M. H Suryanarayana

M. H Suryanarayana

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Email id : surya@igidr.ac.in
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Editor: Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics (2015)
Dean, Graduate Studies Programme, IGIDR (2005-07)
Member, Technical Advisory Committee on Longitudinal Ageing Study in India (LASI) (2013-18) undertaken by the International Institute of Population Sciences, Mumbai along with Harvard School of Public Health and RAND Corporation, USA.
International Consultant, UNDP Somalia (March-April 2012): Training, Drafting and Finalizing a Poverty Monitoring and Analysis System for Somalia administrations.
Senior Trainer (Consultant) for the FAO/NFPCSP-IFPRI training workshop on ‘Analysis of Data for Measuring Availability, Access and Nutritional Status’ under National Food Policy Capacity Strengthening Programme’ at the Bangladesh Academy for Rural Development, Comilla, Bangladesh (January 2012).
Senior Economic Advisor, International Poverty Centre, UNDP, Brasilia (2004-‘05)

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  • Globalization and Inclusive Growth; Employment Dimension of inclusive Growth; Integrated Measures of Inclusive Growth.

  • Generally teach ‘Introductory Econometrics’ and supervise MPhil/PhD dissertations on issues related to development economics.

  • Available on request