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The International Symposium on a Sustainable Future (ISSF) is an Academic Event Series on Innovative Research and Action in Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development. Depending on its scope the event may be termed as International Seminar, Symposium or Summit.   ISSF-2013 is one of the special events organized to celebrate the Silver Jubilee of IGIDR.

Objective and Scope

The objective of the ISSF is to provide a forum for discussion and dissemination of results of various activities such as research, action oriented work, advocacy, etc. on any of the development issues. It brings together, the concerned stakeholders, including academicians, researchers, corporate executives and policy makers, associated with the innovative research and action on any aspect of sustainability.

In addition to proceedings containing the papers presented at the event, selected papers may be published in the IJSI i.e. International Journal for Sustainable Innovations.

Topics to be Covered

Broadly, the ISSF will cover concepts, methodology and case studies on sustainability aspects of energy, environment and related sectors of developments. Some of the major areas to be addressed, but not limited to, are as follows:

  1. Issues of global importance- Global Resource Management, Green Economy, Low Carbon Society, Abatement of Greenhouse Gas Emissions; Ozone Depletion and Trade and Environment Linkages;
  2. Problems of Local ecosystems of Air, Water, Forests, and Land Resources and their Solutions; Natural Resource Accounting.
  3. Socio-economic Dimension of Resources- Welfare of countries, Economic versus Social Growth, Values and lifestyles, Consumer behavior, Social LCA, Sustainability assessment, Sustainable consumption, North/South context, Tools for Assessment of Sustainability including Life Cycle Approaches;
  4. Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility; Health hazards and other effects of Pollution and their Remedial Measures.
  5. Inter-relationship of Energy and Environment- Sustainability of New and Renewable Energy Forms including Wind, Solar, and Biomass energy.


Among others, following are the possible outcomes of the ISSF events.

  • Proceedings of event containing all paper presented at the ISSF
  • Publication of IJSI- A peer reviewed international interdisciplinary journal that may publish some or all of the papers of ISSF- after review process.
  • Publication of Savitarka- An E-Magazine on Development Issues- It is a mass awareness magazine carrying articles which may have policy impact.

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