assessment of Heavy Metals Build-up in Soil and Plants of Durgapur Industrial Belt Irrigated with Mixed Industrial Effluents

Ganesh Chandra Kisku and Satish Kumar Singh

Risk Matrix Approach for Analysing Sustainability of Land Resources and Desertification in Arid/Semiarid Zones

Y.Y.Y. Agarwadkar and M.V. Khire

Rainfall Cycles, Livelihood and Migration in India

Abdul Shaban and Sanjukta Sattar

Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs) in the Electricity Sector: The Case of Thailand

Anindya Bhattacharya and Mustafa Moinuddin