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September-2022 Volume 4 | Issue No.6 Archives
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Fellowships and awards

=>Horowitz Foundation Awards 2022 for Social Policy Research
Last date to apply: December 1, 2022

=>Shorenstein Postdoctoral Fellowship on Contemporary Asia, 2023-24
Last date to apply: December 1, 2022

=>HCPDS-David E. Bell Fellowship Program, 2023–2025, 2023-25
Last date to apply: November 30, 2022

=>HCPDS-Mortimer Spiegelman Postdoctoral Fellowship in Demographic Studies, 2023–2025, 2023-25
Last date to apply: November 30, 2022

=>International Climate Protection Fellowships 2022-23
Last date to apply: February 1, 2023

Video of the month

 IGIDR Research on Covid-19
and the Economy  

IGIDR Research Publications

1.Goyal, Ashima (2022). What Does the COVID-19 Experience Tell Us about Indian Growth Drivers?. Economic and Political Weekly, V.57 (37)

2.Goyal, Ashima (2022). Flexible Inflation Targeting: Concepts and application in India. Indian Public Policy Review, V.3 (5)

IGIDR Working Papers

1. Goyal, Ashima and Abhishek Kumar (2022). What Drives Indian Inflation? : Demand or Supply (WP-2022-013)

2. Bhowmik, Anuj and Kaur, Japneet (2022). Competitive Equilibria and Robust Efficiency with Club Goods (WP-2022-014)

Recent Reports and Publications

=> Sample Registration System (SRS)-Statistical Report, 2020

=> World Obesity Atlas 2022

=> Agricultural Prices in India, 2021

=> National Logistics Policy, 2022

=> PLFS Quarterly Bulletin April-June, 2022

=> State-wise and Item-wise Value of Output from Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing (2011-12 to 2019-20)

=> Renewable Energy and Jobs: Annual Review, 2022

=> Global Innovation Index, 2022

=> Asian Development Outlook (ADO), 2022

=> Framework for industry’s net-zero transition, 2022

=> Human Development Report, 2021-22

=> Global Estimates of Modern Slavery: Forced Labour and Forced Marriage, 2022

Upcoming Conferences/Call for papers
National Conferences /Seminars
International Conferences /Seminars
Bank of England’s 2023 Annual BEAR Research Conference “New Digital Technologies and the Future Financial Landscape”, February 27-28, 2023

Last date for submission: November 13, 2022

London, U.K.

Columbia University/Bank Policy Institute: 2023 Research Conference on Bank Regulation “Bank Regulation and the Business Cycle”, March 1, 2023

Last date for submission: November 15, 2022

New York, U.S.A.

Swiss Winter Conference on Financial Intermediation, April 2-5, 2023

Last date for submission: November 18, 2022


CESifo Area Conference on Global Economy 2023, May 5-6, 2023

Last date for submission: January 15, 2023

Munich, Germany

CESifo Area Conference on Public Economics 2023, March 30– April 1, 2023

Last date for submission: January 9, 2023

Munich, Germany

Database of the month
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UNCTADStat : All statistics of UNCTAD are harmonized and integrated into UNCTADstat- free to use dissemination platform. It gives access to basic and derived indicators built upon common rules, harmonized environment and clear methodology supported by powerful data browsing system. The statistical series are regularly updated and classified into easy-to-navigate themes. UNCTADstat offers ready-to-use analytical groupings, with a unique coverage for countries and products and a particular focus on developing and transition economies. This approach ensures data consistency across multiple data series, and enables users to harness its full potential by mixing and matching data from various domains...

Internet Resources
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PURE suggest
PURE suggest is a scientific literature search tool that, starting from some seed papers, suggests scientific publications through citations/references. PURE suggest provides a detailed visual explanation of the ranking of suggested publications. The ranking is based on a score that combines citation numbers with keyword matching and is shown as a glyph for each publication....

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Citation Tree
The Citation Tree visualizes an article's citation history using DOI input. It is helpful to have an overview of a new field, to spot essential papers, and accelerate the bibliography. This tool uses data from Crossref and Semantic Scholar to visualize emerging trends and transient patterns in the scientific literature...

Recent research articles
Elections, Lobbying and Economic Policies: An Empirical Investigation across Indian States by Kohli, Deepti

Constitutional Political Economy, September 2022

This paper utilizes a balanced panel data-set comprising of data on 29 Indian states and Union Territories for the period 2003-2017 for both Legislative Assembly and Parliamentary elections at the state-level to address the following questions...

Like Father, Like Son: Does Migration Experienced during Child Schooling Affect Mobility? by Sharma, Swati; Dubey, Amaresh

Applied Economics, September 2022

Using a sample of 39,297 father-son pairs from Indian Human Development Surveys (IHDS), we examine whether migration experienced during child schooling affects the relationship between parent and child education...

Assessing Asymmetric Determinants of Commodity-Level Exports: The Role of Policy Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic by Sharma, Chandan; Khanna, Rupika

Applied Economics, September 2022

This paper explores the economic consequences of non-pharmaceutical government intervention to curb disease spread on Indian commodity-level exports. This is the first study to assess the export implications of the pandemic using...

Perspective of New Distributed Grid Connected Roof Top Solar Photovoltaic Power Generation Policy Interventions in India by Chandel, Rahul; Chandel, Shyam Singh; Malik, Prashant

Energy Policy, September 2022

The building integrated rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, contribute significantly to the decentralised power generation. In this study a detailed analysis of the new distributed power generation policy from roof top PV systems, in India...

Impact of Renewable Electricity on Utility Finances: Assessing Merit Order Effect for an Indian Utility by Jain, Sourabh; Shrimali, Gireesh

Energy Policy, September 2022

Declining levelized costs of renewable energy have become a driving force in supporting renewable energy in India; the levelized cost of wind and solar has plummeted to between 3.3 cents/kWh and 4 cents/kWh. However, limited...

Studying Light Pollution as an Emerging Environmental Concern in India by Kaushik, Komal; Nair, Soumya; Ahamad, Arif

Journal of Urban Management, September 2022

The growing global population has increased the demands for urban housing development not only in the cities but in suburbs and rural areas as well. This gradual but speedy urbanization and globalization have introduced a new...

Redressing Urban Isolation: A Multi-city Case Study in India by Ali, Sameer; George, Abraham

Journal of Urban Management, September 2022

Urbanization has brought in expeditious changing world trends from dispersed rural settlements to denser urban centers. Higher frequent economic activities have attracted a large in-flow of job seekers, migrant laborers, and foreign investors ...

From Marginalized to Miracle: Critical Bioregionalism, Jungle Farming and the Move to Millets in Karnataka, India

Agriculture and Human Values, September 2022

Historically marginalized foods, which occupy the social periphery, and often function as a bulwark in times of hunger, are increasingly being rediscovered and revalued as niche commodities. From acai to quinoa, the move from marginal to...

Trouble with Zero: The Limits of Subsidizing Technology Adoption by Shukla, Pallavi; Pullabhotla, Hemant K.; Baylis, Kathy

Journal of Development Economics, September 2022

Do users value a free technology less than one they pay for? In a two-stage randomized trial of improved grain storage technology in India, we test whether subsequent user willingness-to-pay is affected by free distribution compared...

Evaluating the Distributive Effects of a Micro-credit Intervention by Maitra, Pushkar; Mitra, Sandip; Mookherjee, Dilip; Visaria, Sujata

Journal of Development Economics, September 2022

Most analyses of randomized controlled trials of development interventions estimate an average treatment effect on the outcome of interest. However, the aggregate impact on welfare also depends on distributional effects...

Executive Compensation and the Potential for Additional Efficiency Gains: Evidence from the Indian Manufacturing Sector by Kutlu, Levent; Nair-Reichert, Usha

Economic Modelling, September 2022

We examine the relationship between executive compensation and technical efficiency. We highlight heterogeneity in this relationship, identify opportunities for within-sector efficiency gains, and the channels through which such gains...

Was India's Demonetization Redistributive? Insights from Satellites and Surveys by Chanda, Areendam; Cook, C. Justin

Journal of Macroeconomics, September 2022

On November 8, 2016, the Indian government abruptly demonetized 86% of its currency in circulation in an attempt to reduce black money, corruption, and counterfeiting. Yet, 99% of the currency was eventually returned to banks...

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