Information for the Participants who wish to attend the Conference:


1.     Academic Participants are required to register by paying a fee of Rs.200/-, which covers food and accommodation in our guest house from 26/03/2006 to 29/03/2006, in addition to a folder containing materials presented at the conference. To avail this facility, it is mandatory for them to give the proof for their academic affiliation, through a Bonafide Certificate or ID card. No accommodation will be provided for the participants from Mumbai.

2.     All participants from non-academic organisations are required to register by paying a sum of Rs. 2000 and have to pay for guesthouse accommodation separately, if they are from outside Mumbai.

3.     We cannot guarantee accommodation for all participants, as this is contingent on availability of the rooms in the guesthouse. Hence, we appreciate early registrations, so that the participants may have better chances of getting accommodation.

4.     Registration charges include all the meals, breakfasts and beverages during the conference, free of cost.

5.     No travel allowance will be provided for the participants who are not presenting papers in the conference.

6.     There is a Conference on Indian database on 29th March 2006, in collaboration with EPWRF, the details of which may be requested by sending an e-mail to Dr.Manoj Panda. 


Information for the Authors of papers Selected for Presentation:


1.     The author of the paper and at most, one co-author whose name is mentioned in the paper, are entitled to claim the reimbursement of a return fare (train) in 3-Tier A/C on the shortest possible railway route connecting their town with Mumbai.

2.     The presenters are required to show the tickets for both onward and return journeys, in addition to submitting their photocopies, for reimbursement. Please note that this is absolutely necessary for the reimbursement process. 

3.     No registration fees would be charged for the presenters and one of the co-authors for each paper.

4.     Accommodation would be provided to all presenters in IGIDR Guest House from 26/03/2006 till 29/03/2006, free of cost, contingent on the confirmation of their arrival.

5.     All the meals, beverages and breakfast will be provided free of cost, during the Conference days.

6.     The presenters should arrange their own ways and means of transport to reach IGIDR from the railway stations/airport in Mumbai. The information provided on the website, as regards reaching IGIDR, would prove useful for this purpose.

7.     If we do not receive your confirmation by March 8th 2006, we shall assume that you are not going to present your paper(s) in this conference, and accordingly, other papers may be given an opportunity, instead of yours.  Hence, please be prompt and punctual in confirming your participation before this date and time (08/03/2006, 18:00 Hours)