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May-2019 Volume 01 | Issue No. 02
IGIDR Research Publications

1. Chadha, Nishant & Nandwani, Bharti (2019). Growth, Development Spending, and Inequality in Indian States. Economic & Political Weekly, Vol. 54(11).

2. Chandrasekhar, S ; Rani, P Geetha & Sahoo, Soham (2019). Household Expenditure on Higher Education: What Do We Know and What Do Recent Data Have to Say?. Economic & Political Weekly, Vol. 54(20).

3. Chandrasekhar,s & Soham Sahoo (2019). Land-holding, participation in agriculture and short-term migration in rural India. Asian Population Studies, Taylor & Francis, Published online: 14 May 2019

4. Goyal, A., & Sharma, V. (2019). Estimating the Relationship Between the Current Account, the Capital Account and Investment for India. Foreign Trade Review, 54(1), pp29–45. Sage Pub.

5. Lentz, Erin C.; Narayanan, Sudha & De, Anuradha (2019). Last and least: Findings on intrahousehold undernutrition from participatory research in South Asia. Social Science & Medicine. Elsevier, Published Online: 17 May 2019

6. Pandey, V.L., Mahendra Dev, S. & Mishra, R. (2019). Pulses in eastern India: production barriers and consumption coping strategies. Food Security. Springer. Pubished online:22 May 2019

7. Pujar, S. M., Munnolli, S. S., & Mundgod, M. B. (2019). Sharing economy and libraries: a challenge or an opportunity?. Annals of Library and Information Studies (ALIS), Vol.66(1)

8. Rigatos, G; Siano, P & Ghosh, T (2019). A Nonlinear Optimal Control Approach to Stabilization of Business Cycles of Finance Agents. Computational Economics, Vol.53(3), Springer.

9. Sengupta, R., & Sen Gupta, A. (2019). Alternate instruments to manage the capital flow conundrum: A study of selected Asian economies. Pacific Economic Review, 24(2)

10. Sharma, Ajay & Pal, Rupayan (2019). Nash equilibrium in tax and public investment competition.International Review of Economics & Finance, Vol. 62, Elsevier.

11. Suryanarayana M.H. (2019). Inclusion and Marginalization: Economic and Food Security Dimensions. (In Growth, Disparities and Inclusive Development in India, Ed. by Rajendra P. Mamgain). Springer, ISBN:9789811364433,

Fellowships and awards

=> PBEEE/Quebec Merit Scholarship & DE/DS for Foreign Students -2019 by McGill University
Last date to apply: June 27, 2019

=> SAHAPEDIA Fellowship-2019 supported by the Ministry of Culture, Government of India
Last date to apply: June 30, 2019

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EPWRFITS: EPWRF India Time Series is a unique online database with its comprehensive coverage of Indian economy for a fairly long time period and it comprises over 50,000 variables capsuled in 18 modules. The database tries to provide in continuous time series from 1950 depending on the availability. The database is well accepted by the research community in India as well as abroad. Major subscribers include several Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR) institutes and Universities (central, state and private), IIMs, IITs, Banks and top-ranked management institutes.

Upcoming Conferences/Call for papers
National Conferences
International Conferences
Australian and New Zealand Statistical Conference. July 6-10, 2020

Last date for paper submission: January 20, 2020

Gold Coast, Australia

International Trade Policy and Institutions. April 3-4, 2020

Last date for paper submission: January 16, 2020

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Bank of Finland and CEPR Joint Conference on Monetary Economics and Reality. October 12-13, 2019

Last date for paper submission: June 30, 2019

Helsinki, Finland

Heterogeneous Agents or Heterogeneous Information: Which Route for Monetary Policy?. December 6, 2019

Last date for paper submission: September 10, 2019

Banque de France and CEPR, Paris

2019 PCAOB Conference on Auditing and Capital Markets Call for Papers. October 17-18, 2019

Last date for paper submission: July 31, 2019

PCAOB, Washington,D.C., USA

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Recent Research Articles
Explaining Willingness to Pay for Pricing Reforms That Improve Electricity Service in India by Blankenship, Brian; Wong, Jason Chun Yu; Urpelainen, Johannes

Energy Policy, Volume 128, May 2019

Quality of electricity service remains poor in many developing countries. Here we examine factors that influence stated willingness to pay for better service (i.e., more hours of power per day) among rural and...

Solar PV Mini-grids versus Large-Scale Embedded PV Generation: A Case Study of Uttar Pradesh (India) by Bhattacharyya, Subhes C.; Palit, Debajit; Sarangi, Gopal K.; Srivastava, Vivek; Sharma, Prerna

Energy Policy, Volume 128, May 2019

Despite significant grid expansion during the last decade, globally India has the highest number of people lacking access to electricity. Mini-grid has been suggested as a possible electrification option...

Mispricing in Single Stock Futures: Empirical Examination of Indian Markets by Shankar, R. L.; Sankar, Ganesh; Kiran, Kumar K.

Emerging Markets Finance and Trade, Volume 55, Issue 7, May 2019

We examine the determinants of mispricing in single stock futures traded in the National Stock Exchange of India, the second largest global trading venue for such contracts. We compute mispricing bounds...

Environmental Enforcement and Compliance in Developing Countries: Evidence from India by Gupta, Shreekant; Saksena, Shalini; Baris, Omer F

World Development, Volume 117, May 2019

Effective implementation of environmental regulations is an important concern for emerging economies that face serious environmental degradation. In this paper we analyze compliance and enforcement...

Heterogeneous Welfare Impacts of National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme: Evidence from Andhra Pradesh, India by Deininger, Klaus; Liu, Yanyan

World Development, Volume 117, May 2019

Trends of crimes in India keep changing with the growing population and rapid development of towns and cities. The rise in crimes at any place especially crimes against women, children and weaker...

Transformative Innovation in Peri-Urban Asia by Marshall, Fiona; Dolley, Jonathan

Research Policy, Volume 48, Issue 4, May 2019

This paper draws on two case studies from India and China to discuss how and why rapidly urbanizing contexts are particularly challenging for transformative innovation but are also critical sustainability...

Children's Own Time Use and Its Effect on Skill Formation by Borga, Liyousew Gebremedhin

Journal of Development Studies, Volume 55, Issue 5, May 2019

Using time use data from a longitudinal survey (covering Ethiopia, India, and Vietnam), the present study examines how the amount of time children spend on different activities impacts their acquisition...

Workfare and Infant Health: Evidence from India's Public Works Program by Chari, A. V.; Glick, Peter; Okeke, Edward; Srinivasan, Sinduja V.

Journal of Development Economics, Volume 138, May 2019

This paper examines the relationship between maternal employment and infant health in the context of a large workfare program that explicitly prioritizes female participation, India's National Rural Employment...

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