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February-2021 Volume 2 | Issue No.11 Archives
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Fellowships and awards

=> IDEX Fellowship Program 2021-22 for Professionals

=> Mahatma Gandhi National Fellowship 2021-23 by Govt of India & IIM Bangalore
Last date to apply: March 27,2021

=> Yale’s Economic Growth Center and MacMillan Center– Post-doctoral Research Fellow – Inclusion Economics India at Krea University

=> Commonwealth Shared Scholarships 2021-22, Last date to apply: April 9,2021

=> Call For Entries For India Exim Bank’s Brics Economics Research Award 2021

Video of the month

 IGIDR Research on Covid-19 and the Economy  

IGIDR Research Publications

1. Birthal, Pratap S; Hazrana, Jaweriah and Negi, Digvijay S (2021). Impacts of climatic hazards on agricultural growth in India, Climate and Development. Taylor & Francis

2. Ghosh, Taniya and Parab, Prashant Mehul (2021). Assessing India’s productivity trends and endogenous growth: New evidence from technology, human capital and foreign direct investment. Economic Modelling, V.97

3. Jain, Manisha; Rao, Anand B and Patwardhan, Anand (2021). Energy Cost Information and Consumer Decisions: Results from a Choice Experiment on Refrigerator Purchases in India. The Energy Journal, Vol. 42(2)

4. Kannan, Elumala; Balamurugan, Guru and Narayanan, Sudha (2021). Spatial economic analysis of agricultural land use changes: a case of peri-urban Bangalore, India. Journal of the Asia Pacific Economy, V.26(1)

IGIDR Working Papers

1. Manisha Jain (2021). India’s progress in meeting its climate goals: A comparative analysis using country-reported and external data. (WP-2021-007)

2. R. Nagaraj, Amey Sapre and Rajeswari Sengupta (2021). Four years after the Base-Year Revision: Taking stock of the debate surrounding India’s National Accounts Estimates. (WP-2021-006)

3. William A. Barnett, Taniya Ghosh and Masudul Hasan Adil (2021). Is Money Demand Really Unstable? Evidence from Divisia Monetary Aggregates. (WP-2021-005)

4. Taniya Ghosh and Prashant Mehul Parab (2021). Assessing India’s productivity trends and endogenous growth: New evidence from technology, human capital and foreign direct investment. (WP-2021-004)

Recent Reports and Publications

=> ADB: Asian Economic Integration Report 2021: Making Digital Platforms Work for Asia and the Pacific

=> World Bank: Global Economic Prospects, 2021

=> Chief Economists Outlook, 2021

=> The Global Risks Report, 2021

=> India Energy Outlook, 2021

Upcoming Conferences/Call for papers
International Conferences /Seminars
The 44th Annual NBER Summer Institute,July 12 to July 30, 2021

Last date for submission: April 5, 2021


Closing the Gaps: The Future of Stabilisation Policies After the COVID-19 Pandemic, June 17-18, 2021

Last date for submission: March 31, 2021


Max Planck Summer School on the Political Economy of Conflict and Redistribution 2021, August 2-8, 2021

Last date for submission: March 31, 2021

Berlin, Germany

CEPR Women in Economics Workshop in Micro- & Applied Microeconomics, September 9-10, 2021

Last date for submission: Apirl 16, 2021

Cologne, Germany

CESifo Area Conference on Global Economy 2021, May 13-14, 2021

Last date for submission: April 1, 2021


Database of the month
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India-WRIS (India Water Resources Information System) The generation of a database and the implementation of a web enabled Water Resources Information System popularly known as India-WRIS was initiated through a Memorandum of Understanding signed on December 3rd, 2008 between the Central Water Commission (CWC), Ministry of Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation (now Ministry of Jal Shakti) and the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), Department of Space. This project was funded by the Central Water Commission....

Internet Resources
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AgEcon Search: Research in Agricultural and Applied Economics collects, indexes, and electronically distributes full text copies of scholarly research in the broadly defined field of agricultural and applied economics including sub disciplines such as agribusiness, food security and supply, energy and natural resource economics, environmental economics, policy issues, international trade, and economic development. Content includes conference presentations, working papers, journal articles, government documents, and theses and dissertations...

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EconBiz offers, a literature search across important German and international databases, including the holdings of ZBW. It enable access to free and licensed full texts on the internet and provides a calendar of events for scholarly conferences and summer schools, the reference service Research Guide EconDesk which answers your questions about the search for literature and statistical data. The section research skills with the online tutorial Guided Walk on how to search, evaluate and cite scholarly publications. It acts as the Academic Career Kit for Early Career Researchers...

Recent research articles
A Critical Analysis of Financing in Indian Higher Education by Jha, Ranjana and Das, Ashim Kumar

Psychology and Education, 2020

The present study attempts to understand and explore the higher education financing structure of India, for instance, public expenditure on higher and technical education in India and,...

Demonetization and Digital Payments in India: Perception and Reality Chakrabarty, Manisha; Jha, Ashutosh; Ray, Partha

Applied Economics Letters, February 2021

In the context of the demonetization experiment of November 2016 in the Indian economy, this paper aims at looking into its impact on digital payments. Using the major digital payment modes and following the...

Are There Links between Financial Inclusion, Mobile Telephony, and Economic Growth? Evidence from Indian States by Pradhan, Rudra P.; Sahoo, Pragyan P.

Applied Economics Letters, February 2021

We study the interactions between financial inclusion, mobile telephony, and economic growth in Indian States over 1991-2018. We establish whether there is temporal causality between these three variables...

Education, Aspiration and Aage Badhna: The Role of Schooling in Facilitating 'Forward Movement' in Rural Chhattisgarh, India by Dost, Arshima Champa; Froerer, Peggy

European Journal of Development Research, February 2021

This article explores the role of education in marginalised young people's aspirations for aage badhna (forward movement). Drawing on ethnographic research in rural Chhattisgarh, central India, we show how young...

Farming, Gender and Aspirations across Young People's Life Course: Attempting to Keep Things Open While Becoming a Farmer by Huijsmans, Roy; Ambarwati, Aprilia; Chazali, Charina; Vijayabaskar, M.

European Journal of Development Research, February 2021

Drawing on life history interviews conducted in Indian and Indonesian study sites, we tease out the social production of aspirations in the process of becoming a farmer. We show the power of a doxic logic in which...

Agricultural Crop Residue Burning and Its Environmental Impacts and Potential Causes--Case of Northwest India by Kaushal, Leena A.; Prashar, Anupama

Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, February 2021

This study aims to examine the adverse environmental impact and potential causes of the dubious agricultural practice of agricultural crop residue (ACR) burning which prevails in the northwest region of India. It also...

Political Activism as a Determinant of Strategic Transfers: Evidence from an Indian Public Works Program by Chau, Nancy H.; Liu, Yanyan; Soundararajan, Vidhya

European Economic Review, February 2021

Are political activists preferentially targeted by politicians who engage in strategic transfers to bolster political support? This paper incorporates two distinctive rationales in a model of politically motivated strategic...

Bright as Night: Illuminating the Antinomies of 'Gender Positive' Solar Development by Stock, Ryan

World Development, February 2021

India is undergoing a rapid transition to renewable energy; the Gujarat Solar Park typifies this transition. In addition to mitigating climate change, the Gujarat Solar Park boasts female empowerment through social...

The Local Governance of COVID-19: Disease Prevention and Social Security in Rural India by Dutta, Anwesha; Fischer, Harry W.

World Development, February 2021

Countries around the world have undertaken a wide range of strategies to halt the spread of COVID-19 and control the economic fallout left in its wake. Rural areas of developing countries pose particular difficulties for...

India's Rural Transformation and Rising Obesity Burden by Aiyar, Anaka; Rahman, Andaleeb; Pingali, Prabhu

World Development, February 2021

While obesity across rural India has doubled in the last decade, research explaining such an unprecedented change is sparse. This paper shows that the rise in the incidence of rural obesity is associated with the...

Reverse Entrepreneurial Migration in China and India: The Role of the State by Zweig, David; Tsai, Kellee S.; Singh, Alwyn Didar

World Development, February 2021

China and India have significant overseas populations that constitute global talent, and both countries recognize that reverse migration of diasporic talent can contribute to domestic economic development. This study...

Are Global Spillovers Complementary or Competitive? Need for International Policy Coordination by Bhattarai, Keshab; Mallick, Sushanta K.; Yang, Bo

Journal of International Money and Finance, February 2021

Advanced and emerging economies are becoming more interdependent with rapid pace of globalization of capital markets and technological innovations in recent years. We examine whether technology and monetary...

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