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About ISSF Events

It is an Academic Event Series on Innovative Research and Action in Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development. Each of the events has a theme consisting of various topics of current and future importance.

Objective and Scope

The ISSF is a forum for discussion and dissemination of results of various activities such as research, action oriented work, advocacy, etc. on any of the development issues. It brings together, the concerned stakeholders, including academicians, researchers, corporate executives and policy makers, associated with the innovative research and action on any aspect of sustainability.

Theme of ISSF-2013

ISSF-2013 will focus on “Socio-economic, Technological and Policy Issues in Energy and Environment.”  It will cover both local and global geographical dimensions of issues.  Some of the topics proposed for the ISSF-2013 will include the following.

·         Sustainable Energy Options including Biomass Energy and other forms of Renewable Energy,

·         Innovative Methods for promoting Sustainability by Corporate Sector including Corporate Social and Environment Responsibility,

·         Sustainability Criteria followed in Government and Public Sector Organizations and in the Decision Making process,

·         Research and Action in Sustainability by Academics, Researchers, Activists, NGOs, etc. including Conservation of  Natural Resources,  Protection of  Environment, use of Tools for Assessment of Sustainability -LCA, EIA, I-O Analysis, etc., and

·         Role of Media in generating sustainability concepts and contributing to sustainable development.

Benefit of Joining ISSF-2013

Participants of the event may get benefitted in one or more of the following ways.

  • Networking - ISSF-2013 would provide an opportunity for the interaction and networking among individuals and organizations to promote their professional and business interests.
  • Publications – Participants can publish and widely disseminate their efforts through –

i)          Proceedings of  ISSF-2013 that may contain speeches and presentations,

ii)        IJSI - An interdisciplinary peer reviewed international journal, that may publish some of the papers presented at the ISSF, and,

iii)      Savitarka - An E-Magazine on Development Issues, that may publish speeches and presentations, which have a potential of creating a mass awareness and policy impact.

  • Technology Transfer – Software and Technology Developers, Business houses, etc. could promote their products and services in other markets.
  • Capacity Building - Individual and Institutional Experts may contribute to capacity building in various areas of sustainability.

Join ISSF-2013

You could join ISSF-2013 as a Co-organizer, Sponsor, Co-Sponsor, Supporter, Speaker and / or Participant.

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