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Ramaswamy K.V.

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K.V.Ramaswamy works in the area of Development Economics, Labour and Industry studies. He has recently edited a book on ‘Labour, Employment and Economic Growth in India’ published by the Cambridge University Press. His current areas of research interest are labour markets (including issues of impact of globalization and global value chains on labour and exports) and labour laws and regulations, trade and wage inequality, small-scale enterprises and inclusive growth. He has been a Ford Foundation Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Center for International Development Research at the Sanford Institute of Public Policy, Duke University, USA. He was awarded East-West Center (EWC) International Fellowship to carry out research on ‘Impact of Globalization on Labour markets in South Asia’ at Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. Jhaman Das Watumull International Fellowship 2003 by EWC, Hawaii, to do a study on ‘Globalization and Industrial Upgrading in Indian Manufacturing’. He was Shastri Indo-Canadian Visiting Fellow at University of Toronto, Canada. Senior Visiting Fellow at the Institute of South Asian Studies (ISAS), National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore; and at the Institute of Developing Economies (IDE), Tokyo. He has presented research papers at the World Bank, Cornell University, and Australian National University among others.

  • Labour, Employment and Economic Growth in India (editor), Cambridge University Press, 2015


Recent Published Papers

  • K.V. Ramaswamy (2021). Do Size-dependent Tax Incentives Discourage Plant Size Expansion? Evidence from Panel Data in Indian Manufacturing. Margin: The Journal of Applied Economic Research. 2021;15(4):395-417
  • K.V. Ramaswamy (2021). “Public Policy for Inclusive Growth and Spatial Disparities in India: Why is it such a Hard Nut to crack?” in Krishna Raj (ed), Public Policy In India: Essays in Honour of Professor B.S. Sreekantaradhya', Rawat Publications: New Delhi
  • K.V. Ramaswamy (2021). “Regional Concentration of Industries in India: What does the recent data say and how to understand the implications? A Perspective”, in Mani S., Iyer C.G. (eds) India’s Economy and Society, Springer, Singapore.
  • K.V. Ramaswamy (2021). "Employment potential in the services sector in India: an overview", in, Shashanka Bhide, V.N. Balasubramanyam, K.L. Krishna (eds), Deciphering India's Services Sector Growth ,Routledge India, Delhi
  • K.V. Ramaswamy (2019). “Non-Standard Employment, Labour Law and Social Security: Learning from the US Gig Economy Debate” in Sundar, K. R, Shyam (ed.) Globalization, Labour Market Institutions, Processes and Policies in India: Essays in Honour of Lalit K. Deshpande. Singapore, Palgrave Macmillan.



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Chapters in edited books

  • K.V. Ramaswamy (2015). “Employment Protection Legislation and Threshold Effects: How Firms are Staying below the legal Size Threshold in Indian Manufacturing” in K.K.V. Ramaswamy (ed), Labour, Employment and Economic Growth in India (editor), Cambridge University Press, 2015.
  • K.V. Ramaswamy (2015).“Introduction and Review of Issues” in K.V. Ramaswamy (ed), Labour, Employment and Economic Growth in India (editor), Cambridge University Press, 2015
  • K.V. Ramaswamy (2015) “Small Enterprises in Indian Manufacturing and Inclusive Growth: Search for Compensatory Mechanisms” in Mahendra Dev (ed) India Development Report 2015, Oxford University Press, New Delhi
  • K.V. Ramaswamy (2013).“Services-led Growth, Employment, Skill and Job Quality: A Study of Manufacturing and Service Sectors in Urban India” (jointly with Tushar Agrawal), in Mahendra Dev (ed) India Development Report 2012-13, Oxford University Press, New Delhi. http://www.igidr.ac.in/pdf/publication/IDR-2012-13.pdf
  • K.V. Ramaswamy (2011).“Regional Disparities in Manufacturing Growth in India” in  D. Nachane (ed), India Development Report 2011,  Oxford University Press, New Delhi http://www.igidr.ac.in/pdf/publication/ IDR-2011.pdf
  • K.V. Ramaswamy (2010).“South Asia in Global Trade: Participation and Prospects” in: South Asia: Societies in Political and Economic Transition, Tan Tai Yong (ed), Institute of South Asian Studies (ISAS), National University of Singapore (NUS) and Manohar, New Delhi, 2010
  • K.V. Ramaswamy (2010).“Global Opportunity and Domestic Constraints in Textile and Apparel Industry in South Asia: Analysis and Strategic Response of Firms in India” in South Asia in the Era of Globalization: Trade, Industrialization and Welfare, Mita Bhattacharya, Russell Smyth and Marika Vicziany (editors), 2004, Nova Science Publishers, New York*
  • K.V. Ramaswamy (2008).“Globalization, Employment and Labour Market Flexibility: The Case of India” in, R.Radhakrishna (ed), India Development Report 2008, Oxford University Press, New Delhi, 2008 http://www.igidr.ac.in/pdf/publication/IDR-2008.pdf
  • K.V. Ramaswamy (2006).“The State of Competition in Indian Manufacturing” in Towards A Functional Competition Policy for India, Pradeep Mehta (Ed), Academic Foundation, New Delhi, 2006
  • K.V. Ramaswamy (2003).“Liberalization, Outsourcing and Industrial Labor Markets in India: Some Preliminary Results”, in Shuji Uchikawa (Ed) (2002), Labour Market and Institution in India: The 1990s and Beyond, Manohar, Delhi, 2003
  • K.V. Ramaswamy (2002)."Economic Reforms, Industrial Structure and Performance: The Case of Consumer Durable Goods Industry in India" in Shuji Uchikawa (ed) (2002), Economic Reforms and Industrial Structure in India, Manohar, New Delhi
  • K.V. Ramaswamy (1999)."Exporting in a Globalized Economy" in Kirit Parikh (ed), India Development Report-1999-2000, Oxford University Press, NewDelhi,1999


Working paper

  • K.V. Ramaswamy. (2019).“Where Have All the Factories Gone? : Growth and Concentration of Sub-National Manufacturing Activity in India”, IGIDR Working Paper No.WP-2019-0015
  • K.V. Ramaswamy (2018), “Technological Change, Automation and Employment: A Short Review of Theory and Evidence”, IGIDR Working Paper No. WP-2018-002
  • K.V. Ramaswamy (2017). “Growth, Structural Change and Spatial Inequality in India: Some Dimensions of Regional Disparity”, Korea Institute of International Economics Policy (KIEP), 2016 KIEP Visiting Fellows Program, KIEP, 2017
  • K.V. Ramaswamy (2016).Size Dependent Tax incentives, Threshold Effects and Horizontal Subcontracting in Indian Manufacturing: Evidence from Factory and Firm-level Panel Data Sets, IGIDR Working Paper No. WP-2016-007
  • K.V. Ramaswamy (2013). “Size-Dependent Labour Regulations and Threshold Effects: The Case of Contract-worker Intensity in Indian Manufacturing”, Working Paper No.2013-12, IGIDR, July 2013
  • K.V. Ramaswamy (2013).“Understanding the “missing middle’ in Indian Manufacturing: The Role of Size-Dependent Labour Regulations and Fiscal Incentives”, V.R.F. Series No.480, April 2013, Institute of Developing Economies (IDE-JETRO), Tokyo
  • K.V. Ramaswamy (2008).“Wage Inequality in Indian Manufacturing: Is it Trade, Technology or Labour Regulations?” Working paper No.021, IGIDR, November 2000

  • “Wage Inequality in Indian Manufacturing: Is it Trade, Technology or Labour Regulations?” Working paper No.021, IGIDR, November 2008
  • Upgrading in Global Value Chains, Minimum Wages and Wage Distribution in Manufacturing

  • “Employment in Indian Manufacturing and New Services: Impact of Trade and Outsourcing”, Prepared for the World Bank project on Labor and Employment in India, August 2006
  • “ Globalization, Industrial Restructuring and the China Impact: The Case of Indian Machinery and Consumer Electronics Industries” in Moriki OHARA (Ed), The Growing Importance of China and the Asian Machinery-related Industries: New Business Opportunities and Restructuring of Division of Labour, Research Paper II-05, Institute of Developing Economies, IDE_JETRO, Tokyo, September 2003
  • “ The Indian Paper Industry”, with R.R.Vaidya, Sharma, V.K. and Beukering, P, in Beukering, Pieter and Sharma, V.K. (Ed), Waste Paper Trade and Recycling in India, Scientific Publishers (India), Jodhpur, 1998
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  • Development Economics [Compulsory Course for M.Sc in Economics]

  • Available on request