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August-2019 Volume 01 | Issue No. 05
Indira Gandhi Institute of Developmenet Research EconBuzz

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Fellowships and awards

=> Amazon Research Awards - 2019
Last date to apply: October 4, 2019

=> Child Rights Research Fellowship
Last date to apply: September 20, 2019

=> The DK International Research Foundation-Awards
Last date to apply: November 29, 2019

Video of the month

IGIDR Research Publications

1. Bhowmik, A.; Centrone, F; Martellotti, A. (2019). Coalitional extreme desirability in finitely additive economies with asymmetric information. Journal of Mathematical Economics, V.84, 83–93.Elsevier

2. Chakravorty, S.; Chandrasekhar, S.; Naraparaju, K. (2019). Land Distribution, Income Generation and Inequality in India’s Agricultural Sector. Review of Income and Wealth. Wiley

3. Goyal, Ashima.; Parab, P. (2019). Modeling Consumers' Confidence and Inflation Expectations. Economics Bulletin, V.39(3),p1817-1832

4. Mahendra Dev, S (2019). Social Sector in the 2019 Union Budget. Economic and Political Weekly, V.54(33).

5. Rigatos, G. G.; Siano, P.; Loia, V.; Ghosh, T. (2019). Stabilization of a stock‐loan valuation PDE process using differential flatness theory. Asian Journal of Control. Wiley

6. Sharma, S. V.; Han, P.; Sharma, V. K. (2019). Socio-economic determinants of energy poverty amongst Indian households: A case study of Mumbai. Energy Policy, V.132, 1184–1190, Elsevier

7. Ulgiati, S.; Agostinho, F.; Liu, G.; Ripa, M.; Martin, J. R.; Reddy, S. (2019). Editorial: Perspectives on energy futures, environment and wellbeing. Energy Policy, V.133. Elsevier

A Fresh Way to Do Statistics

JASP is an open-source statistics program that is free, friendly, and flexible. Armed with an easy-to-use GUI, JASP allows both classical and Bayesian analyses. This open-source graphical program for statistical analysis supported by the University of Amsterdam. It is designed to be easy to use, and familiar to users of SPSS. It offers standard analysis procedures in both classical and Bayesian form. JASP generally produces APA style results tables and plots to ease publication...

Upcoming Conferences/Call for papers
National Conferences
International Conferences
Dresden Nexus Conference 2020: Circular Economy in a Sustainable Society, June 3-6, 2020

Last date for abstract submission: September 30, 2019

Dresden, Germany

13th Digital Economics Conference, January 9-10, 2020

Last date for abstract submission: October 6, 2019

Toulouse, France

13th Swiss Winter Conference on Financial Intermediation, March 29 - April 1, 2020

Last date for paper submission: October 15, 2019

Lenzerheide, Switzerand

NBER - Trans-Atlantic Public Economics Seminar Firms, Taxes, and Public Policies, June 2-4, 2020

Last date for paper submission: December 1, 2019

Helsinki, Finland

NBER - Agricultural Markets and Trade Policy, April 30-May 1, 2020

Last date for paper submission: January 13, 2020

Washington, DC, USA

11th European Banking Center Network Conference:The Evolution of the Banking Sector and Financial Stability, June 4-5, 2020

Last date for abstract submission: January 15, 2020

Tilburg, Netherlands

Database of the month
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(Access on campus IP only)

Indiastat.com: Indiastat.com is India's most comprehensive database of secondary level socio-economic statistical data. It is a cluster of 56 sites includes data about India-specific, Sector specific, Region specific and State specific sites usefull for researchers accrosss various segments such as academic, professional and corporate world...

Internet Resources

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OpenIntro produces high-quality educational resources that are accessible to all...

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Berkeley Initiative for Transparency in the Social Sciences (BITSS) is “open social science” movement...

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PortableApps.com is the world's most popular portable software and fully open source and free platform...

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ListenData, make analytics easy to understand and follow. TOP 100 R TUTORIALS : STEP BY STEP GUIDE...

Recent research articles
Correlations and Volatility Spillovers between Oil, Natural Gas, and Stock Prices in India, Kumar, Satish; Pradhan, Ashis Kumar; Tiwari, Aviral Kumar; Kang, Sang Hoon

Resources Policy, August 2019

This study investigates the extent of time-varying volatility and correlations between crude oil, natural gas, and stock prices in India using various multivariate generalized autoregressive cond...

The Dynamic Causality between Gold and Silver Prices in India: Evidence Using Time-Varying and Non-linear Approaches, Mishra, Bibhuti Ranjan; Pradhan, Ashis Kumar; Tiwari, Aviral Kumar; Shahbaz, Muhammad

Resources Policy, August 2019

This paper explores the dynamic causal relationship between the returns of gold and silver in Indian market using monthly data for the period June 1991-June 2018. In doing so, we use three method...

'Availability' and/or 'Affordability': What Matters in Household Energy Access in India?, Sankhyayan, Pooja; Dasgupta, Shyamasree

Energy Policy, August 2019

While access to cleaner fuel is a sustainable development goal, the transition from traditional to modern fuel is yet to be achieved in India. This paper estimates fuel costs associated with such...

Impact of Regulatory Framework on Bidding Behavior of Firms: Policy Implications for the Oil and Gas Sector, Sharma, Sunil; Sud, Mukesh

Energy Policy, August 2019

India's economy is heavily dependent on foreign oil with the country importing nearly 80% of its crude requirement. Consequently, government of India has been keen to encourage private investment...

Does International Oil Volatility Have Directional Predictability for Stock Returns? Evidence from BRICS Countries Based on Cross-Quantilogram Analysis, Zhou, Zhongbao; Jiang, Yong; Liu, Yan; Lin, Ling; Liu, Qing

Economic Modelling, August 2019

While numerous studies have investigated the relationship between oil volatility and stock returns, it is surprising that little research has examined the quantile dependence and directional pred...

Manifestations, Drivers, and Frictions of Mobile Phone Use in Low- and Middle-Income Settings: A Mixed Methods Analysis of Rural India and China, Haenssgen, Marco J.

Journal of Development Studies, August 2019

Against the backdrop of alleged mobile phone ubiquity and the enthusiasm about the developmental value of mobile technology, this paper examines the manifestations, drivers, and frictions of mobi...

Caste and Credit: A Woeful Tale?, Kumar, Sunil Mitra; Venkatachalam, Ragupathy

Journal of Development Studies, August 2019

This paper examines caste-based differences in farmers' access to bank loans in rural India. We investigate whether banks practice taste-based discrimination on the basis of caste. In order to id...

Human Capital and Income Inequality in India: Is There a Non-linear and Asymmetric Relationship?, Sehrawat, Madhu; Singh, Sanjay Kumar

Applied Economics, August 2019

The article attempts to provide empirical evidence on the relationship between human capital and income inequality in India in a non-linear and asymmetric framework. To capture both long-run and ...

The Politics of Rural-Urban Water Conflict in India: Untapping the Power of Institutional Reform, Punjabi, Bharat; Johnson, Craig A.

World Development, August 2019

Animating the contemporary politics of water governance in India is a combination of institutional path dependence and a neo-liberal restructuring that has extended the ability of Indian cities t...

Reshaping the Public Domain: Decentralization, the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA), and Trajectories of Local Democracy in Rural India, Fischer, Harry W.; Ali, Syed Shoaib

World Development, August 2019

Over the past three decades, governments around the world have undertaken reforms for decentralization. These reforms are founded on the belief that more democratic participation in local governa...

Score-Driven Models of Stochastic Seasonality in Location and Scale: An Application Case Study of the Indian Rupee to USD Exchange Rate, Ayala, Astrid; Blazsek, Szabolcs

Applied Economics, August 2019

We estimate the stochastic seasonality of the Indian rupee (INR) to United States dollar (USD) exchange rate by using new dynamic conditional score (DCS) specifications. We use the DCS-Skew-Gen-t...

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