Compulsory Papers

  1. Development Theory and Policy
  2. Macroeconomics II, course outline [PDF]


  1. Topics in International Economics and Finance, course outline [PDF]

Research Guidance

Theses Completed


  1. Akash Kumar Baikar: Financial Intermediaries and Macroeconomics: Ph.D awarded in 2021
    2021 affiliation: Orissa University

  2. Akhilesh Verma: Cross border flows, macroeconomic risks and policy rules in emerging market economies: Ph.D awarded in 2021
    2021 affiliation: Postdoctoral research fellow, The Economic and Social Research Institute and Trinity College, Dublin

  3. Sandhya Garg: Essays in Indian Fiscal Federalism: Ph.D awarded on March 26, 2019
    2019 affiliation: National Council of Applied Economic Research, Delhi as Associate Fellow

  4. Vaishnavi: Essays on Capital Flows in India: Ph.D awarded on March 26, 2019
    2017 affiliation: International Management Institute, Delhi as a Visiting Assistant Professor (Till December 2017)

  5. Sanchit Arora: Monetary and Fiscal Policy: Interaction and Co-ordination: Ph.D awarded on January 20, 2016
    2019 affiliation: Ernst and Young LLP as Economist (Manager), Government and Public Sector.

  6. Jugnu Ansari: Monetary Policy Transmission and Interest Rate Pass-through: Ph.D awarded on February 14, 2014
    2021 affiliation: Director, MFD, Department of Statistics and Information Management, Reserve Bank of India (RBI)

  7. Shruti Tripathi: Dynamic Effects of Oil Prices: Ph.D awarded on February 17, 2014
    2019 affiliation: National Institute of Public Finance and Policy (NIPFP)as an economist

  8. Ankita Agarwal: Inflation Targeting- Theoretical Study in India: Ph.D awarded on December 17, 2009
    2019 affiliation: RMIT University, School of Economics, Melbourne, Australia, as a Lecturer

  9. Kakali Kanjilal: Term Structure of Interest Rates: Some Macroeconomic Issues: Ph.D awarded on July 20, 2009
    2019 affiliation: International Management Institute, Delhi as an Associate Professor

  10. Shridhar Kumar Dash: Indian Asset Markets and Their Interlinkages: An Empirical Analysis: Ph.D awarded on August 13, 1999
    2019 affiliation: The Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar as a Professor

As committee member

  1. Anusha: Leading Macroeconomic Indicators of India: Trend and Cyclical Analysis: Ph.D awarded on January 20, 2016
    2019 affiliation: Research Fellow, Infinite-Sum Modeling Inc., USA

  2. Amlendu Dubey: Three Essays on Time Scale Modeling of Financial Risk: Ph.D awarded on December 28, 2011
    2019 affiliation: Department of Management Studies, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi

  3. Sanjay Singh: Productivity & Efficiency in State Transport Undertakings in India: Determinants and Implications for Pricing: Ph.D awarded on July 24, 2003
    2019 affiliation: Indian Institute of Management Kanpur as a Professor

  4. Ibotombi Longjam: The Structure of Financial Savings in the Indian Household Sector: Ph.D awarded on July 24, 2003
    2019 affiliation: Citi as VP and Head of India CoE, Global Modeling Oversight

  5. Deb Prasad Rath: Endogenous Issues in the Money Supply Process of India: Ph.D awarded on December 28, 2001
    2019 affiliation: Reserve Bank of India as Assistant Advisor, Department of Economic Analysis & Policy

  6. Manas Paul: Indian Real Exchange Rate Behaviour and Durable Goods Market Under Exchange Rate Uncertainty: Ph.D awarded on December 28, 2001
    2019 affiliation: Professor, Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad

  7. Mridul Sagar: Some Issues Relating to Exchange Rate Policy in India:1991-1998: Ph.D awarded on December 29, 2000
    2019 affiliation: Reserve Bank of India as Director, Department of Economic Analysis and Policy


  1. Gagan Goel: How Short is the Short Run for Faster Growing Economies: Sacrifice Ratio-Cost of Disinflation: M.Phil awarded in 2019.
    2019 affiliation: Manager in EXL services, Gurgoan.

  2. Rajib Sarkar: On Inflation Forecasting: M.Phil awarded in 2019.
    2021 affiliation: Assistant Adviser, Data & Statistics Group, Reserve Bank of India.

  3. Abhishek Kumar: A small Scale DSGE Model for India: M.Phil awarded on 26th March 2019. (Ongoing Ph.D from IGIDR).
    2021 affiliation: Assosiate fellow, Center for Social and Economic Progress (CSEP) (Formerly Brookings India).

  4. Satyendra Gupta: Understanding a Multi-currency Reserve World: M.Phil awarded on July 31, 2014. (Submitted his PhD from Nanyang Technological University Singapore).
    2019 affiliation- Jindal School of Government and Public Policy as Assistant Professor.

  5. Anurag Sharma: Revenue and Expenditure Nexus in Indian Public Finance: M.Phil awarded on July 24, 2002.
    2019 affiliation- University of New South Wales as a Senior Lecturer (Health Economics) and Co-Director Public Health Programs

M.Sc. Dissertation

  1. Amrita Garai (2016: MSc. by dissertation): Financial Spillovers from China to US

  2. Bhavyaa Sharma (2015: MSc. course by dissertation): Government Expenditure in India: Composition, Cyclicality and Multipliers

  3. Shraddha Ramswamy (2014: MSc. course by dissertation): Do Macroeconomic Factors Affect the Degree of Asymmetry and Non-linearity in the Exchange Rate Pass Through?

Theses Ongoing

  1. Prashant Mehul Parab: Evolution of Expectations Channel of Monetary Policy Transmission: An Indian Experience (Ph.D) (Thesis submitted)
    2021 affiliation: Analyst, Credit Suisse

  2. Abhishek Kumar: Earning and Assets Based Collateral Constraint in New Keynesian Model (Ph.D) (Thesis Submitted)
    2021 affiliation: Associate Fellow, Center for Social and Economic Progress (CSEP) (Formerly Brookings India)

  3. Kritika Banerjee: Exchange Rate Policy: Role of Policy Spillover from other Countries and Policy Cooperation (Ph.D) (Thesis submitted)
    2021 affiliation: Guest faculty, Midnapore Women's College

  4. Sritama Ray: Identification of the Aggregate Supply Relationship for India: The Role of Correlated Demand and Supply Shocks (MPhil) (Thesis submitted)
    2021 affiliation: Analyst, Citibank

  5. Vikas Charmal: Liquidity Management and Policy Transmission: Empirical Analysis for India (MPhil) (Thesis submitted)
    2021 affiliation: Analyst, NABARD


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