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Academic Programmes

The distinguishing features of the Institute’s research programme are the following:

A multidisciplinary faculty: The Institute has a body of researchers from a variety of academic backgrounds working in different areas. These include standard economic sub-disciplines such as microeconomics, macroeconomics, and econometrics, and special areas such as agricultural policy analysis, industry studies, energy and environment studies, applied general equilibrium modelling, and studies of poverty and rural development.

Focus on Topical Research Problems: The choice of topics for research in the Institute has depended on following things: the academic interests of the faculty members, the Institute’s perception of emerging analytical and policy issues in the national and international context, and sponsored projects reflecting the importance of current practical issues. The Institute’s conscious aim has been to encourage the use of economic analysis to further the understanding of developmental issues, with a fine balance between theory and practice.

Interactive Classes: The institute aims at maintaining a small class size and a high teacher-student ratio. This feature helps us to make our lectures interactive and assess students on a continuous basis instead of a one-off examination. We also encourage students to write term papers in some courses and make presentations. This together with the option of writing a thesis produces a class of students who have good presentation and writing skills apart from analytical capabilities.

Hands-on Training: The involvement of students as Research Assistants in Institute’s research also exposes them to the concerns of the real world and enables them to get hands-on experience in using their analytical knowledge in conjunction with data analysis tools.

Infrastructure: The institute has outstanding research infrastructure, which includes one of the best research libraries in the country, completely networked campus, a top of the line computer center, and other supporting facilities.

Location in Mumbai: Contacts established with the industrial and financial community in Mumbai and the relation with the RBI provide another special advantage in dealing with issues of industry and finance.

Placements: Students from the Institute have been placed in faculty/research positions in various national and international academic institutions, and in various national and multinational organizations.   A selected list of Institutes/companies is provided in the section on past recruiters.

IGIDR offers the following academic programmes: