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Ph.D. in Development Studies

The Ph.D. programme is designed to create academic researchers as well as professionals who are capable of conducting policy analysis, relating to national and global economic and development issues, in a quantitative and inter-disciplinary manner.

While an interdisciplinary approach is encouraged, the programme lays somewhat larger emphasis on economics to provide an integrating framework within which various development issues can be addressed. Ph.D. students are expected to submit their dissertations within four years of joining the Institute.

Both M.Phil. and Ph.D. programmes involve successful completion of course work as well as submission of dissertation. Both the M.Sc. and M.Phil./Ph.D. stream students who would like to register for a Ph.D. degree need to pass a set of comprehensive examinations, in addition to the prescribed course and grade requirements.


Our Ph.D. students have found employment in academic organizations both in India and abroad and in the corporate sector. A selected list of organizations where some of our past Ph.D. students have been placed is given in the section on past recruiters.

Course Structure and Duration:

M.Phil students are required to take eight courses (four compulsory and four optional), which they are expected to complete in the first year. Ph.D. students are required to take twelve courses (four compulsory and eight optional), which they are expected to complete in one-and-a-half years. In addition, all M.Phil. and Ph.D. students are required to take the course on Research Methodology and the course on Seminar Series. The compulsory courses for M.Phil/Ph.D. students are Microeconomics – I, Macroeconomics – I, Econometrics – I and Energy and Environment – I. The optional courses can be chosen from the list of courses offered by the Institute, which are similar to those listed under the M.Sc. program. Ph.D. students are required to take any two courses from Microeconomics – II, Macroeconomics – II, Econometrics – II and Energy and Environment – II as two of their optional subjects. Those students who already possess a Masters degree in Economics may get a pass through in certain courses provided they clear a set of examinations administered by the Institute. In addition, students who wish to have the M.Phil. degree, are required to submit an M.Phil. Dissertation. For continuation in the Ph.D. programme, the student has to pass an Oral Comprehensive Examination in the form of a Proposal cum Evaluation Seminar and is expected to write a Ph.D. dissertation within the stipulated time frame.