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November-2020 Volume 2 | Issue No.8 Archives
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Fellowships and awards

=> NBER Fellowships for PRE-DOCTORAL/ POST-DOCTORAL scholars)
Last date to apply: December 29,2020

=> Software Sustainability Institute Fellowships
Last date to apply: December 07,2020

=> Call for Proposals: Open-bid Applied Research Programme by The Hong Kong Institute for Monetary and Financial Research
Last date to apply: December 31,2020

Video of the month

 IGIDR Research on Covid-19 and the Economy  

IGIDR Research Publications

1. Agarwal, Vidhi and Ghosh, Taniya (2021). Is Inflation Targeting Successful in Emerging Economies?,in 'Recent Developments in Asian Economics, Vol: 28' by Ed. by William A. Barnett and Bruno S. Sergi, 2021, ISBN:9781838673604

2. Goyal, Ashima and Parab, Prashant (2020). Inflation Convergence and Anchoring of Expectations in India, Economic and Political Weekly. Vol. 55(47)

3. Juyal, Shikha and Yedla, Sudhakar (2020). Sustainability of transport system: Case study of Greater Mumbai, Journal of Sustainable Development of Transport and Logistics, Vol.5(2)

4. Kumar, A; Hazrana, J and Negi, Digvijay S et al.(2020). Understanding the geographic pattern of diffusion of modern crop varieties in India: a multilevel modeling approach, Food Security

5. Rigatos, G; Cuccurullo, G; Siano, P; Ghosh, Taniya; Wang, T and Rana, M (2020). Nonlinear optimal control for economy's endogenous growth models, 'In AIP Conference Proceedings, Vol:2293, No. 1' Ed. by Theodore Simos and Charalambos Tsitouras, ISBN:9780735440258

6. Rigatos, G; Zouari, F; Cuccurullo, G; Siano, P and Ghosh, Taniya (2020). Flatness-based adaptive fuzzy control for the Uzawa-Lucas endogenous growth model, 'In AIP Conference Proceedings, Vol:2293, No. 1' Ed. by Theodore Simos and Charalambos Tsitouras, ISBN:9780735440258

7. Rigatos, G; Siano, P and Ghosh, Taniya (2020). Nonlinear Control in Continuous-Time Production Systems and in Economics, 'In AIP Conference Proceedings, Vol:2293, No. 1' Ed. by Theodore Simos and Charalambos Tsitouras, ISBN:9780735440258

8. Sinha, Aishanee and Ghosh, Taniya (2021). Impact of Economic Policy Uncertainty on FDI inflows: Evidence from India,in 'Recent Developments in Asian Economics, Vol: 28' by Ed. by William A. Barnett and Bruno S. Sergi, ISBN:9781838673604

IGIDR Working Papers

1. Madhuparna Ganguly (2020). Stricter Patent Regime Scientist Mobility and Innovation. (WP-2020-037)

2. Ritabrata Bose and K.V. Ramaswamy (2020). Globalization and Workforce Composition in Indian Formal Manufacturing: New evidence on product market competition channel. (WP-2020-036)

3. Megan Sheahan, Yanyan Liu, Sudha Narayanan and Christopher B. Barrett (2020). Disaggregated labor supply implications of guaranteed employment in India. (WP-2020-035)

4. Sudha Narayanan, Christian Oldiges and Shree Saha (2020). Employment Guarantee during Times of COVID-19: Pro-poor and Pro-return-migrant?. (WP-2020-034)

5. Shree Saha, Sudha Narayanan (2020). A simplified measure of nutritional empowerment Using machine learning to abbreviate the Women’s Empowerment in Nutrition Index (WENI). (WP-2020-031)

Recent Reports and Publications

=> Global Corruption Barometer (GCB) – Asia, 2020

=> Cities Reducing Poverty: 2020 Impact Report

=> ADB: Asia Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise Monitor 2020

=> NSO:State-wise and Item-wise Value of Output from Agriculture-Forestry-and-Fishing-2011-12 to 2017-18

=> NSO:Time Use in India, 2019

=> NSO: Periodic Labour Force Survey (PLSF), Jul-Sep, 2019

=> NSO: Periodic Labour Force Survey (PLSF), Oct-Dec, 2019

=> Clearing the Air : A Tale of Three Cities

Upcoming Conferences/Call for papers
 National Conferences /Seminars
 IGIDR First Biennial Conference on Development–Trade and Development, December 17-19, 2020
International Conferences /Seminars
CEPR Sixth European Workshop on Household Finance, April 14-16, 2021

  Last date for submission: January 6, 2021

  Nice, France / Online

SSSA New Orleans 2021, April 15-17, 2021

Last date for submission: January 1, 2021

New Orleans, Louisiana

TeachECONference2021, June 28-30, 2021

Last date for submission: February 1, 2021


Database of the month
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Data Commons is an open knowledge repository that combines data from public datasets using mapped common entities. It includes tools to easily explore and analyze data across different datasets without data cleaning or joining. Publicly available data from open sources are vital resources for students and researchers in a variety of disciplines. Unfortunately, processing these datasets is often tedious and cumbersome. Organizations follow distinctive practices for codifying datasets. Combining data from different sources requires mapping common entities (city, county, etc.) and resolving different types of keys/identifiers....

Internet Resources
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Paper Digest uses an AI to generate an automatic summary of a given research paper. You can simply provide a DOI (digital object identifier), or the url to a PDF file, then Paper Digest will return a bulleted summary of the paper. This works only for open access full-text articles that allow derivative generation (i.e. CC-BY equivalent)...

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Digital Commons is a digital repository harvested search engine. It provides access to digital materials hosted on various institutional digital repoistories. It showcases the full spectrum of institution’s research and scholarship in various disciplines including Social Sciences. You may access 3,695,979 from 608 institutions...

Recent research articles
Access to Finance, Technology Investments and Exporting Decisions of Indian Services Firms by Yang, Shubin; Milner, Chris; Lancheros, Sandra; Gunessee, Saileshsingh

Open Economies Review, November 2020

This study provides fresh empirical evidence on the influence of various financing sources on firms' technology investments and exporting decisions using a panel of firms from the...

Is India Experiencing Health Convergence? An Empirical Analysis by Hembram, Sulekha; Haldar, Sushil Kr.

Economic Change and Restructuring, November 2020

A comprehensive study on health convergence based on beta (beta), sigma (sigma) and club convergence is attempted here across 26 Indian states over time using NFHS...

Negotiating Informality--Ambiguity, Intermediation, and a Patchwork of Outcomes in Slums of Bengaluru by Krishna, Anirudh; Rains, Emily; Wibbels, Erik

Journal of Development Studies, November 2020

In developing countries, procedural ambiguity due to bureaucratic overlap and political discretion gives rise to divergence between law and practice. In this context of pervasive...

Credit Risk--Return Puzzle: Evidence from India by Nedumparambil, Elizabeth; Bhandari, Anup Kumar

Economic Modelling, November 2020

Although asset pricing theories predict a positive relation between risk and returns, empirical findings on credit risk-return relationship are mixed. And, observed negative ...

Changing Transmission of Monetary Policy on Disaggregate Inflation in India by Kumar, Ankit; Dash, Pradyumna

Economic Modelling, November 2020

This paper investigates the time-varying effects of monetary policy on aggregate, sectoral, and disaggregate inflation in India from 1997 to 2017 using a large dataset of 439 variables...

Can Rationing Increase Welfare? Theory and an Application to India's Ration Shop System by Gadenne, Lucie

American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, November 2020

In many developing countries, households can purchase limited quantities of goods at a fixed subsidized price through ration shops. This paper asks whether the characteristics of ...

Perspectives of Smart Meters' Roll-Out in India: An Empirical Analysis of Consumers' Awareness and Preferences by Chawla, Yash; Kowalska-Pyzalska, Anna; Skowronska-Szmer, Anna

Energy Policy, November 2020

Within this study, we focus on the consumers' preferences regarding smart meters (SM). An empirical study has been conducted among Indian social media users, who are predicted to be ...

The COVID-19 Pandemic and Food Insecurity: A Viewpoint on India by Mishra, Khushbu; Rampal, Jeevant

World Development, November 2020

In this article, we present our viewpoint on COVID-19 pandemic and one of the humanitarian challenges it will likely pose: food insecurity. We begin our article by presenting the status...

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