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Multidimensional Index: A Note

NO : WP-2024-007 AUTHOR : Srijit Mishra TITLE :  Multidimensional Index: A Note ABSTRACT : This paper identifies the problem of information loss in computation of multidimensional index on account of cut-offs between and within dimensions. The former refers to the cutoff across dimensions on account of headcount fetish and the latter points […]

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NO : WP-2024-006 AUTHOR : Gopakumar Achuthankutty TITLE :  STRATEGY-PROOF MULTINARY GROUP IDENTIFICATION ABSTRACT : This paper explores the incentive properties of Collective Identity Functions (CIFs) in multinary group identification problems. Building on Cho and Saporiti (2020), we show that one-vote rules (Miller (2008), Cho and Ju (2017)) are manipulable. Additionally, we establish […]

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