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Summer@IGIDR – Visiting Students Program

The Visiting Students Program (VSP) at the IGIDR was initiated in 2007 and aims to provide a platform for students to get a flavor of economics research in a field of their choice. Under the VSP, we seek applications from students who want to spend a productive summer at IGIDR and work closely with a faculty member assigned on the basis of the students’ research interests. Upto ten students are chosen each year.

This year we had over 360 applicants from all over the country and we selected candidates to represent a diversity of backgrounds, fields of interest and match with faculty interests. We are happy to announce the list of ten candidates selected to be part of the Summer@IGIDR programme for 2017. We have also identified candidates as part of a wait list. In the event that selected candidates are unable to participate we will go down the waitlist in the order listed and offer you the opportunity to participate. We will be in touch with the selected candidates and those who are waitlisted shortly.

The next round of applications will open on January 1, 2018

Selected for Summer@IGIDR 2017

1 Shilpa Chaya Mazumdar
2 Shaik Baji
3 Hemant Singh Gurjar
4 Mareeswaran M
5 Gayas  Ahmad
6 Deepak Kumar Agarwal
7 Bharate Amol Suresh Ballotai
8 Trupti Patil
9 Deepti Rani Rath
10 Tripti Vig


Waitlisted for Summer@IGIDR 2017

1 Khyati Jalan
2 Tanya jain
3 Jisna Mol
4 S.  Anjaneyulu