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February-2022 Volume 3 | Issue No.11 Archives
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Fellowships and awards

=> 2023-2024 Fulbright-Kalam Climate Fellowships
Last date to apply: September 15, 2022

=>2023-24 Fulbright-Nehru Academic and Professional Excellence Fellowships
Last date to apply: July 15, 2022

=> 2023-2024 Fulbright-Nehru Postdoctoral Research Fellowships
Last date to apply: August 17, 2022

=> OCSI Scholarship 2022-23 [Oxford & Cambridge Society of India]
Last date to apply: May 15, 2022

=> ADB- Japan Scholarship Program 2022
Last date to apply: March 16, 2022

=> Post-Doctoral Research Fellow (2) - Inclusion Economics India Centre at IFMR/Krea University

=> The J. N. Tata Endowment awards a one-time loan scholarship to Indian nationals
Last date to apply: March 28, 2022

Video of the month

 IGIDR Research on Covid-19
and the Economy  

IGIDR Research Publications

1.Nandwani, Bharti (2021). Community forestry and its implications for land related disputes: Evidence from India. European Journal of Political Economy, Elsevier.

2.Chandrasekhar, S; Sahoo, S and Swaminathan, H (2022). Seasonal migration and feminization of farm management: Evidence from India. Feminist Economics, V.28(1), Taylor & Francis

3.Dasgupta, Sudipto; Sarkar, Jayati; Sarkar, Subrata and Yan Jiali (2022). COVID-19 and The Corporate Sector: Winners, Losers, and What Lies Ahead. In 'The Impact of COVID-19 on India and the Global Order' Ed. by Dutta M; Husain Z and Sinha A.K, Springer, ISBN:9789811684722

4.Gupta, Tanu (2022).Women’s inheritance rights and time use: Evidence from Hindu Succession Act in India (UNU-WIDER Working Paper)

Recent Reports and Publications

=> ADB: Asian Economic Integration Report 2022: Advancing Digital Services Trade in Asia and the Pacific

=> WEF: Advancing Digital Agency: The Power of Data Intermediaries

=>UNESCO: Non-State actors in Education

=> IPCC: Climate Change 2022

=> WB: Global Economic Prospects

Upcoming Conferences/Call for papers
National Conferences /Seminars
International Conferences /Seminars
2nd CEPR Conference Political Economy of Central Banks, November 12, 2022

Last date for submission: May 29, 2022

Amsterdam, , Netherlands

Monetary Policy in the Post-Pandemic Era - Bank of Finland and CEPR, September 16-17, 2022

Last date for submission: June 30, 2022

Helsinki, Finland

International Conference on Theory and Practice of Electronic Governance, October 4-6, 2022

Last date for submission: May 1, 2022

Guimarães, Portugal

2022 Annual Congress of the IIPF "Public Finance in Emerging Economies", August 10-12, 2022

Last date for submission: February 18, 2022

University of Linz, Austria

CEMIR Junior Economist Workshop on Migration Research 2022, May 19-20, 2022

Last date for submission: April 14, 2022

Munich, Germany

The 5th International Conference on Econometrics and Statistics (EcoSta 2022), June 4-6, 2022

Last date for submission: April 3, 2022

Kyoto, Japan

The 16th International Conference on Computational and Financial Econometrics (CFE 2022), December 17-19, 2022

Last date for submission: September 8, 2022

King's College, London

The 15th International Conference of the ERCIM WG on Computational and Methodological Statistics (CMStatistics 2022), December 17-19, 2022

Last date for submission: September 8, 2022

King's College, London

Database of the month
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UNICEF Data: Monitoring the situation of children and women
UNICEF maintains a series of global databases for tracking the situation of children and women globally. The databases include only statistically sound and nationally representative data from household surveys and other sources. They are updated annually through a process that draws on a wealth of data maintained by UNICEF’s network of 140 country offices. UNICEF has also led the development of new indicators and methodologies for gathering relevant data on a number of priority issues, including education, child labour, child disability, child mortality, maternal mortality, water and sanitation, low birthweight, antenatal care, pneumonia, malaria, iodine deficiency disorder, female genital mutilation/cutting and adolescents......

Internet Resources
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The Economist YouTube Channel cover videos of insights and opinions on international news, politics, business, finance, science, technology and other allied topics. The channel provide full films such as the Disrupters, an original series exploring how major industries—from music and cars to hospitality—are currently being disrupted....

Top ImageTop Image

CNBC YouTube Channel covers vedios of business news, financial markets, internaitonal news, politics, technology, economic news and other related topics around the World. It also has the coverage of Wall Street, Main Street, reality TV series and many award winning original documentaries...

Recent research articles
Crop Yield Convergence across Districts in India's Poorest State by Sinha, Rishabh

Journal of Productivity Analysis, February 2022

Bihar, India's poorest state, witnessed impressive yield growth in its three principal crops during the last decade or so. This paper examines whether a reduction in regional yield disparities accompanied these state-level productivity...

Development, Sanitation and Personal Hygiene in India by Borooah, Vani Kant

European Journal of Development Research, February 2022

The fact that many Indian rural dwellings lack toilets and that, therefore, a significant proportion of India's rural population is forced to defecate in the open has, by facilitating the spread of bacterial infections, profound consequences...

Digital Technologies and Product Upgrading in Global Value Chains: Empirical Evidence from Indian Manufacturing Firms by Banga, Karishma

European Journal of Development Research, February 2022

This paper provides empirical evidence on the impact of digitalisation on product upgrading in Global Value Chains (GVCs). Analysis is done for a sample of Indian manufacturing GVC firms in the period 2001-2015 from the firm-level ...

Long-Lasting, but Not Transformative: An Ex-Post Sustainability Study of Development Interventions of Private Development Initiatives by Kinsbergen, Sara; Koch, Dirk-Jan; Plaisier, Christine; Schulpen, Lau

European Journal of Development Research, February 2022

This article presents the results of the first ex-post sustainability study among 93 development interventions implemented between 1990 and 2008 in Kenya, India, South Africa, and Ghana. The interventions were undertaken...

Dams Mitigate the Effect of Rainfall Shocks on Hindus-Muslims Riots by Mary, Sebastien

World Development, February 2022

Sarsons (2015) finds that, while agricultural income in India is less sensitive to rainfall in dam-fed districts, rainfall shocks have a larger (or equally large) effect on religious riots between Muslims and Hindus in dam-fed districts...

Estimating the Cost of Equity for the Regulated Energy and Infrastructure Sectors in India by Singh, Kewal; Singh, Anoop; Prakash, Puneet

Utilities Policy, February 2022

The cost of equity capital is a key input used by regulators to fix permissible rates of return and determine regulated tariffs. Investors also need an appropriate hurdle rate to make investment decisions. Regulators worldwide....

Dairy Farming, Cooperatives and Livelihoods: Lessons Learned from Six Indian Villages by Gaillard, Cedric; Derville, Marie

Journal of Asian Economics, February 2022

India's dairy sector has emerged as the world's largest dairy producer and has enabled 70 million farmers to generate income through its rapid growth. This success is linked to broad national policy support through the Operation....

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