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ICC Committee Members Email ID  

Contact No


1. Presiding Officer Prof. Vijaylaxmi Pandey  



vijay@igidr.ac.in 022-69096503
2. Two faculty members Prof. Srijit Mishra Member srijit@igidr.ac.in 022-69096516


Dr. Manisha Jain Member manishajain@igidr.ac.in 022-69096517


3. Two non-teaching employees Ms. Ranjana Jha Member ranjana@igidr.ac.in 022-69096584


Mr. Samir Parab Member samir@igidr.ac.in 022-69096588


External Members
4. Member from an NGO or a person familiar with sexual harassment issues Ms. Urmila Salunkhe (Sr.Program Officer, AKSHARA)
Prof. Pushpa Trivedi

Senior Professor, Shiv Nadar University



Three Student nominees :

  1. Abhijeet Kumar Mishra (PhD 2023)
  2. Toshani Singh (M.Sc. 2022)
  3. Ram Madaan (MSc 2023)