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Rupayan Pal  


Rupayan pal


Education :

Ph.D. (Economics), IGIDR, December, 2006.


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Research Interests:

Applied Microeconomic Theory (primary) and Econometric Applications (secondary) -- Application Areas: Industrial Organisation, Labour Economics, Environmental Economics, Public Economics, and Finance & Development


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  • “Managerial Delegation in Monopoly and Social Welfare”, International Journal of Economic Theory, (Forthcoming). [Wiley-Blackwell]
  • “Network Externalities and Strategic Managerial Delegation in Cournot Duopoly: Is There a Prisoners' Dilemma?” (with Trishita Bhattacharjee), Review of Network Economics, (Forthcoming). [De Gruyter]
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[See CV for full list of publications]

  • Market Structure and Innovation
  • Privatization
  • Financial Inclusion
  • Environmental Regulation
  • Interregional Competition for Foreign Capital
  • Political Institutions, Budget Allocation, Growth and Government Efficiency
  • Special Topics in Microeconomic Theory (Optional course for PhD students at IGIDR)
  • Microeconomics I (Compulsory course for both PhD and Masters students at IGIDR and for Masters students at Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics (GIPE))
  • Public Economics (Compulsory course for Masters students at IGIDR and  GIPE)
  • Microeconomics II (Compulsory course for Masters students at GIPE)
  • Labour Economics (Optional course for Masters students at GIPE)
  • Industry: Organisation, Structure, and Problems (Optional course for Masters students at GIPE)
  • Personnel Economics (A course for MBA students at Xavier Labour Relations Institute (XLRI), School of Business & Human Resources)
  • Microeconomics (A course for Professionals: Reserve Bank of India Officers Training Program at IGIDR)
  • Topics in Oligopoly Theory ( A course for Faculty Refresher Program on Advances in Economics at IGIDR)