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Journal Publications:

  • Three Blind Men and an Elephant: The Case of Energy Indices To Measure Energy Security and Sustainability, Energy, Volume 80, No 1, February 2015, pp 148–158
  • Access to modern energy services: An economic and policy framework, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 47, No 6, 2014, pp 198–212
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  • Energy Analysis, Forestry,Urban Dynamics, Transportation,Diffusion of Renewable Energy Technologies.
  • Sustainable energy security-An Indicator approach
  • Benchmarking Urban Sustainability—A Composite Index for Mumbai and Bangalore (IGIDR Working paper - 2013-011).
  • Metabolism of Mumbai—Expectations, Impasse and The Need for a new Beginning (WP-2013-002)
  • Energising development: Access to modern energy services in India (India Development Report 2012)

  • Projects/Other Appointments:

    • Socio-economic study of Power Project affected people,Thermotech Power , Hyderabad (ongoing).
    • Benchmarking Indian megacities for sustainability―An indicator-based approach, Report submitted to South Asia Network of Economic research Institutes (SANEI), Colombo, Sri Lanka (ongoing).
    • Energy Efficiency and CDM (Completed).
    • Urban Transport Issues – A Case study of Mumbai (Completed).
    • Technology and Natural Resource Management (completed).
    • Energy security in Asia – analysis of socio-economic, political, environmental and technological factors(Completed).
    • Cross-border energy trade in Asia-Pacific region (Completed)..
    • Financing for energy infrastructure development and investment needs (Completed)..
    • Techno-commercial Feasibility Evaluation of Hydrogen Energy Application in Transportation Sector (Completed)..
    • Evaluation of the impact of coal mining: A Socio-economic-environmental study, Report submitted the Singareni Coal Company Ltd. Hyderabad (completed).
  • Scientific and Professional Societies:

    • Member, Expert Appraisal Committee for Thermal Power projects, Ministry of Envt. and Forests, Govt. of India (since April 2007).
    • Member, Expert Appraisal Committee for coal mine projects, Ministry of Envt. and Forests, Govt. of India (since April 2007).
    • Member, Research Advisory Committee, State Institute for Global Environmental Change, Hayama, Japan.
    • Expert, Evaluation of projects on Renewable Energy - FP7 Programme, European Commission, 2007.
    • Member, Working Group on Energy Efficiency and DSM' for formulation of 11th Five year Plan (2007-12), Planning Commission, Govt. of India.

  • Energy and environment I , compulsory course [MSc. and Ph.D. students]
  • Energy and environment II , optional course [MSc. and Ph.D. students]