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Shubhro Sarkar  



Education :

PhD (Economics) Pennsylvania State University, 2006.


Email id:

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Research Interests:

Theoretical IO, Game Theory, Experimental Economics, Development Economics.


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  • “A Model of Airline Pricing: Capacity Constraints and Deadlines”, Journal of Quantitative Economics, July 2007, Volume 5, Number 2, 40-65. pdf
  • “On Delays in Project Completion With Cost Reduction: An Experiment”, with Anthony M. Kwasnica, Southern Economic Journal, January 2011, Volume 77, Number 3, 557-584.
  • "Intertemporal Pricing with Capacity Constraint and Outside option", Journal of Economic Theory and Social Development, forthcoming.
  • “Does Soft Loan Program Enhance School Enrollment?”, with K. Chaudhuri and D. Dasgupta.
  • "On the Effects of Identity Revelation and Cheap Talk in a Public Goods Contribution Game with Cost Reduction: An Experiment" with K. Chaudhuri.
  • Public Economics (Compulsory)
  • Industrial Organization (Optional)
  • Game Theory (optional)