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Seminars given by Visiting Professors

Date Title Speaker Name
23rd August, 2017 Identity and Learning: a study on the effect of student teacher gender interaction on student’s learning Sukanta Bhattacharya (Department of Economics, University of Calcutta)
16th August, 2017 Live Football and Tourism Expenditure: Match Attendance Effects in the UK Abhijit Sharma (School of Management, Bradford University, United Kingdom)
09th August, 2017 Currency Competition in a New Monetarist Model Parag Waknis (University of Massachusetts Dartmouth) “Currency Competition in a New Monetarist Model
07th August, 2017 Current challenges of the Eurosystem and the EU Johannes Beermann, (Member of the Executive Board of the Deutsche Bundesbank
02nd August, 2017 Is financial inclusion good for bank stability? International evidence Sushanta Mallick, School of Business and Management Queen Mary University of London
14th July, 2017 Evaluating research and education performance in Indian agricultural development Nicholas Rada, Sr. Economist, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
29th March 2017 Rent-seeking Induced Inequality Traps Dr. MayuriChaturvedi (University of California-Irvine)
8th March 2017 The ‘Unnatural’ Foundations of Modern Macroeconomics and Its Unpleasant Consequences Prof Soumyen Sikdar
15th February 2017 Capital Market Integration in South Asia: Realizing the SAARC Opportunity Mr Sourajit Aiyer (Motilal Oswal Financial Services)
8th February 2017 India Property Rights Project Empowering Hundreds of Thousands of Farmers Prof. Schooll and (Hawaii Pacific University)
18th January 2017 Integration among US Banks Dr. AbhinavAnand (University College, Dublin)

Date Title Speaker Name
21st December 2016 Better Cities, Better Growth : Harnessing India’s Urban Opportunity Prof. Meenu Tewari (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)
8th December 2016 Can Territories/Nations be Sustainable? A Case of Small Pacific Islands? Prof. Biman C. Prasad
30th November 2016 IPRs and Economic Development at Firm and Country Levels Prof. Keun Lee (Seoul National University)
16th November 2016 A Global General Equilibrium Model of Migration and Poverty Prof. Scott Bradford (Fulbright-Nehru Fellow Economics and Planning Unit, Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi Centre and Associate Professor of Economics, Brigham Young University)
2nd November 2016 Fluctuating Fortunes and Persistent Policies: A Dynamic Theory of Political Failure Prof Parikshit Ghosh (Delhi School of Economics)
19th October 2016 Urbanization, Demographic Transition and the Growth of Cities in India, 1870-2020 Prof. Chinmay Tumbe (IIM, Ahmedabad)
26th September 2016 Anti-Trade Agitation and Distribution-Neutral Tax Policy – An Elementary Framework Prof. Sugata Marjit (RBI Professor of Industrial Economics, Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Calcutta
16th August 2016 Marketing capability and stock returns Prof. Harminder Singh of Deakin University
3rd August 2016 How Does Political Instability Influence the Effect of Tourism Demand on Economic Growth? Dr. Shrabani Saha Lincoln International Business School, University of Lincoln, United Kingdom and Ghialy Yap, Business School, Edith Cowan University, Perth, Australia
29th June 2016 The Role of Historical Resource Scarcity in Modern Gender Inequality Dr. Chandan Kumar Jha (Le Moyne College, Syracuse)
2nd June 2016 The Output gap and expected security returns Dr. Anindya Biswas (Spring Hill College)
24th May 2016 Subordinated Stochastic Processes Dr. Arun Kumar Sharma (ISI Chennai)
23rd May 2016 Fiscal Financing Components in a Simple Model of Policy Interaction Dr. Piyali Das (Indiana University)
12th May 2016 Natural resources and crony capitalism in India Mr Paranjoy Guha Thakurta (Editor, Economic and Political Weekly)
9th May 2016 School Feeding and Cognitive Skills: Evidence from India’s Midday Meal Program Dr. Tanika Chakraborty
6th May 2016 Manipulating Private Information to Evaluate Expert Talent Dr. Saptarshi Ghosh
2nd May 2016 Asymmetric Dynamic Price Mechanism for Symmetric Buyers Dr. Shraman Banerjee
29th April 2016 Technology Shocks and Business Cycles in India Dr. Sheshadri Banerjee (NCAER)
28th April 2016 Ontoness Versus Unanimity in the Strategy-proof Social Choice Between Two Alternatives Dr. Anup Pramanik
28th April 2016 Consumption and Time-Use Effects of India’s Employment Guarantee and Women’s Participation Dr. Bipasha Maity
19th April 2016 A Class of Semi parametric Regression Models Dr. Suchismita Das
15th April 2016 Pattern of Wage Inequality in Indian Manufacturing: Post-liberalisation Experience Dr. Amit Sadhukhan (Institute of Development Studies, Kolkata)
7th April 2016 Trade Liberalization, Intermediate Inputs, and the Demand for Managers: Evidence from India Dr. Pavel Chakraborty (Norwegian Institute of International Affairs, Oslo)
6th April 2016 Exploring alternative methods of revenue recycling to promote environmental cleaning services in low and middle income economies – A Computable General Equilibrium modeling approach Dr. Barun Deb Pal (Institute for Social and Economic Change, Bangalore)
5th April 2016 Monetary Policy and Equity Premium in General Equilibrium under Endogenous Financial Market Segmentation Dr. Vipul Mathur (IIM Bangalore)
4th April 2016 Global Financial Crisis and Macro prudential Policy Shri Anand Sinha (former Deputy Governor, Reserve Bank of India)
1st April 2016 Importance of Non-Pecuniary Factors and Heterogeneity of Farmers in Tillage Choices Dr. Avishek Konar (Ohio State University)

Visiting Students

Name Details
Geetika Saini
Anjana Thampi
Shashwat Siddhant
Qamar alam
Kavita H.M.
Ankit Gupta
Siddhartha Ghose

Name Details
Vibha Tiwari
Reem Ashraf
Rojalin Sahoo
Adarsh Kumar Gupta
Shoyab Ahmed D. Kalal
Bhagyashree Hiremath
Teresa Sequeros

Name Details
Naveen Kumar
Shibashis Mukherjee
Shireesh M. Khare
Kshipra Jain
Saurav Banerjee

Visiting Scholars

Name Details/Topic
Ms. Archana Kesarwani “Women’s Empowerment and Women’s Helath related outcomes”

Post-Doctoral Fellowship

Name Details/Topic
Mahinda Wijesiri
Sanika Sulochani