Conference Dates : March 27th and 28th, 2006




·         Asymmetric exchange rate intervention and international reserve accumulation in India:  M. Ramachandran, Naveen S

·         Liberalization Of Financial Services Under The WTO:  Shubhangi Pathak

·         Relationship between Exchange – Rate Volatility and Central Bank Intervention: An Empirical Analysis for India: H.K. Behera, V. Narasimhan and K.N. Murty

·         An Analysis of Stock Market Efficiency in the Light of Capital Inflows 
and Exchange Rate Movements: The Indian Context: Basabi  Bhattacharya and Jaydeep Mukherjee

·         Micro Model of Capital Market Dynamics With Examples from East Asia: Sanjay Kumar

·         What Drives Forward Premia in Indian FOREX Market? Anil K. Sharma and Anujit Mitra



         SESSION 2:

·         Core Inflation for India: R.S. Durai, and M. Ramachandran.

·         Modelling Inflation in India: A Critique of the Structuralist Approach: Naveen Srinivasan, Vidya M  and M. Ramachandran.

·         Vector Autoregression Model of Monetary Policy for India and the Case of Inflation Targeting:  Ankita Agarwal.

·         Forecasting Long Term Interest Rate: An Econometric Exercise For India: Kapil Singh and Rudra Sen Sarma.

·         Measuring Central Bank Independence in 25 Countries: A New Index of Institutional Quality:  Jiji J. Mathew.

·        The credit channel of monetary transmission mechanism: Suvojit L Chakravarty.


           SESSION 3:

·         Designing an efficient IPO mechanism: Evidence from e-IPOs: Bidisha Chakrabarty and Saurabh Ghosh  

·         Investigating The Efficiency of Indian Equity Futures Market:  Kapil Gupta and Balwinder Singh 

·         An initiative to explore an efficient stock market: Debashish Majumder

·         How Good Is Merton Model at Assessing Credit Risk? Evidence from India:   Amit Kulkarni, Alok Kumar Mishra, Jigisha Thakker 

·         Greeks Based Risk Management of USD/INR European Currency Option Portfolio:  Anupam K. Mitra


         SESSION 4:

·         Public Infrastructure, Employment and Sustainable Growth in a Small Open Economy With and Without Foreign Direct Investment:Dipankar Dasgupta and Koji Shimomura.


         SESSION 5:

·         Role of Public Investment in Infrastructure in Accelerating Growth in India: Soumya and K. N. Murty 

·         Bank-Firm Relationships in Emerging Markets: Evidence from India:  Saibal Ghosh

·         Concept of deregulation -Lessons from banking history in India:  K.V. Bhanu Murthy , Ashis Taru Deb.

·         Strategic Groups in Indian Private Banking Industry:  Ashis Taru Deb, K.V. Bhanu Murthy                                        

·         An Analytical study of Rural Credit System in Chhattishgarh state: A Tool For Development:  Sambit Kumar Mishra

·         Rural Credit and Suicides in Maharashtra, India: A Case-Control Study: Srijit Mishra

         SESSION 6:

·         A Special Lecture on “Inflation Index Bonds in India: The Issue Revisited” by Prof. Vikas Chitre, Director, Indian School of Political Economy, Pune.



·         Financial Integration for Indian Stock Market: Sadhan Kumar Chattopadhyay and  Samir Ranjan Behera

·         Do Financial Markets Exhibit Chaotic Behaviour? Evidence From An Emerging Economy: Ayan Bhattacharya and Rudra  Sen Sarma

·         Share Prices and Macroeconomic Variables in India: An Approach to Investigate the Relationship Between Stock Markets and Economic Growth: Raman K. Agrawalla

·         Price Discovery and Causality in the NSE Futures Market: K.C. Pradhan and Sham Bhat

·         A Markov-Switching Vector Error Correction Model of the Indian Stock Price and Trading Volume: Alok Kumar

·         Commonality in Liquidity of an Open Electronic Limit Order Book Market: Santosh Kumar




·         Valedictory Address

On “Recent Developments in Indian Corporate Bond Market” by Dr.R.H.Patil, Chairman, Clearing Corporation of India Limited.