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November-2019 Volume 01 | Issue No. 08 Archives
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Fellowships and awards

=> AIF-William J. Clinton Fellowship for Service in India
Last date to apply: January 20, 2020

=> Overseas Development Institute (ODI) Fellowship Scheme 2020 - 2022
Last date to apply: December 11, 2019

Video of the month

IGIDR Research Publications

1. Bhattacharya, Leena (2019). Short-Term Migration and Children’s School Attendance: Evidence from Rural India. The Indian Journal of Labour Economics. Springer, Published online November 2019

2. Birthal, Pratap S; Hazrana, Jaweriah and Negi, Digvijay S.(2019). A Multilevel Analysis of Drought Risk in Indian Agriculture: Implications for Managing Risk at Different Geographical Levels. Climatic Change. Springer, Published online November, 2019

3. Jain, Ritika and Sarkar, Shubhro (2019). An Empirical Analysis of Disinvestment Policy in India: Does Ideology Matter?. Journal of Economic Policy Reform. V.22(4), Taylor & Francis

4.Narayanan, Sudha and Chakraborty, Judhajit (2019). Land as Collateral in India. Economic & Political Weekly, V.54 (44)

5. Narayanan, Sudha; Lentz, Erin; Fontana, Marzia;De, Anuradha and Bharati Kulkarni (2019). Developing the Women’s Empowerment in Nutrition Index in Two States of India. Food Policy, V.89. Elsevier

6. Pandey, Radhika; Sengupta, Rajeswari; Shah, Aatmin and Zaveri, Bhargavi (2019). Legal Restrictions on Foreign Institutional Investors in a Large, Emerging Economy: A Comprehensive Dataset. Data in Brief. Elsevier, Published online November, 2019

6. Marjit, Sugata; Basu, Anwesha and Veeramani, C (2019). Growth Gains from Trade, CESifo working paper. November, 2019

Recent Reports and Publications

==>> Road Accidents in India - 2018

==>> The 2019 Open Doors Report on International Education Exchange

==>> World Energy Outlook, 2019

==>> State Transparency Report, 2019 by Transparency International India (TII)

==>> G20 Brown to Green Report 2019

==>> World Report, 2019 - Human Rights Watch

==>> India Justice Report, 2019 - Tata Trusts

==>> Health System for a New India: Building Blocks - Niti Ayog

Upcoming Conferences/Call for papers
National Conferences
International Conferences
CEPR-NYUAD Workshop on:ECONOMIC HISTORY, February 27-29, 2020

Last date for paper submission: December 13, 2019

Abu Dhabi, UAE

CEPR-New Perspectives on Interwar Financial and Banking Crises, June 29-30, 2020

Last date for abstract submission: December 16, 2019

Paris, France

CEPR- Fifth European Workshop on Household Finance, May 7-9, 2020

Last date for abstract submission: January 15, 2020

Stockholm, Sweden

ABFER, CEPR and CUHK Second Annual Symposium in Financial Economics, May 14-15, 2020

Last date for abstract submission: January 13, 2020

Brussels, Belgium

16th RSEP International Social Sciences Conference, 4-6 February 2020

Last date for paper submission: January 20, 2020

Phuket, Thailand

4th International Conference on Economics and Development, June 11-12, 2020

Last date for paper submission: February 11, 2020

Phuket, Thailand

Database of the month
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ILO STAT: The ILO STAT provides labour statistics of all the countries. This database covers 11 major data series for over 200 countries. Data includes on labour participation rates, employment, unemployment, educational attainment, labour cost, economic performance etc...

Internet Resources

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The Scholarly Kitchen is a moderated and independent blog aimed to help fulfill this mission by bringing together differing opinions, commentary, and ideas, and presenting them openly...

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Get the latest news, top headlines, opinions, analysis and much more from India and World including current news headlines on elections, politics, economy,...

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The India Forum is a unique digital publication that combines regular updates with a monthly publication...

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Scroll.in Scroll.in is an independent website covering news, politics, sports, culture and everything in between. Get the latest news, reportage, analysis and commentary...

Recent research articles
Structural Transformation and Productivity Growth in India during 1960-2010 by Mondal, Debasis

Economic Modelling, November 2019

In this paper, we examine the role of structural change and sectoral productivity growth in explaining the aggregate productivity of India relative to the United Sates during 1960-2010. We set up a simple two sector general...

The Indian Inflation-Growth Relationship Revisited: Robust Evidence from Time-Frequency Analysis by Tiwari, Aviral Kumar; Olayeni, Richard O.; Olofin, Sodik Adejonwo; Chang, Tsangyao

Applied Economics, November 2019

This article re-visits the inflation-growth nexus in India using the tools of wavelet, i.e. wavelet correlation, wavelet cross-correlation and scale by scale Granger causality test. Wavelet cross-correlation analysis shows...

Looking Past the Indian Calorie Debate: What Is Happening to Nutrition Transition in India by Siddiqui, Md Zakaria; Donato, Ronald; Jumrani, Jaya

Journal of Development Studies, November 2019

We utilise large national household datasets for 1993-1994, 2004-2005 and 2011-2012 to analyse factors influencing changing patterns in per capita calorie consumption in India. Our study findings demonstrate the...

Does the ICDS Improve Children's Diets? Some Evidence from Rural Bihar by Mittal, Nitya; Meenakshi, J. V.

Journal of Development Studies, November 2019

Although there are several studies documenting the impact of the Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS)--the largest preschool intervention--in India, few have documented to what extent it improves the quantity...

Public Investments in Education and Children's Academic Achievements by Cunningham, Chris; Cunningham, Solveig A.; Halim, Nafisa; Yount, Kathryn M.

Journal of Development Studies, November 2019

While the benefits of additional schooling in the developing world are widely recognised, the best use of scarce resources to improve academic achievement remains unclear...

Do Criminally Accused Politicians Affect Economic Outcomes? Evidence from India by Prakash, Nishith; Rockmore, Marc; Uppal, Yogesh

Journal of Development Economics, November 2019

We study the causal impact of electing criminally accused politicians to state legislative assemblies in India on the subsequent economic performance of their constituencies. Using data on the criminal background of candidates...

Monetary Incentives on Inter-caste Marriages in India: Theory and Evidence by Ali Hortaçsu, Sam Myoung Hwang, Divya Mathur

Journal of Development Economics, November 2019

We study the effect of a policy in India that offers monetary incentives to inter-caste marriages, in which one of the spouses is of historically disadvantaged castes, i.e., Scheduled Castes, and the other is not. We show that...

Achieving Sustainable Development in India along Low Carbon Pathways: Macroeconomic Assessment by Gupta, Dipti; Ghersi, Frederic; Vishwanathan, Saritha S.; Garg, Amit

World Development, November 2019

Achieving fast and inclusive economic growth concurrently with greenhouse gases (GHG) emission control could have wide-ranging implications for the Indian economy,...

What Can Smart City Policies in Emerging Economies Actually Achieve? Conceptual Considerations and Empirical Insights from India by Fromhold-Eisebith, Martina; Eisebith, Gunter

World Development, November 2019

Smart City (SC) strategies that aim at fostering sustainable urban development through the systemic implementation of modern information and communication technologies (ICTs) continue to appeal to national and municipal...

Why India's Urbanization Is Hidden: Observations from 'Rural' Bihar by van Duijne, Robbin Jan

World Development, November 2019

In the developing world, processes of urbanization sometimes remain hidden in official statistics and urban populations are thought to be substantially misread. This article aims to better understand why that happens...

Social Inclusion Increases with Time for Zero-Tillage Wheat in the Eastern Indo-Gangetic Plains by Keil, Alwin; Mitra, Archisman; Srivastava, Amit K.; McDonald, Andrew

World Development, November 2019

Sustainable intensification (SI) approaches to agricultural development are urgently needed to meet the growing demand for crop staples while protecting ecosystem services and environmental quality. However,...

Are Engineering Graduates Ready for R&D Jobs in Emerging Countries? Teaching-Focused Industry-Academia Collaboration Strategies by Borah, Dhruba; Malik, Khaleel; Massini, Silvia

Research Policy, November 2019

Most Engineering and Technology (E&T) graduates in emerging countries are not educated to the same quality level as E&T graduates in advanced countries, and this may require firms to make significant on-the-job...

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