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List of Post Doctoral Fellowship

2012Dr. T.B. Deokate
2010Dr. Syam PrasadCompleted work

1. Who works at older ages? If their economic activity and temporal changes in theireffects:
Evidences from India proposed work

Proposed work

1. Nutritional transition in india
2. Socio economic study of endosoulfan victims in Kasargod
Dr. Altaf Hussain KiraCurrently working on paper “Cross-LoC trade: New linkages beyond borders"
2009Dr. Durgesh Chandra PathakWorking Papers 
Poverty and Inequality in Uttar Pradesh during 1993-94 to 2004-05 : A Decomposition Analysis
Currently working on following two papers :
1. First Things First! Breaking the Vicious Circle of Poverty: This is a theoretical work and is under progress.
2. Working jointly with Dr. Srijit Mishra - paper on Comparative Analysis of impact of poverty lines being used by the Planning Commission and the one proposed by the Tendulkar Committee
Dr. Perini Pravneena SriTwo working papers titled “The Electric Enegy-Water Nexus : Managing the Seasonal Linkages of Fresh Water Use in Energy Sector for Sustainable Future” and “Econometric Approach to Water Use Estimation in Power Plants”
(till 31.8.2010)
2008Dr. Gordhan Kumar SainiWorking Papers
WP-2009-002 - Non-Tariff Measures and Indian Textiles and Clothing Exports
WP-2009-008 - Non-Tariff Measures Affecting India's Textiles and Clothing Exports: Findings from the Survey of Exporters
WP-2010-004 - Impact of ASEAN-India FTA on India's Plantation Commodities: A Simulation Analysis (With Prof. C. Veeramani)
Other Research Work:
Chapter in Volumes:
“India’s Export Sophistication in a Comparative Perspective”, in D M Nachane (ed.) India Development Report 2010, Oxford University Press, New Delhi (with C. Veeramani).
“India’s Agricultural Exports: Sources of Growth and Relative Sophistication” chapter in A Festschrift in Honor of Prof. Dilip Nachane (with C. Veeramani).
Prospects of Regional Economic Co-operation in South Asia and Special Studies on Indian Industry” Woodhead Publishing Limited, United Kingdom, December 2011 (substantial work of this book was completed at IGIDR)