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Ashima Goyal  



Education :

Ph.D. (Economics), Bombay University. M.Phil. Delhi School of Economics.


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Research Interests:

Open economy macroeconomics, international finance, financial markets and regulation, institutions and development.

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Current Optional Course:

“Topics in International Economics and Finance”. Past courses taught: Advanced macroeconomics, and Development Theory and Policy


Current Ph.D students

  • Sanchit Arora: Monetary and fiscal policy: Interaction and Coordination. (Committee members P.G. Babu, Indira Rajaram). Thesis submitted.
  • Akash Kumar Baikar: Financial Intermediaries and Macroeconomics
  • Vaishnavi: Essays on Capital Flows in India
  • Sandhya Garg: Essays in Indian Fiscal Federalism
  • Anusha: Analysis of Business Cycles (Committee Member) Thesis submitted.