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August-2021 Volume 3 | Issue No.5 Archives
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Fellowships and awards

=> International Economic Research Annual (IERA) Award 2021 by India Exim Bank
Last date to apply: October 31, 2021

=> Gates Cambridge Scholarships, 2022-23
Last date to apply: December 2021/January 2022

=> AAUW International Fellowships in USA for Women, 2022
Last date to apply: November 15, 2021

=> British Chevening Scholarships in UK
Last date to apply: November 2, 2021

Last date to apply: October 1,2021

Video of the month

 IGIDR Research on Covid-19
and the Economy  

IGIDR Research Publications

1. Goyal, Ashima (2021). Post-COVID-19 Paths to Fiscal Consolidation:Using the Snowball Effect, Economic and Political Weekly, V.56(31)

2. Charmal, V and Goyal, Ashima (2021). Liquidity management and monetary transmission: empirical analysis for India. Journal of Economic Studies. Emerald

IGIDR Working Papers

1. Patnaik, Ila and Sengupta, Rajeswari (2021). Analysing India’s Exchange Rate Regime (WP-2021-022)

2. Lakdawala, Aeimit and Sengupta, Rajeswari (2021). Measuring monetary policy shocks in India (WP-2021-021)

Recent Reports and Publications

=> Periodic Labour Force Survey(PLFS), July-September 2020

=> Elderly in India, 2021

=> Annual Survey of Industries (ASI) 2018-19

=> State-wise and Item-wise Value of Output from Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing (2011-12 to 2018-19)

=> Advancing Sustainable Development With FDI: Why Policy Must Be Reset

=> Global Youth Development Index (YDI), 2020

=> Report 1- Fundamentals of Electric Vehicle Charging Technology and its Grid Integration

=> Report 2- International Review on Integration of Electric Vehicles Charging Infrastructure with Distribution Grid

Upcoming Conferences/Call for papers
National Conferences /Seminars
International Conferences /Seminars
8th International Conference on Opportunities and Challenges in Management, Economics and Accounting, November 19 - 21, 2021

Last date for submission: November 5, 2021

Paris, France

Workshop on Empircal Monetary Economics 2021, December 7-8, 2021

Last date for submission: September 20, 2021

Paris, France

HEC-CEPR Macro-Finance Conference: Banking, Finance, Macroeconomics and the Real Economy, December 13-14, 2021

Last date for submission: October 10, 2021

Paris, France

The 4th Conference of Law & Macroeconomics, October 27-28, 2021

Last date for submission: September 15, 2021

London, U.K.

PILLARS Conference on Education, Skills, and Worker Retraining, February 18-19, 2022

Last date for submission: October 15, 2021

Munich, Germany

CESifo Area Conference on Energy and Climate Economics 2022, March 4-5, 2022

Last date for submission: December 1, 2021

Munich, Germany

Economic Perspectives on Water Resources, Climate Change, and Agricultural Sustainability, May 12-13, 2022

Last date for submission: January 18, 2022

Cambridge, USA

Database of the month
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Digtal Library on Green Mobility (DLGM) is a portal for Low Carbon Transport, especially Electric mobility, in India. The DLGM aims to provide a platform for sharing ideas, knowledge, and draft documents among the different stakeholders of various organisations and institutions from India and abroad involved in Low Carbon Transport in India. The portal aims at educating the researchers, academicians, citizens and businesses with access to information such as policy instruments, reports, articles, books, standards, case study etc...

Internet Resources
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The Library of Economics and Liberty (Econlib) is dedicated to advancing the study of economics, markets, and liberty. It offers a unique combination of resources for students, teachers, researchers, and aficionados of economic thought.The website is provided by Liberty Fund, Inc., a private, educational foundation established to encourage the study of the ideal of a society of free...

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The World Inequality Database (WID.world) The D-Econ blog series is a collective initiative to bring together contributions from academics and activists who share the vision of decolonisation and diversification of economics. The blog seeks to facilitate conversations that explore and emphasize how varied axes of power relations, such as gender, class, race, caste...

Recent research articles
Cost of CO2 Emission Mitigation and Its Decomposition: Evidence from Coal-Fired Thermal Power Sector in India by Kumar, Surender; Jain, Rakesh Kumar

Empirical Economics, August 2021

We estimate carbon mitigation cost (CMC) and the factors determining change in CMC using environmental production function. The CMC index is defined as the ratio of maximum production of electricity under unregulated...

Liquidity Commonality on National Stock Exchange: Size and Sector Effect by Kumar, Suraj; Prasanna, Krishna

Applied Economics Letters, August 2021

This study investigates the sources of liquidity commonality in an emerging Asian market. Specifically, the demand side and supply side factors were tested in an order-driven Indian stock market. The results indicate that...

Establishing Service Quality Interrelations for Metro Rail Transit: Does Gender Really Matter? by Mandhani, Jyoti; Nayak, Jogendra Kumar; Parida, Manoranjan

Transportation Research: Part D: Transport and Environment, August 2021

The study on gender disparity in service quality (SQ) interrelations of public transit can provide gender-specific improvement measures to transit officials in attracting new passengers and increase patronage. In the presence.

Expense Based Performance Analysis and Resource Rationalization: Case of Indian Railways by Bhatia, Vinod; Sharma, Seema

Socio-Economic Planning Sciences, August 2021

With rapid economic growth in India, lot of emphasis has been given on railway infrastructure development in last few years. Indian Railways has been striving hard to bring down the costs and improve upon the operating ratio...

Oil, Natural Gas and BRICS Stock Markets: Evidence of Systemic Risks and Co-movements in the Time-Frequency Domain by Mensi, Walid; Rehman, Mobeen Ur; Maitra, Debasish; Al-Yahyaee, Khamis Hamed; Vo, Xuan Vinh

Resources Policy, August 2021

This paper uses the wavelet method to investigate co-movements between the five emerging stock markets of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa (BRICS), and the oil and natural gas markets. The results show co-movements...

Cognitive Bias in Insurance: Evidence from a Health Scheme in India by Platteau, Jean-Philippe; Ugarte Ontiveros, Darwin

World Development, August 2021

This paper is an attempt to understand the factors behind low contract renewal rates frequently observed in insurance programs in poor countries. This is done on the basis of the experience of a micro-insurance health program in India...

Uber for Tractors? Opportunities and Challenges of Digital Tools for Tractor Hire in India and Nigeria by Daum, Thomas; Villalba, Roberto; Anidi, Oluwakayode; Mayienga, Sharon Masakhwe; Gupta, Saurabh; Birner, Regina

World Development, August 2021

Digital tools hold great promise to promote agricultural transformation and benefit smallholder farmers in the developing world. One such tool is Uber for tractors, which aims to enable farmers to access tractor hire services...

Technological Catch-Up to the National and Regional Frontier: Firm-Level Evidence for India by Yang, Shubin; Lancheros, Sandra; Milner, Chris

Journal of Development Studies, August 2021

This paper studies productivity convergence to the regional and national frontiers among manufacturing firms in India, using panel data over the period 1999 to 2010. We find evidence that lagging firms converge to their national...

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