Project Details

IGIDR faculty members undertake projects funded by national and international organizations, provided they are consistent with the Institute's objectives. Project work enables access to and wide dissemination of data, provides an interface between academia and policy makers, and facilitates the growth of a network with other institutions and researchers. The following is a cumulative list of projects executed at IGIDR. These projects have been sponsored by various national and international agencies such as UNDP, UNEP, World Bank, CIDA and so on. The areas covered by these projects include, among others, energy, environment, trade, finance, agriculture, food security and industry studies.

Externally Funded Research Projects at IGIDR
Project Type:   

Sr. No. Name of Project Sponsoring Agency Project Co-ordinator Year
1 Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA), International Initiative on Impact Evaluation (3ie) Dr. Sudha Narayanan 2013
2 Quantitative Finance Workshop IIT,Kanpur & Lally School of Management & Tech.(USA) Dr. Subrata Sarkar 2010
3 Effects of Foreign Employment on Poverty, Labour Supply and Agricultural Growth in South Asia The Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies Vijayalaxmi Pandey 2010
4 Socio-Economic Study of Project affected People Thermal Powertec Corp. India Ltd. Sudhakara Reddy 2010
5 Financial Sector regulatory reform in India British High Commission Susan Thomas 2010
6 Quantitative Approaches to Public Policy Reserve Bank of India Srijit Mishra 2009
7 Maharashtra Development Report(MDR) Govt. of India Planning Commission Dr. V. K. Sharma 2009
8 State of Environment report Maharashtra study(SOER) Maharashtra Pollution Control Board Dr. V. K. Sharma 2009
9 Seminar on Institutional Reforms & Development Units in Transitional Economy Indian Council of Social Science Research(ICSSR) Dr. V. K. Sharma 2009
10 Construction of Composite Index for household amenities (CCIHA) Planning Commission Dr. S. Chandrashekar 2009
11 Capacity Development training programme for lectures in Kabul University United Nations Development Programme Dr. Shovan Ray 2009
12 UNDP/Centre for Policy & Human Development Kabul University Dr. Shovan Ray 2009
13 Application of Computable General Equilibrium Model for Estimation of Demand & supply of agricultural commodities Indian Agricultural Statistics Research Institute Dr. A. Ganesh Kumar 2009
14 Training programme for Agricultural Economists National Centre for Agricultural Economics & Policy Research Dr. Vijaylaxmi Pandey 2009
15 Resolution for Seminar on Women's Empowerment Institute for Peace Studies and Conflict Dr. Srijit Mishra 2009
16 Workshop on Economic Integration in South Asia and East Asia The Australian National University Dr. Dilip M. Nachane 2009
17 Study on Evaluation of Impact of Coal Mining The Singareni Collieries Co. Ltd. Sudhakara Reddy 2009
18 TAPISM Land Boubu-Economisch Institut B.V. Vijayalaxmi Pandey 2008
19 Modelling work for Eleventh Plan and Beyond Planning Commission A. Ganesh Kumar 2007
20 Study on Monetary History of India: 1900-1950 Reserve Bank of India D. M. Nachane 2005