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October-2021 Volume 3 | Issue No.7 Archives
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Fellowships and awards

=> United Nations SDSN Youth Local Pathways Fellowship, 2022
Last date to apply: November 21, 2021

=> Institute Postdoctoral Fellowship 2021 @ IIT Kharagpur
Last date to apply: November 18, 2021

=> Shorenstein Postdoctoral Fellowship,2022-2023
Last date to apply: January 3, 2022

=> ICS-HYI Fellowship for China Studies, 2022
Last date to apply: January 15, 2022

=> Humboldt Research Fellowship for postdoctoral researchers

=> Harvard University Postdoctoral Research Fellowships
Last date to apply: April 30, 2022

Video of the month

 IGIDR Research on Covid-19
and the Economy  

IGIDR Research Publications

1. Goyal, Ashima and Parab, Prashant (2021). Central Bank Communications and Professional Forecasts: Evidence From India, Journal of Emerging Market Finance, Sage

2. Goyal, Ashima and Abhishek Kumar (2021). News, noise, and Indian business cycle, Bulletin of Economic Research, Wiley

3. Jalal, M.J.E; Khan, M.A; Hossain, M.E; Yedla, Sudhakar and Alam, G.M (2021). Does climate change stimulate household vulnerability and income diversity? Evidence from southern coastal region of Bangladesh. Heliyon, V.7(9), Elsevier

4. Ramaswamy, K.V (2021). Public Policy for Inclusive Growth and Spatial Disparities in India: Why is it Such a Hard Nut to Crack?. in 'Public Policy in India: Essays in Honour of Professor B.S. Sreekantaradhya' Ed. by Krishna Raj, Rawat Books, ISBN:9788131611951, 2021

Recent Reports and Publications

=> Global Hunger Index, 2021

=> ASEAN Digital Generation Report: Pathway to ASEAN’s inclusive digital transformation and recovery

=> EnviStats India 2021 (Vol. II-Environment Accounts)

=> Regional Economic Outlook for Asia and Pacific, October 2021

=> Global Financial Stability Report, October 2021

=> The Least Developed Countries Report, 2021

=> Digital Economy Report, 2021

=> Emissions Gap Report, 2021

=> Global tuberculosis report, 2021

Upcoming Conferences/Call for papers
National Conferences /Seminars
International Conferences /Seminars
Trans-Atlantic Public Economics Seminar Economic Behavior and Inequality, June 6-8, 2022

Last date for submission: December 1, 2021

Copenhagen, Denmark

Economics of Privacy, March 31-April 1, 2022

Last date for submission: December 15, 2021

Washington, DC, USA

Stabilization policies: Lessons from the COVID-19 crisis and prospects for future policy strategies, December 13-14, 2021

Last date for submission: November 30, 2021


CESifo Area Conference on Energy and Climate Economics 2022, March 4-5, 2022

Last date for submission: December 1, 2021

Munich, Germany

CESifo Area Conference on Public Economics 2022, March 24-26, 2022

Last date for submission: January 10, 2022

Munich, Germany

CESifo Area Conference on Global Economy 2022, May 6-7, 2022

Last date for submission: February 17, 2022

Munich, Germany

5th International Conference on Econometrics and Statistics, June 4-6, 2022

Last date for submission: March 1, 2022

Kyoto, Japan

24th International Conference on Computational Statistics, August 23-26, 2022

Last date for submission: April 17, 2022

Bologna, Italy

Database of the month
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IDEAS is a RePEc service, and the largest bibliographic database dedicated to Economics and available freely on the Internet. Based on RePEc, it indexes over 3,800,000 items of research, including over 3,400,000 that can be downloaded in full text. RePEc is a large volunteer effort to enhance the free dissemination of research in Economics which includes bibliographic metadata from over 2,000 participating archives, including all the major publishers and research outlets. IDEAS is just one of several services that use RePEc data. For some statistics about the holdings on this site, see here.....

Internet Resources
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Inciteful is a free tool that hellp you to accelerate academic research. It means getting up to speed on a new topic, finding the latest literature, or figuring out how two ideas are connected. Unlike a traditional search engine, citations are the cornerstone of all of our tools. It is intended for interdisciplinary scholars trying to bridge two domains, it allows you to enter two papers and it will give you an interactive visualization showing you how they are connected by the literature...

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Litmaps allow you to use multiple seed papers and overlapping maps, combining search with citation relationships, visualization and team synchronization. Litmaps lets you see citations between articles over time, and click through them visually. As it's dynamic you can adjust the map to your needs. Size nodes by citation count, set a finer time scale, or only show edges on hover. Litmaps automatically recommends highly connected articles to your maps, to help you discover...

Recent research articles
Transmission of Funding Liquidity Shocks in the Options Market: Evidence from India by Chakrabarti, Prasenjit; Sen, Sudipta

Applied Economics Letters, October 2021

The extant literature examines the interactions between funding liquidity and market volatility on the equity market. This paper extends the literature and investigates the interactions between funding liquidity and market volatility ...

The Skills Space in Informal Work: Insights from Bangalore Slums by Sengupta, Nandana; Gaurav, Sarthak; Evans, James

Journal of Development Studies, October 2021

We develop a framework for mapping and analysing informal worker skills using microdata from nearly 1500 workers residing in the slums of Bangalore, India. Alongside econometric modelling, we employ machine learning techniques...

Labor Rationing by Breza, Emily; Kaur, Supreet; Shamdasani, Yogita

American Economic Review, October 2021

This paper measures excess labor supply in equilibrium. We induce hiring shocks--which employ 24 percent of the labor force in external month-long jobs--in Indian local labor markets. In peak months, wages increase instantaneously

Estimating the Impact of School Feeding Programs: Evidence from Mid Day Meal Scheme of India by Kaur, Randeep

Economics of Education Review, October 2021

This paper studies the impact of the world's largest free school lunch program (Mid Day Meal Scheme) on school enrollment in India. While the program was launched nationally, its implementation has been scattered within and...

Economic Policy Uncertainty and Leverage Dynamics: Evidence from an Emerging Economy by Bajaj, Yukti; Kashiramka, Smita; Singh, Shveta

International Review of Financial Analysis, October 2021

We test capital structure adjustments under dynamic trade-off theory using the standard partial adjustment framework, in light of long- and short-run economic policy uncertainties (EPU). Analysing a sample of Indian firms listed ..

TFP Growth, Technical Efficiency and Catch-Up Dynamics: Evidence from Indian Manufacturing by Rawat, Pankaj S.; Sharma, Seema

Economic Modelling, October 2021

Recent studies have shown that technical efficiency can be both persistent (long-term) and transient (short-term). However, their dynamics are under-examined compared to conventional technical efficiency. This study investigates...

International Collaborations in Green Energy Technologies: What Is the Role of Distance in Environmental Policy Stringency? by Corrocher, Nicoletta; Mancusi, Maria Luisa

Energy Policy, September 2021

This paper investigates the intensity of international collaborations in energy-related technologies across OECD and BRIICS countries, by disentangling the role of the distance in environmental policy stringency between countries...

Do Information Networks Benefit Households with Female Heads? by Bose, Udichibarna; Arun, Thankom; Arun, Shoba

Economic Modelling, October 2021

This paper fills a gap in the literature on gender bias in accessing financial assets and income generation activities by analyzing the influence of media and social networks on the financial returns of female-headed households...

Tariff Liberalization and Firm-Level Markups in Indian Manufacturing by Mukherjee, Subhadip; Chanda, Rupa

Economic Modelling, October 2021

Tariff liberalization has a significant bearing on firm performance. Existing theoretical studies predict that input tariff liberalization would raise firm-level markups while final goods tariff liberalization would lower markups. This paper...

The Power of the Collective Empowers Women: Evidence from Self-Help Groups in India by Kumar, Neha; Raghunathan, Kalyani; Arrieta, Alejandra; Jilani, Amir; Pandey, Shinjini

World Development, October 2021

Women's groups are important rural social and financial institutions in South Asia. In India, a large majority of women's groups programs are implemented through self-help groups (SHGs). Originally designed as savings...

Changing Livelihoods at India's Rural-Urban Transition byChoithani, Chetan; van Duijne, Robbin Jan; Nijman, Jan

World Development, October 2021

In India, the past couple of decades witnessed, simultaneously, a massive shift of employment out of agriculture, substantial urban growth in heretofore rural regions, and rapid increases in the rates of labor migration. But very little...

Air Pollution and Academic Performance: Evidence from India by Balakrishnan, Uttara; Tsaneva, Magda

World Development, October 2021

Health and well-being during childhood are vital for shaping human capital accumulation. In India, exposure to pollution is increasingly one of the greatest public health challenges facing the country. In this context, we examine...

Can Weak Ties Create Social Capital? Evidence from Self-Help Groups in Rural India by Deshpande, Ashwini; Khanna, Shantanu

World Development, October 2021

The "strength of weak ties" has been established in the context of labour market outcomes, with theoretical and empirical investigation showing how weak ties lead to an increase in mobility and job opportunities. The impact...

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