The International Workshop on ADVANCES IN ENERGY STUDIES 2012 is the eighth in an ongoing series of biennial meetings dedicated to advances, innovation and visions in energy and energy-related environmental and socio-economic issues. Energy security for sustainable development is one of the most obvious but least discussed topics in present times. In this workshop the Energy Studies community will bring to the fore the issue on centre stage and challenges participants to come up with practical solutions for the problem. The call for papers is now open and proposals for contributions can be submitted through our website. We look forward to seeing you at what promises to be an exciting event.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

Energy Security Energy Dynamics
  • Energy demand and supply security
  • Energy inter-dependence
  • Energy trade, investment and economic engagement
  • Security in Persian Gulf
  • Political economy of energy supply
  • Energy dynamics of emerging economies
  • Trilateral energy demand - US, Europe and Asia
  • Regional energy competitiveness
  • Energy crisis and coordinated responses
  • Cross-border Energy trade
Role of Technology in Development Institutions and Governance
  • Renewable energy technologies and resources
  • Energy transition, security and competitiveness
  • Efficiency patterns-industrial, transportation, agricultural and household sectors
  • Perspectives of Nuclear energy
  • Long-term energy security
  • Energy technology management capacity building
  • The human dimension-institutions and patterns for the governance of energy systems
  • Energy infrastructure
  • Universalisation of modern energy services
  • Urbanization-alternative energy patterns for the cities of the third millennium
  • Political convergence in energy management

Paper submission and publication:

Abstract can be submitted through the 'Submit Abstract' menu. It needs to be in MS-Word format of maximum 500 words. Please put your name and e-mail id in the abstract file. For convenience include your name as part of the file name.
Abstract submission is only acceptable online. All submissions will be peer reviewed by a panel of experts. Selected abstracts will be asked for full papers/posters through email. The papers/posters will be further reviewed for final acceptance. The accepted papers will be invited for presentation and published in the conference proceedings. Selected papers presented at the conference will be brought out in book form later.

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