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Publications 2015-2023

    Articles in Journal

  1. 'New perspectives on the rise and fall of global imbalances: Evidence from large emerging market economies' (with Krittika Banerjee), Review of World Economics. Forthcoming. 2023.
    [Earlier version]

  2. 'Disaggregated Indian industrial cycles: a spectral analysis' (with Ritabrata Bose), Journal of Indian School of Political Economy. Forthcoming. 2023.
    [Earlier version]

  3. 'Lessons from outperformance in the Indian financial sector.' Global Policy. Published online on 06 July 2023
    [Available here]

  4. 'Chorus in the cacophony: dissent and policy communication of India's monetary policy committee' (with Rounak Sil, Unninarayanan Kurup, Apoorva Singh & Rajendra N Paramanik), Applied Economics Letter. Published online: 07 May 2023.
    [Available here]

  5. 'Working of expectations channel of monetary policy in India' (with Prashant Parab), Journal of International Commerce, Economics and Policy, 14(1): 1-38. 2023.
    [Available here]

  6. 'Cross border flows, financial intermediation and interactions of policy rules in a small open economy' (with Akhilesh Verma), Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, 89 (June 2023): 369-393. 2022.
    [Available here]

  7. 'Global shocks and international policy coordination' (with Rupayan Pal), Global Policy, 13(4): 458-468. 2022.
    [Available here]

  8. 'IUPJAE Interview: An Interview with Professor Ashima Goyal' (with GRK Murty), The IUP Journal of Applied Economics, 21(1): 84-109. 2022
    [Available here]

  9. 'Central Bank Communications and Professional Forecasts: Evidence from India' (with Prashant Parab), Journal of Emerging Market Finance, 20(3): 308-336. 2021.
    [Available here]

  10. 'News, noise, and Indian business cycle' (with Abhishek Kumar), Bulletin of Economic Research, 74(2): 503-538. 2021.
    [Available here]

  11. 'External shocks, cross-border flows and macroeconomic risks in emerging market economies' (with Akhilesh Verma & Rajeswari Sengupta), Empirical Economies, 62, pp. 2111-2148. 2021.
    [Available here]

  12. 'Liquidity management and monetary transmission: empirical analysis for India' (with Vikas Charmal), Journal of Economics Studies, 49(5): 850-875. 2021.
    [Available here]

  13. 'Asymmetry, terms of trade and the aggregate supply curve in an open economy model' (with Abhishek Kumar), The Journal of economic Asymmetries , Volume 24, November 2021, e00206.
    [Available here]

  14. 'Behavioural equilibrium real exchange rates and misalignments: Evidence from large emerging markets' (with Krittika Banerjee), Economic Analysis and Policy, 70, June, 414-436. 2021.
    [Available here]

  15. 'What influences aggregate inflation expectations of households in India?' (with Prashant Parab), Journal of Asian Economics , Volume 72, February 2021, 101260.
    [Available here]

  16. 'Monetary spillsovers and real exchange rate misalignments in emerging markets' (with Krittika Banerjee), International Journal of Emerging Markets, 17(2): 452-484. 2020.
    [Available here]

  17. 'Post Covid-19: Recovering and Sustaining India's Growth', Indian Economic Review, 55(1): 161-181. 2020.
    [Available here]

  18. 'A DSGE Model-Based Analysis of the Indian Slowdown' (with Abhishek Kumar), Journal of International Commerce, Economics and Policy, 11(1). February. 2020.
    [Available here]

  19. 'Policy Transmission in Indian Money Markets: The Role of Liquidity' (with Deepak Kumar Agarwal), The Journal of Economic Asymmetries, 21. June 2020 e00137. 2019.
    [Available here]

  20. 'Indian Growth is not Overestimated: Mr. Subramanian You Got it Wrong' (with Abhishek Kumar), Macroeconomics and Finance in Emerging Market Economies, 13(1): 29-52. 2020.
    [Available here]

  21. 'Correlated Shocks, Hysteresis, and the Sacrifice Ratio: Evidence from India' (with Gagan Goel), Emerging Markets Finance and Trade, 57(10): 2929-2945. 2019.
    [Available here]

  22. 'Modeling Consumers' Confidence and Inflation Expectations' (with Prashant Parab), Economics Bulletin, 39(3): 1817-1832. 2019.
    [Available here]

  23. 'Estimating the Relationship between the Current Account, the Capital Account and Investment for India' (with Vaishnavi Sharma), Foreign Trade Review, 54 (1): 29-45. 2019.
    [Available here]

  24. 'Money and Business Cycle: Evidence from India' (with Abhishek Kumar), The Journal of Economic Asymmetries, vol. 18. November. 2018.
    [Available here]

  25. 'Portfolio Composition and Valuation Effects in Emerging Market Economies' (with Vaishnavi Sharma), International Economic Journal, 32(3): 307-330. 2018.
    [Available here]

  26. 'Evaluating India's Exchange Rate Regime under Global Shocks', Macroeconomics and Finance in Emerging Market Economies, 11(3): 304-321. 2018.
    [Available here]

  27. 'The Indian Fiscal-Monetary Framework: Dominance or Coordination?', International Journal of Development and Conflict, 8(1): 01-13. 2018.
    [Available here]

  28. 'Slowdown in Bank Credit Growth: Aggregate Demand or Bank Non-performing Assets?' (with Akhilesh Verma), Margin: The Journal of Applied Economic Research, 12 (3): 257-275. 2018.
    [Available here]

  29. 'Government Expenditure in India: Composition, Cyclicality and Multipliers' (with Bhavya Sharma), Journal of Quantitative Economics, 16(1): 1-39. 2018.
    [Available here]

  30. 'Active Monetary Policy and the Slowdown: Evidence from DSGE based Indian Aggregate Demand and Supply' (with Abhishek Kumar), Journal of Economic Asymmetries, 17, pp. 21-40. June. 2018.
    [Available here]

  31. 'The Effect of Oil Shocks and Cyclicality in Hiding Indian Twin Deficits' (with Abhishek Kumar), Journal of Economic Studies, 45(1). 2018.
    [Available here]

  32. 'Multiple Reserve Currencies and Renminbi Use' (with Satyendra Kumar Gupta), Journal of International Commerce, Economics and Policy, 8(2): 1-35. June. 2017.
    [Available here]

  33. 'Intervention and Signaling: Interaction Between Central Banks and FX Markets in an Emerging Market', The Singapore Economic Review, 63(1): 193-225. 2017.
    [Available here]

  34. 'Why Tax Effort Falls Short Of Tax Capacity in Indian States: A Sstochastic Frontier Approach' (with Sandhya Garg and Rupayan Pal), Public Finance Review, 45(2): 232-259. 2017.
    [Available here]

  35. 'Estimating the Indian Natural Interest Rate: A Semi-structural Approach' (with Sanchit Arora), Economic Modelling, 58, 141-153, November 2016.
    [Available here]

  36. 'Conditions for Inclusive Innovation with Application to Telecom and Mobile Banking', Innovation and Development, 7(2): 227-248. 2017.
    [Available here]

  37. 'Banks and Corporate Debt Risks in India', IMI Konnect, Special Issue on Corporate Finance, 5(2), April. 2016.

  38. 'Financial Stability: Underlining Context', in symposium on "Safeguarding Financial Stability in an Era of Financial Fragility: An Indian Perspective, a Public Lecture by D.M. Nachane. Journal of Indian School of Political Economy, 27(2-4): 441-444. April-December. 2015.
    [Earlier version]

  39. 'Payment Systems to Facilitate South Asian Integration', South Asia Economic Journal, 16(2), pp. 102S118S, September. 2015.
    [Available here]

  40. 'Understanding High Inflation Trend in India', South Asian Journal of Macroeconomics and Public Finance, 4(1) 1-44. 2015.
    [Available here]

  41. 'Sustaining Indian Growth: Interests versus institutions', India Review, 14(3): July-September.2015.
    [Available here]

  42. 'Separating Shocks from Cyclicality in Indian Aggregate Supply' (with Shruti Tripathi), Journal of Asian Economics, 38, pp. 93-103. 2015.
    [Available here]

  43. In Books

  44. 'What drives Indian inflation? Demand or supply' (with Abhishek Kumar), chapter in Practical Economic Analysis and Computation - A Festschrift in Honor of Professor Kirit Parikh, Rajbans Talwar, Probal Pratap Ghosh and Sureshbabu Syamasundar Velagapudi (eds.). New Delhi: Springer Nature. Forthcoming, 2023.
    [Earlier version]

  45. 'What Explains the Volatility of India's Catch-up Growth?', chapter in Perspectives on the Contemporary Indian Economy, Soumyen Sikdar (ed.). Orient Blackswan. Forthcoming, 2023.
    [Earlier version]

  46. 'Insights from Behavioral Economics on Current Policy Issues', chapter in India Beyond 2020, P.G. Babu, S.Mahendra Dev, and A. Ganesh Kumar (eds.). Orient Blackswan. Forthcoming, 2023.
    [Earlier version]

  47. 'Indian Banks and the Prevention of Corruption Act: Freedom and Discipline', chapter in India Development Report 2019, S. Mahendra Dev (ed.). New Delhi: IGIDR and Oxford University Press. pp. 175-186. 2022.
    [Earlier version]

  48. 'Hetrogeneity of inflation Expectations: An Analysis using IESH data' (with Prashant Parab), chapter 24 Recent Developments in Asian Economics, in William A. Barnett and Bruno S. Sergi (eds.). Volume 28, Massachusetts, United States.
    [Available here]

  49. 'Emerging Markets Perspectives on G-20 Led Financial Reforms' (with Akhilesh Verma), chapter 1 20 Years of G20: From Global Cooperation to Building Consensus, in Rajat Kathuria and Prateek Kukreja (eds.). pp. 19-36, Springer: Singapore. 2019.
    [Available here]

  50. 'After Liberalizing Reforms: The Importance of Domestic Demand' (with Pulapre Balakrishnan), chapter in The Concise Handbook of Indian Economy in the 21st Century, Goyal, A. (ed.). Second edition. pp. 35-63. 2019.
    [Available here]

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    [See details]

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    [See details]

  55. 'External shocks', in S. Mahendra Dev (ed.), India Development Report 2015, New Delhi: IGIDR and Oxford University Press. 2015.
    [Earlier version]

  56. 'Growth Drivers: ICT and Inclusive Innovations', Chapter in Reviving Growth in India, Pradeep Agarwal (ed.). New Delhi: Cambridge University Press. 2015.
    [Earlier version]

  57. In Economic and Political Weekly

  58. 'Union Budget 2023-24 - The long review', Economic and Political Weekly, 58(12):27-33. 2023.
    [Available here]

  59. 'What does the COVID-19 experience tell us about Indian growth drivers?', Economic and Political Weekly, 57(37): 52-59. September 10, 2022.
    [Available here]

  60. 'Post-Covid-19 Paths to Fiscal Consolidation Using the Snowball Effect', Economic and Political Weekly, 56(31), 31 July. 2021.
    [Available here]

  61. 'Inflation Convergence and Anchoring of Expectations in India' (with Prashant Parab), Economic and Political Weekly, 55(47), 28 November. 2020.
    [Available here]

  62. 'How Far is the Indian Nominal Exchange Rate from Equilibrium?' (with Krittika Banerjee), Economic and Political Weekly, 55(11), 14 March. 2020.
    [Available here]

  63. 'Overreaction in Indian Monetary Policy' (with Abhishek Kumar), Economic and Political Weekly, 54(12): 12-14, March. 2019.
    [Available here]

  64. 'Government Securities Market: Price Discovery, Monetary Management and Government Borrowing', Economic and Political Weekly, 54(13): 44-58, 30 March. 2019.
    [Available here]

  65. 'Demand-led Growth Slowdown and Inflation Targeting in India', Economic and Political Weekly. Special issue on Money, Banking and Finance, 53(13): 79-88. 2018.
    [Available here]

  66. 'Macroeconomic Policy for an India in Transition', Economic and Political Weekly, 52(47): 31-37. 2017.
    [Available here]

  67. 'Abductive Reasoning in Macroeconomics', Economic and Political Weekly, 52(33): 77-84. 2017.
    [Available here]

  68. 'Indian Banking: Perception and Reality', Economic and Political Weekly, Special Issue on Money, Banking and Finance, 52(12): 77-84. 2017.
    [Available here]

  69. 'Measuring Indian Growth: Why Data Should be Doubted Less', Economic and Political Weekly, 50 (32): 66-69, August 8. 2015.
    [Available here]

  70. 'Psychology or Cyclicality: Rural Wage and Inflation Dynamics in India' (with Akash Kumar Baikar), Economic and Political Weekly, 50(23): 116- 125, June. 2015.
    [Available here]

  71. In Economic Magazines

  72. 'Financial Sector Reforms Agenda for India's Economic Revival', Future of Indian Economy in Post COVID-19 World, J. Vij, A. Khanna, P. Srivastava (eds.). pp. 46-51. Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry and Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, Mumbai, 2020.

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    [See details]

  75. 'Analysing Economic Health', Yojana, Special issue on Union Budget 2015-16, 59, pp. 24-28. March. 2016.
    [See details]

  76. Occasional Pieces

  77. 'Exchange rate volatility and its impact on borrowing costs' (with Sritama Ray), T20 Policy Brief. June 2023.
    [Available here]

  78. 'The pattern of global macroprudential regulations and its impact on borrowing costs' (with Sritama Ray), T20 Policy Brief. June 2023.
    [Available here]

  79. 'Transforming Government for Growth', Chapter in A Five Trillion Dollar Economy, Published by Bombay Chamber of Commerce and Industry, pp. 26-27. 2022.
    [Available here]

  80. 'Economic Growth: Beating Expectations', article in Highlights of Activities 2019-20 & 2020-21, edited and published by Bharat Chamber of Commerce, pg. 30. 2021.

  81. 'Indian Growth: Why the Future can Differ from the Past', in Quarterly Journal of Economics - CII Artha, Issue 1, December, pp. 8-9. 2021.
    [Available here]

  82. 'Indian Banks and the Prevention of Corruption Act: Freedom and Discipline', pamphlet of keynote lecture delivered as Chief Guest at the 14th M.R. Pai Memorial Award Function, September 10. 2018.
    [Earlier version]

  83. 'Foreword', in Analyzing the Relationship between Corporate Social Responsibility and Foreign Direct Investment. M. Ojo (ed.). ISBN13: 9781522503057; EISBN13: 9781522503064. USA: IGI Global, 2016.
    [Available here]

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  85. 'Introduction: Handling Complexity', in Macroeconomics and Finance in Emerging Market Economies. Special issue on 'Policy Complexity, Rate Volatility and Potential Buffers. 8 (1 & 2). 2015.
    [Available here]




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    Publications 2009-2014

      Aricles in Journal

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      Publications 2008-2004

        Articles in Journals

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