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October-2022 Volume 4 | Issue No.7 Archives
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Fellowships and awards

=> Yale University - Tobin center : Pre-Doctoral Fellows Program, 2023-2024

=> Global Development Awards Competition (GDAC) 2022
Last date to apply: November 14, 2022

=> MESA: Middle East Initiative (MEI) Research Fellowships, 2023-2024
Last date to apply: December 1, 2022

=> NBER: Post-Doctoral Fellowship Program on Long-Term Fiscal Policy
Last date to apply: December 8, 2022

=> NBER: Post-Doctoral Fellowship to Promote Diversity in the Economics Profession
Last date to apply: December 8, 2022

=> Stanford University - SIEPR : Postdoctoral Fellows program, 2023-2024
Last date to apply: January 31, 2023

Video of the month

IGIDR Research Publications

1. Agrawal, S.; Singh, P.; Mazumdar, M. and Ramaswamy, K.V. (2022). Firm Transitions in Indian Formal MSMEs: The Role of Age and Size. Economic and Plitical Weekly, V.57 (43)

2. Amale, H.S.; Birthal, P.S. and Negi, Digvijay Singh (2022). Delayed monsoon, irrigation and crop yields. Agricultural Economics. Wiley

3. Benbouzid, N.; Kumar, Abhishek, Mallick, S. et al (2022). Bank credit risk and macro-prudential policies: Role of counter-cyclical capital buffer. Journal of Financial Stability, Elsevier

4. Chakravarty, Satya R. and Chattopadhyayc, N. (2022). A Compromise Approach to the Measurement of Pro-Poorness. Journal of Income Distribution, V.31(3-4),Spl. Iss.

5. Chakravarty, Satya R.; Mitra, M., Mutuswami, S.; Pal, Rupayan (2022). A Vote-Share Concentration-Based Axiomatic Characterisation of the Probability-Ratio Index of Electoral Competition. Journal of Income Distribution. V.31(3-4),Spl. Iss.

6. Goyal, Ashima and Verma, Akhilesh K. (2022). Cross Border Flows, Financial Intermediation and Interactions of Policy Rules in a Small Open Economy. The Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance. Elsevier

IGIDR Working Papers

1. Jain, Manisha (2022). Energy efficiency targets and tracking savings : Measurement issues in developing economies (WP-2022-015)

2. Mahendra Dev, S. and Sengupta, Rajeswari (2022). Covid-19 Pandemic : Impact, Recovery, and the Road Ahead for the Indian Economy (WP-2022-016)

3. Garga, Vaishali, Lakdawala, Aeimit and Sengupta, Rajeswari (2022). Assessing Central Bank Commitment to Inflation Targeting: Evidence From Financial Market Expectations in India (WP-2022-017)

Recent Reports and Publications

=> IMF: World Economic Outlook, 2022

=> IMF: Global Financial Stability Report, 2022

=> IMF: Fiscal Monitor, 2022

=> UNCTAD: Trade and Development Report, 2022

=> WHO: State of the world's drinking water, 2022

=> WHO: Global tuberculosis report, 2022

=> WHO: Global Hunger Index, 2022

=> CEPR: Geneva Reports on the World Economy: Climate and Debt, 2022

=> ILO: Conducting and contributing to Evaluations of National Action Plans on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work: A step-by-step guide, 2022

=> UNDP: Global Multidimentional Poverty Index (MPI), 2022

=> MOSPI: EnviStats India, 2022: Environment Accounts, Volume 2

=> DSE-CDE: India Productivity Report, 2022

Upcoming Conferences/Call for papers
National Conferences /Seminars
International Conferences /Seminars
Conference on Structural Transformation, Growth, and Economic Development 2023 (STEG), February 01-03, 2023

Last date for submission: November 22, 2022

London, United Kingdom

6th Economics of Media Bias Workshop, March 8-9, 2023

Last date for submission: December 1, 2022

Munich, Germany

Gender-Sensitive Economic Recovery and Resilience in Asia Conference, March 9-10, 2023

Last date for submission: December 2, 2022

Tokyo, Japan

17th Congress of the European Association of Agricultural Economists (EAAE) on “Agri-food systems in a changing world: Connecting science and society”, August 29-September 1, 2023

Last date for submission: January 31, 2023

Rennes, France

The Fifth Annual Conference of Islamic Economics and Islamic Finance, May 03, 2023

Last date for submission: March 31, 2023

Toronto, Canada

25th INFER Annual Conference, September 6-8, 2023

Last date for submission: June 1, 2023

Valencia, Spain

Database of the month
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openICPSR : A service of the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR) developed by the University of Michigan. openICPSR is a self-publishing repository for social, behavioral, and health sciences research data. openICPSR is particularly used for the deposit of replication data sets for researchers who need to publish their raw data associated with a journal article so that other researchers can replicate their findings....

Internet Resources

ELICIT is a research assistant using language models to automate parts of researchers’ workflows and the main workflow in Elicit is Literature Review. Elicit will show relevant papers and summaries of key information about those papers in an easy-to-use table. Elicit reads the abstract and generates a custom summary that is relevant to user's query. Elicit’s users are primarily researchers and students in academia...

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PaperDigest uses an AI to generate an automatic summary of a given research paper. It also helps to track and analyze new papers appearing in major academic websites (including arxiv, biorxiv, pubmed, medrxiv, google scholar, semantic scholar academic graph (under odc attribution license), paperswithcode, bing academic, ieee, acm, etc) as well as thousands of other conferences and journals...

Recent research articles
Effect of Innovation on Corporate Social Responsibility: Does Ownership Matter? Evidence from Indian Manufacturing Firms by Jain, Ritika; Krishnapriya, V. S

Economics of Innovation and New Technology, October 2022

Based on the resource-based view that identifies both CSR and innovation as resourceful and competitive advantage-generating activities, the current paper examines the effect of innovation spending on corporate social responsibility...

Does the Pattern of Age Dependency Matter in the Promotion of Financial Development in an Emerging Economy? by Mahalik, Mantu Kumar; Inekwe, John Nkwoma; Das, Kuntal Kumar; Dash, Umakant; Arize, Augustine C.

Applied Economics, October 2022

In this study, we examine the financial development effect of population aging pattern in India. We examine the period 1960 to 2017 and analyse the various types of age dependency, which includes both old and young measures. By using ...

Unwanted Daughters: The Unintended Consequences of a Ban on Sex-Selective Abortions on the Educational Attainment of Women by Rastogi, Garima; Sharma, Anisha

Journal of Population Economics, October 2022

We study whether legal restrictions on prenatal discrimination against females leads to a shift by parents towards postnatal discrimination, focusing on the impact on educational attainment. We exploit the differentially timed introduction of ...

A Robust Survival Model for Emergency Medical Services in Delhi, India by Wajid, Shayesta; Nezamuddin, N.

Socio-Economic Planning Sciences, October 2022

We propose a Double Standard Robust Survival Model (DSRSM) for efficient utilization of ambulances to maximize the survivability of high priority calls under uncertain travel times. The DSRSM provides dual coverage using primary and secondary ambulances to maximize...

What Determines Mergers and Acquisitions in BRICS Countries: Liquidity, Exchange Rate or Innovation? by Vissa, Siva Kameswari; Thenmozhi, M.

Research in International Business and Finance, October 2022

This study examines the impact of liquidity, international competitiveness, and innovation on 44,756 domestic and 20,917 cross-border mergers and acquisition (M&A) transactions over 25 years in BRICS nations. The results from negative...

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