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February-2020 Volume 01 | Issue No.11 Archives
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Fellowships and awards

=> Facebook: Request for proposal: Statistics for Improving Insights, Models, and Decisions
Last date to apply: March 25, 2020

=> Adam Smith Fellowship at Mercatus Center, USA
Last date to apply: March 15, 2020

=> UNESCO/ ISEDC Co-Sponsored Fellowships Program 2020
Last date to apply: April 03, 2020

=> London School of Economics Sir Ratan Tata Post-doctoral Fellowship and Subir Chowdhury Post-doctoral Fellowship
Last date to apply: April 27, 2020

=> Einstein Fellowship by The Einstein Forum, Germany
Last date to apply: May 15, 2020

Video of the month

Young economists’ competition 2020
European Central Bank

The theme of the 2020 Forum is “Central banks in a shifting world”. PhD students are invited to submit papers. If you are selected as one of this year’s finalists, you will have the unique opportunity to travel to the ECB Forum on Central Banking, which takes place from 29 June to 1 July 2020 in Sintra, Portugal and will be awarded a prize of €10,000.. Fore more detials click here...
Last date to apply: March 15, 2020

IGIDR Research Publications

1. Kannan, E; Balamurugan, G and Narayanan, Sudha (2020). Spatial economic analysis of agricultural land use changes: a case of peri-urban Bangalore, India. Journal of The Asia Pacific Economy, Taylor & Francis, 2020

2. Veeramani, C and Aerath L (2020). India’s Merchandise Exports in a Comparative Asian Perspective, in 'Accelerators of India's Growth—Industry, Trade and Employment' Ed. by Aggarwal, S; Das, D and Banga, R, Singapore, Springer, 2020

Recent Reports and Publications

==>> Powering the Economy with Her: Women Entrepreneurship in India by Google and Bain & Company

==>> The state of data quality in 2020

==>> World Migration Report 2020

==>> State performance report 2018-2019 by Ministry of Rural Development

==>> Report on Trend and Progress of Banking in India 2018-19

==>> ADB: Potential Exports and Nontariff Barriers to Trade: India National Study

==>> ADB: A Comparative Analysis of Tax Administration in Asia and the Pacific: 2020 Edition

==>> World air quality report 2019

Upcoming Conferences/Call for papers
National Conferences
International Conferences
Inflation Dynamics, Expectations, and Targeting, 30 June - 1 July 2020

Last date for submission: March 31, 2020

Jerusalem, Israel

Closing the Gaps: The Future of Stabilisation Policiies in a Low Interest Rate Environment, 1-2 October 2020

Last date for abstract submission: April 30, 2020

Rome, Italy

Gender in the Economy Study Group, July 24 - 25, 2020

Last date for paper submission: Mar 18, 2020

Cambridge, USA

Eighth Joint BIS, World Bank, Bank of Canada, Banca d'Italia Public Investors Conference, November 30 - 1 December, 2020

Last date for abstract submission: April 15, 2020

Ottawa, Canada

The 14th Annual Conference on The Political Economy of International Organization, January 14-16, 2021

Last date for paper submission: September/October, 2020

Oxford, United Kingdom

Database of the month
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WHO: Global Health Observatory (Health data and statistics):
WHO's portal providing access to data and analyses for monitoring the global health situation. Global Health Observatory (GHO) is a gateway to health-related statistics for its 194 Member States. Provides critical data and analyses for over 30 health themes ranging from health systems to disease-specific themes, as well as direct access to the full database.

Internet Resources
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Dimensions contains more than 100 million publications, ranging from articles published in scholarly journals, books and book chapters, to preprints and conference proceedings. All publications and citations are freely available for personal, non-commercial use, together with rich contextual information. Millions of users turn to Dimensions to discover key research, find out who has funded it, and understand its academic and societal impact...

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scite combines deep learning with a network of experts to evaluate the veracity of scientific work. scite uses deep learning to classify citation statements in three categories: those that provide contradicting or supporting evidence, and others, which mention the cited study without providing evidence for its validity. Once analyzed, they are added to our database and are searchable within scite...

Recent research articles
Analysing the Modal Shift from Road-Based to Coastal Shipping-Based Distribution--A Case Study of Outbound Automotive Logistics in India by Chandra, Saurabh; Christiansen, Marielle; Fagerholt, Kjetil

Maritime Policy and Management, February 2020

This paper analyses the modal shift from a primary road-based to coastal shipping-based freight distribution. A mathematical model is developed to optimize the coastal shipping route planning under a multimodal...

Two-Way Relationship between Innovation and Market Structure: Evidence from Indian High and Medium Technology Firms by Dhanora, Madan; Sharma, Ruchi; Jose, Manu

Economics of Innovation and New Technology, February 2020

This study analyses a two-way relationship between innovation and market structure in Indian high and medium technology firms. We perform an empirical analysis based on a simultaneous equation model on data for...

Cash and the Economy: Evidence from India's Demonetization by Chodorow-Reich, Gabriel; Gopinath, Gita; Mishra, Prachi; Narayanan, Abhinav

Quarterly Journal of Economics, February 2020

We analyze a unique episode in the history of monetary economics, the 2016 Indian "demonetization." This policy made 86 percent of cash in circulation illegal tender overnight, with new notes gradually introduced over...

Quota-Based Affirmative Action in Higher Education: Impact on Other Backward Classes in India by Basant, Rakesh; Sen, Gitanjali

Journal of Development Studies, February 2020

While quota-based and other affirmative actions remain on the policy radar of nations faced with social inequalities, there is limited evidence informing policy choices at the national level. This paper estimates...

Waste, Social Order, and Physical Disorder in Small-Town India by Harriss-White, Barbara

Journal of Development Studies, February 2020

India's waste is growing fast; so is its research, and so is the informal economy in which it is embedded. Here research on a small-town waste economy (WE) is situated in the literature on urban informal waste, making...

Finance, Law and Poverty: Evidence from India by Ayyagari, Meghana; Beck, Thorsten; Hoseini, Mohammad

Journal of Corporate Finance, February 2020

Using state-level data from India over the period 1983-2005, this paper shows a strong negative relationship between financial depth (as measured by credit volume) and rural poverty. Instrumental variable regressions...

In the Light of What We Cannot See: Exploring the Interconnections between Gender and Electricity Access by Winther, Tanja; Ulsrud, Kirsten; Matinga, Margaret; Govindan, Mini; Gill, Bigsna; Saini, Anjali

Energy Research and Social Science, February 2020

In this paper we quantify gendered decision-making patterns regarding electricity access, light and appliances in selected rural contexts in Mahadevsthan (Nepal), Homa Bay (Kenya) and Chhattisgarh (India)...

The Politics of Late Late Development in Renewable Energy Sectors: Dependency and Contradictory Tensions in India's National Solar Mission by Behuria, Pritish

World Development, February 2020

Renewable energy investments are expanding across the world at an astonishing rate. The United States and Europe obtained early advantages in renewable energy technologies. However, East Asian late industrializers...

Mothers' Health Knowledge Gap for Children with Diarrhea: A Decomposition Analysis across Caste and Religion in India by Blunch, Niels-Hugo; Gupta, Nabanita Datta

World Development, February 2020

The access to health networks is an integral part of sustainable development, which has largely been ignored in previous studies of health knowledge production. Additionally, the previous literature is scarce...

Remember When It Rained--Schooling Responses to Shocks in India by Zimmermann, Laura

World Development, February 2020

Despite long-standing international agreements like the Millennium Development Goals, 264 million children in developing countries are not enrolled in school, and children in rural areas remain twice as likely...

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