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Rules for Potential Employers taking Part in Placements (2019-2020)

The following rules will guide the placement process this year. All potential employers participating in the Placement week at Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research seeking to recruit students will comply with these rules during the course of the placement process, till the time the process is declared closed by the Placement Committee.

  • The Placement Week on IGIDR campus will be organized from the 9th December 2019- 13th December 2019
    (referred to as the Placement week henceforth).
  • Each day of the Placement week will be labeled as “Day Zero”, “Day One”, and “Day Two” and so on.
  • The Placement Committee will notify the students seeking placements beforehand about potential employers interested in recruiting from IGIDR (subject to the information received). The potential employers would have either made a Pre Placement presentation (PPT) at IGIDR or provided a detailed job description (JD). After evaluating parameters like the JD, compensation, number of vacancies and so on, each member of the batch is required to come up with his/her individual ranking of the companies based on personal preferences. The potential employers will be allocated slots based on the maximum number of votes per slot.
  • The potential employers will not be allowed to give spot offers to the candidates. They are required to release their list of selected candidates to the Placement Co-ordinator at the end of the time slot on the day allocated to the company during placement week.
  • The potential employers are requested to keep a wait list of candidates ready in case of an overlap. The number of students in the wait list will be decided by the company.
  • Each potential employer will be provided a maximum of two rooms to conduct their recruitment procedure.
  • The potential employer should reach the campus premises at the time allotted to them, due to logistical constraints.
  • The potential employers should end their entire recruitment process within the slot provided to them.