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January-2021 Volume 2 | Issue No.10 Archives
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Fellowships and awards

=> The J. N. Tata Endowment awards a one-time loan scholarship to Indian nationals
Last date to apply: March 8,2021

=> Adam Smith Fellowship at Mercatus Center, USA
Last date to apply: March 15,2021

=> Future Food – A Swiss Research Initiative
Last date to apply: March 31,2021

=> Einstein Fellowship by The Einstein Forum, Germany
Last date to apply: May 15,2021

Video of the month

 IGIDR Research on Covid-19 and the Economy  

IGIDR Research Publications

1. Banerjee, P; Pal, Rupayan; Wossink, A and Asher, J. (2021). Heterogeneity in Farmers’ Social Preferences and the Design of Green Payment Schemes. Environmental and Resource Economics, Springer.

2. Mahendra Dev, S (2021). Agricultural Reforms in India. Indian Public Policy Review, V.2(1)

3. Narayanan, Sudha. (2020). Food security from free collection of foods: Evidence from India. Food Policy, Elsevier

4. Shrivastav, S. (2021). Network compatibility, intensity of competition and process R&D: A Generalization. Mathematical Social Sciences, V.109, Elsevier

5. Rawat, Shreshti(2020). Inequality of Opportunity in Informal Employment in India. in 'The Value of Work and Its Rules between Innovation and Tradition: ‘Labour Is Not a Commodity’ Today' Ed. by Anthony Forsyth, Emanuele Dagnino and Margherita Roiatti, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, ISBN: 9781527560277, 2020

6. Ramaswamy, K.V (2021). Impact of COVID-19: Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in India, Pandemic Shock of COVID-19 and Policy Response: A Bird’s Eye View, Korea Institute of International Economic Policy.(Opinion Payper)

7. Yedla, Sudhakar (2021). COVID-19, Lockdown and the Environment: Policy Response and the Way Forward, Korea Institute of International Economic Policy. (Opinion Payper)

IGIDR Working Papers

1. Rupayan Pal and Dipti Ranjan Pati (2021). Peace over War: Conflict, Contest and Cooperation in Water Sharing. (WP-2021-003)

2. Tanu Gupta and Digvijay S Negi (2021). Daughter vs. Daughter-in-Law: Kinship Roles and Women's Time Use in India. (WP-2021-002)

3. Krittika Banerjee and Ashima Goyal (2021). Current Account Imbalances: Exploring Role of Domestic and External Factors for Large Emerging Markets. (WP-2021-001)

Recent Reports and Publications

=> Economic Survey, 2020-21

=> Corruption perceptions index, 2020

=> India Justice Report, 2020

=> Global Knowledge Index, 2020

=> Ecosystem accounts for India: Report of the NCAVES project

=> Human Development Report, 2020

Upcoming Conferences/Call for papers
International Conferences /Seminars
Corporate Finance Theory Symposium, September 10-11, 2021

Last date for submission: February 25, 2021


Scottish Economic Society Annual Conference, 2021, April 26-28, 2021

Last date for submission: February 29, 2021


Developments in Economics Education Conference, September 1-3, 2021

Last date for submission: March 5, 2021

Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh

Second Conference on the Interconnectedness of Financial Systems, December 2-3, 2021

Last date for submission: July 15, 2021

Federal Reserve Board, Washington, D.C.

Stanford Institute for Theoretical Economics (SITE) 2021 Summer Workshops, July 12 - September 10, 2021

Last date for submission: April 1 - May 15, 2021

Stanford, USA

Database of the month
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The United Nations iLibrary is the comprehensive global search, discovery, and viewing source for digital content created by the United Nations. Initially launched in 2015. United Nations iLibrary offers an extensive list of features that deliver flexibility, speed, and efficiency such as intuitive navigation, integrated search results, granular content, citation tool, DOI identification, and multilingual content. There are approximately 9000 titles included in the UN iLibrary. Every year around 500 new titles are added to the collection, approximately 70% of which are in English and cover topics like Agriculture Rural Development and Forestry, Children and Youth, Democracy and Governance, Disarmament, Drugs, Crime and Terrorism, Economic and Social Development ...

Internet Resources
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Inciteful builds a network of academic papers based on a topic of your choice and then analyzes the network to help you find the most relevant literature. The Inciteful database has coverage...

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Crossref makes research outputs easy to find, cite, link, assess, and reuse. It is a not-for-profit membership organization that exists to make scholarly communications better.....

Recent research articles
Does Corruption Matter for Stock Markets? The Role of Heterogeneous Institutions by Lakshmi, Geeta; Saha, Shrabani; Bhattarai, Keshab

Economic Modelling, January 2021

In examining the role of institutions in resisting corruption and its impact on growth, most studies concentrate on the aggregate level and conclude that sound institutions enhance growth. We focus instead on varying dimensions...

Does Economic Policy Uncertainty Dampen Imports? Commodity-Level Evidence from India by Sharma, Chandan; Paramati, Sudharshan Reddy

Economic Modelling, January 2021

This study investigates the effects of economic policy and financial market uncertainties on Indian imports. For this purpose, we consider a panel of 97 commodities imported to India during the period: September 2011 to January 2019...

Lack of Selection and Limits to Delegation: Firm Dynamics in Developing Countries by Akcigit, Ufuk; Alp, Harun; Peters, Michael

American Economic Review, January 2021

Delegating managerial tasks is essential for firm growth. Most firms in developing countries, however, do not hire outside managers but instead rely on family members. In this paper, we ask if this lack of managerial delegation ...

Prediction of the Indian Summer Monsoon Using a Stacked Autoencoder and Ensemble Regression Model by Saha, Moumita; Santara, Anirban; Mitra, Pabitra; Chakraborty, Arun; Nanjundiah, Ravi S.

International Journal of Forecasting, January-March 2021

The study of climatic variables that govern the Indian summer monsoon has been widely explored. In this work, we use a non-linear deep learning-based feature reduction scheme for the discovery of skilful predictors for monsoon ...

Migration, Externalities, and the Diffusion of COVID-19 in South Asia by Lee, Jean N.; Mahmud, Mahreen; Morduch, Jonathan; Ravindran, Saravana; Shonchoy, Abu S.

Journal of Public Economics, January 2021

The initial spread of COVID-19 halted economic activity as countries around the world restricted the mobility of their citizens. As a result, many migrant workers returned home, spreading the virus across borders. We investigate...

Incentives for Corporate Social Responsibility in India: Mandate, Peer Pressure and Crowding-Out Effects by Bansal, Sangeeta; Khanna, Madhu; Sydlowski, Joseph

Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, January 2021

The Companies Act went into effect in India on April 1, 2014 making it the first law in the world to mandate that companies spend 2% of their profits on corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. We use panel data for 39,736 ...

R&D Tax Credit and Innovation: Evidence from Private Firms in India by Ivus, Olena; Jose, Manu; Sharma, Ruchi

Research Policy, January 2021

Using firm-level data from 2001 to 2016, this paper evaluates the impact of India's R&D tax credit scheme and its 2010-11 reform on the innovation activity of the country's private firms. Registration with the Department of Scientific...

The Kerala Model in the Time of COVID19: Rethinking State, Society and Democracy by Chathukulam, Jos; Tharamangalam, Joseph

World Development, January 2021

Kerala, a small state in South India, has been celebrated as a development model by scholars across the world for its exemplary achievements in human development and poverty reduction despite relatively low GDP growth...

Energy Access for Marginalized Communities: Evidence from Rural North India, 2015-2018 by Pelz, Setu; Chindarkar, Namrata; Urpelainen, Johannes

World Development, January 2021

Rural energy access in India has improved steadily over the last decade. This progress is attributed to national energy reforms that aim to not only expand access to grid electricity and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) but also to...

Can Institutional Innovations in Agri-marketing Channels Alleviate Distress Selling? Evidence from India by Bhanot, Disha; Kathuria, Vinish; Das, Debabrata

World Development, January 2021

Distress selling of agri-produce is a common phenomenon in Indian agriculture, and is especially true for horticulture crops, given their highly perishable nature and not being covered under minimum support prices. This study focusses...

Global Patterns of Ecologically Unequal Exchange: Implications for Sustainability in the 21st Century by Dorninger, Christian; Hornborg, Alf; Abson, David J.; von Wehrden, Henrik; Schaffartzik, Anke; Giljum, Stefan

Ecological Economics, January 2021

Ecologically unequal exchange theory posits asymmetric net flows of biophysical resources from poorer to richer countries. To date, empirical evidence to support this theoretical notion as a systemic aspect of the global economy...

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