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May-2021 Volume 3 | Issue No.2 Archives
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Fellowships and awards

=> Online MOFA Taiwan Fellowship Program 2022
Last date to apply: June 30, 2021

=> TED Fellowship Program 2022 for Innovators
Last date to apply: June 30,2021

=> Hurford Youth Fellowship Program 2021
Last date to apply: July 3, 2021

=> Fulbright U.S. Global Scholar Award-2021-22
Last date to apply: September 15, 2021

Video of the month

 IGIDR Research on Covid-19
and the Economy  

IGIDR Research Publications

1. Banerjee, K and Goyal, Ashima (2021). Behavioural equilibrium real exchange rates and misalignments: Evidence from large emerging markets. Economic Analysis and Policy, V.70, Elsevier

2. Ghosh, Taniya and Ramanayake, S.S (2018). Role of gender gap in economic growth: Analysis on developing countries versus OECD countries. Review of Applied Economics, V.14(1-2)

3. Goyal, Ashima and Abhishek Kumar (2021). Asymmetry, Terms of Trade and the Aggregate Supply Curve in an Open Economy Model. The Journal of Economic Asymmetries, V.24, Elsevier

4. Abhishek Kumar; Mallick,S. and Sinha, A (2021). Is Uncertainty the Same Everywhere? Advanced Versus Emerging Economies. Economic Modelling, V.101, Elsevier

5. Rigatos, G; Siano, P; Abbaszadeh, M and Ghosh, Taniya (2021). Nonlinear optimal control of coupled time-delayed models of economic growth. Decisions in Economics and Finance, Springer

6. Sharma, Mohit; Gupta, Sargam and Estupinan, Xavier (2021). An Alternate to Survey Methods to Measure Work from Home. Economic and Political Weekly, V.58(18)

7. Sharma, Vaishnavi and Mishra, Akhilesh (2021). Indo-African Trade: A Gravity Model Approach. in'Trade, Investment and Economic Growth:Issues for India and Emerging Economies' Ed. by Lakhanpal, P et al., Springer, ISBN:9789813369733

8. Suryanarayana, M.H (2021). Inclusive Growth in Maharashtra: A Dual Narrative. Journal of Asian Development Research, Sage

9.Ganguly, Madhuparna (2021). Stronger Patent Regime, Innovation and Scientist Mobility (MPRA working paper)

10.Ganguly, Madhuparna (2021). Competition and Innovation: the effects of scientist mobility and stronger patent rights (MPRA working paper)

IGIDR Working Papers

1. Karthikeya Naraparaju and S Chandrasekhar (2021). Poverty Reduction in Rural India during 2004-05 to 2011-12: Role of Growth, Redistribution,and Population Shifts (WP-2021-015)

Recent Reports and Publications

=> Annual Report of the RBI for the Year, 2020-21

=> RBI:Report of the Advisory Committee on Ways and Means Advances to State Governments

=> ADB:Promoting Social Bonds for Impact Investments in Asia

=> WEforum: Nature and Net Zero

=>WEforum: Digital Assets, Distributed Ledger Technology, and the Future of Capital Markets

=> World Bank: World Development Report, 2021: DATA FOR BETTER LIVES

Upcoming Conferences/Call for papers
National Conferences /Seminars
International Conferences /Seminars
Joint Workshop on Incentives, Management and Organization (IMO) & Entrepreneurship Economics (ENT), October 7-9, 2021

Last date for submission: June 14, 2021

Copenhagen, Denmark and Online

CEPR Macroeconomics and Growth Programme Meeting, November 11-12 2021

Last date for submission: June 30, 2021


Monetary Policy, Fiscal Policy and Public Debt in a Post COVID World, November 18-19, 2021

Last date for submission: September 7, 2021

Paris, France

11th ifo Dresden Workshop on Regional Economics, September 9-10, 2021

Last date for submission: July 9, 2021

Dresden, Germany

CESifo Area Conference on Behavioral Economics 2021, October 29-30, 2021

Last date for submission: July 15, 2021

Munich, Germany

CESifo Area Conference on the Economics of Digitization 2021, November 19-20, 2021

Last date for submission: September 9, 2021

Munich, Germany

Database of the month
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DBnomics is a free platform to aggregate publicly-available economic data provided by national and international statistical institutions, but also by researchers and private companies. The value-added is a unique economic database with wide, systematic coverage of economic data. The field of data covered by DBnomics is economics in its broadest sense. The data included also covers population and living conditions, environment and energy, agriculture, finance, trade, etc. The only restrictions for the moment concern the nature of the data, which must be time series, and the frequency of the data, which must be daily at most....

Internet Resources
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Our World in Data: Our World in Data is about Research and data to make progress against the world’s largest problems. Our World in Data is a scientific online publication that focuses on large global problems such as poverty, disease, hunger, climate change, war, existential risks, and inequality...


SDG Tracker: Our World in Data’s SDG Tracker is a free, open-access resource where users can track and explore global and country-level progress towards each of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals through interactive data visualizations. This resource is kept up-to-date with all of the latest data across all of the 17 Goals....

Recent research articles
The Productivity Effects of Infrastructure: A Cross-Country Comparison Using Manufacturing Industry Panels by Khanna, Rupika; Sharma, Chandan

Applied Economics Letters, May 2021

Studies on the productivity effects of infrastructure have produced ambiguous results because of potential inter-sectoral dependencies, non-stationarity and endogeneity issues in estimation. Employing estimators that address...

Infrastructure in the Indian Electricity Market by Ryan, Nicholas

American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, May 2021

The integration of markets may improve efficiency by lowering costs or reducing local market power. India, seeking to reduce electricity shortages, set up a new power market, in which transmission constraints sharply limit ...

Does BMI Predict the Early Spatial Variation and Intensity of COVID-19 in Developing Countries? Evidence from India by Menon, Nidhiya

Economics and Human Biology, May 2021

This paper studies BMI as a correlate of the early spatial distribution and intensity of Covid-19 across the districts of India and finds that conditional on a range of individual, household and regional characteristics, adult BMI...

Assessment of the Barriers of Natural Gas Market Development and Implementation: A Case of Developing Country by Rawat, Atul; Garg, Chandra Prakash

Energy Policy, May 2021

Natural gas considers as the fuel for the 21st century and is expected to play an important role in the developing countries' energy mix due to clean fuel, environmental, climate goals and sustainability issues. India too is ...

Divergent Imaginaries? Co-producing Practitioner and Householder Perspective to Cooling Demand Response in India by Osunmuyiwa, Olufolahan O.; Peacock, Andrew D.; Payne, Sarah R.; Vigneswara Ilavarasan, P.; Jenkins, David P.

Energy Policy, May 2021

With the rise in cooling demand and the permeation of decentralised renewable energy resources in electricity networks, electricity demand-side management (DSM) has become a major tool for electricity planning and decarbonisation...

Exploitation of Labor? Classical Monopsony Power and Labor's Share by Brooks, Wyatt J.; Kaboski, Joseph P.; Li, Yao Amber; Qian, Wei

Journal of Development Economics, May 2021

How important is the exercise of classical monopsony power against labor for the level of wages and labor's share? We examine this in the context of China and India--two large, rapidly-growing developing economies. Using...

Place-Based Preferential Tax Policy and Industrial Development: Evidence from India's Program on Industrially Backward Districts by Hasan, Rana; Jiang, Yi; Rafols, Radine Michelle

Journal of Development Economics, May 2021

We evaluate a tax-exemption program initiated by the Indian government in 1994 to promote manufacturing in districts designated as industrially backward on the basis of a continuous gradation score that reflected district...

Supply Variabilities in Public Workfares by Bahal, Girish; Shrivastava, Anand

Journal of Development Economics, May 2021

This paper presents a model of the labor market where public workfares increase private wages by reducing labor supply. In a dynamic setting, we show that when wages are downwardly rigid, forward-looking employers ...

Dark and Bright Spots in the Shadow of the Pandemic: Rural Livelihoods, Social Vulnerability, and Local Governance in India and Nepal by Gupta, Divya; Fischer, Harry; Shrestha, Suchita; Shoaib Ali, Syed; Chhatre, Ashwini; Devkota, Kamal

World Development, May 2021

The global COVID-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented disruption to lives and livelihoods around the world. These disruptions have brought into sharp focus experiences of vulnerability but also, at times, evidence of resilience...

Fractal Urbanism: City Size and Residential Segregation in India by Bharathi, Naveen; Malghan, Deepak; Mishra, Sumit; Rahman, Andaleeb

World Development, May 2021

We present the first ever large-scale snapshot of urban residential segregation in India at the neighborhood-scale. Our analysis from 147 largest cities in contemporary India shows how caste-based residential segregation...

Spending or Saving? Female Empowerment and Financial Decisions in a Matrilineal Society by Rink, Ute; Barros, Laura

World Development, May 2021

This paper looks at household consumption and financial decisions made in a matrilineal society where women are traditionally the household financial managers. This culture was strongly altered by the British in the mid-19th...

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