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Half-full, half-empty

November 30, 2014

 Abstract: The MDGs set targets for the global community to achieve by 2015.  What is India’s record? Goal one on eradicating poverty and hunger (that is, reducing the poverty ratio) is on track but reduction in the number of those suffering hunger is off-track. Goal two on universal primary education is on track, as measured by increases in primary enrolment, but the huge drop-out rate in secondary enrolment is a cause for concern. Goal three on eliminating gender disparities in education is slow with wide regional variations. Goal four on reducing under five infant mortality is moderately on track. Goal five to improve maternal health is slow or off-track. Goal six on combating HIV/AIDS and other diseases is assessed on-track. Goal seven on ensuring environmental sustainability is moderately on track; access to water is on a fast track but to sanitation is slow.  Goal eight on developing partnerships with the private sector to avail of benefits related to technology especially, is in urgent need for a supportive policy framework. The assessment indicates “half-full, half empty”, but gives the GOI a good sense of the priorities beyond 2015.

Keywords: MDGs; poverty; gender; health; education; environment

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