The 4th ICCGEM Conference

The Indian School of Business and Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research

Selected Papers


  1. Acquire to Kill: Evidence from "Real" Corporate Raiders

  2. Hee Sub Byun, Woojin Kim, Eun Jung Lee and Kyung Suh Park

  3. Congruence within the Top Management: How "Old Boy Network" Affects Executive Appointment and Performance

  4. Daemin Ahn, Woojin Kim, Eun Jung Lee, and Kyung Suh Park

  5. Inside the Black Box of Board Room? China's Corporate Governance Reform Experiment with the Independent Director System

  6. Julan Du, Qing He and Oliver M. Rui

  7. The Extent of Corporate Governance Disclosure and its Determinants in the Gulf Countries

  8. Nermeen Shehata

  9. Mandatory IFRS Adoption and Management Forecasts

  10. Jeff Ng, Albert Tsang and Yong George Yang

  11. Do CEOs and Directors Get 'Sick' of Attending Meetings?

  12. Stephen Gray and John Nowland

  13. Legal Enforcement and Debt Maturity Structure: Evidence from a Natural Experiment

  14. Radhakrishnan Gopalany, Abhiroop Mukherjee and Manpreet Singh

  15. Corporate Governance and its Determinants in Emerging Countries: A Case Study of Bangladesh

  16. Pallab Kumar Biswas

  17. Do Insider Trading Laws Work? Evidence from an Emerging Market

  18. Yogesh Kumar Chauhan, Kiran Kumar Kotha and Vijaya B. Marisetty

  19. Uncertainty and Effectiveness of the Board, the China Experience

  20. Jing Liao and Martin Young

  21. Making it to the Top: From Female Labor Force Participation to Boardroom Gender Diversity

  22. Renee Adams and Tom Kirchmaie

  23. Corporate Governance Disclosures and Firm Performance: A Study of the Indian Corporate Sector

  24. Rajnish Kumar

  25. Employee Inside Debt and Firm Risk-Taking: Evidence from Employee Deposit Programs in Japan

  26. Sudipto Dasgupta, Yupeng Lin, Takeshi Yamada and Zilong Zhang

  27. The Evolution of Corporate Governance in Brazil

  28. Bernard S. Black, Antonio Gledson de Carvalho and Joelson Oliveira Sampaio

  29. Positive Externality of Analyst Following upon Audit Services: Evidence from China

  30. Xu Zhang, Veicheng Yu and In-Mu Haw

  31. Legal Origin, Creditor Protection and Bank Lending Around the World

  32. Rebel Cole and Rima Turk-Ariss

  33. Ownership & Control Structures, Private Benefits and Firm Valuation

  34. Kinshuk Saurabh, Ajay Pandey and Sidarth Sinha

  35. Insider Trading Restrictions and Insiders' Supply of Information: Evidence from Reporting Quality

  36. Ivy Zhang and Yong Zhang

  37. How Do Corporate Insiders React to Governance Reform: Strategic Reactions to Opening of Takeover Markets

  38. Sungwook Joh and Youngkyung Ko

  39. US-listed Foreign Firms: Information Asymmetry, Accounting Fraud and Cross-border Listing Premium

  40. Zigan Wang

  41. Shock-Based Causal Inference in Corporate Finance Research

  42. Vladimir Atanasov and Bernard Black

  43. Financial Decisions by Business Groups in India: Is it "Fair and Square"?

  44. Debarati Basu and Kaustav Sen

  45. Methods for Multicountry Studies of Corporate Governance (and Evidence from the BRIKT Countries)

  46. Bernard Black, Antonio Gledson de Carvalho, Vikramaditya Khanna, Woochan Kim and Burcin Yurtoglu

  47. Can Other Shareholders Constrain the Largest Shareholder? An Examination of Board Independence in Chinese Companies

  48. Charles P. Cullinan, Fangjun Wang, Peng Wang and Xi Yu

  49. Corporate Governance, Business Groups, and Market Value: Time-Series Evidence from Turkey

  50. Melsa Ararat, Bernard Black and Burcin Yurtoglu

  51. Malaysian Corporate Board Ethnic Diversity, Political Connections and the Cost of Debt

  52. Ferdinand A. Gul and Sa'adiah Munir