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M. H Suryanarayana  



Education :

Ph.D. (Economics), Indian Statistical Institute, 1986.


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Research Interests:

Development Economcis, Applied Econometrics amd Consumer Demand Analysis.


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  • (2007) “Is targeting the Poor a Penalty on the Food Insecure? Poverty and Food Insecurity in India” (With Dimitri Silva) Journal of Human Development (forthcoming: March 2007).
  • (2006): “Regional Estimates of Income Generation and Consumption Distribution”, Journal of Income and Wealth, (forthcoming).
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  • Select Articles in Books:
    • (2003): “Nutrition Security in India: Problems and Policies”, Prabhu, K. Seeta and R. Sudarshan (eds.) Reforming India’s Social Sectors: Poverty, Nutrition, Health & Education, Social Science Press, New Delhi, pp. 171-202.
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  • Book:
    • (1994): ‘Rural Poverty in India: Incidence, Issues and Policies’, (with S. Mahendra Dev and Kirit S. Parikh), in Quibria, M.G. (ed.) (1994), Rural Poverty in Developing Asia, Asian Development Bank, Manila.
  • Inclusive Growth: Concept, Measure & Estimate, Economic Reform and Safety Nets: Fiscal Dimension