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Distributional Issues in Climate Policy

Climate policy is typically framed as an issue of inter-generational distributive justice: policy proponents urge the current generation to incur costs so as to benefit future generations. This framing tends to overlook important intra-generational distributional issues, and in so doing it fails to explore possibilities to design climate policies that […]

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A Unified Framework for the Estimation of Intra and Inter Country Food Purchasing Power Parities with Application to Cross Country Comparisons of Food Expenditure: India, Indonesia and Vietnam

This paper proposes a preference based methodology, analogous to the estimation of equivalence scales in the demographic demand literature, for the estimation of the item specific intra country PPPs (i.e. spatial prices) and inter country PPPs in a unified framework using unit records of household food expenditures from three Asian […]

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Oligopoly and the Finance Constraint

We study the implication of credit constraints for the sustainability of product market collusion in a bank financed oligopoly when firms face an imperfect credit market. We consider two situations without or with credit rationing i.e. with a binding credit limit. When there is no credit rationing moderately higher cost […]

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