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Science Direct (109 journals)

Advances in Accounting [Science Direct]
Agricultural Systems[Science Direct]
Biomass and Bioenergy[Science Direct]
China Economic Review[Science Direct]
City, Culture and Society [Science Direct]
Computational Statistics and Data Analysis [Science Direct]
Critical Perspectives on Accounting [Science Direct]
Ecological Economics[Science Direct]
Economic Modelling[Science Direct]
Economic Systems[Science Direct]
Economics & Human Biology [Science Direct]
Economics Letters[Science Direct]
Economics of Education Review [Science Direct]
Electricity Journal [Science Direct]
Emerging Markets Review [Science Direct]
Energy Conversion and Management[Science Direct]
Energy Economics[Science Direct]
Energy Policy[Science Direct]
Energy[Science Direct]
Energy for Sustainable Development [Science Direct]
Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions [Science Direct]
European Economic Review[Science Direct]
European Journal of Political Economy[Science Direct]
Explorations In Economic History[Science Direct]
Finance Research Letters [Science Direct]
Food Policy[Science Direct]
Futures[Science Direct]
Games and Economic Behaviour[Science Direct]
Geoforum [Science Direct]
Global Environmental Change-Part A[Science Direct]
Global Finance Journal [Science Direct]
Information Economics and Policy[Science Direct]
Insurance: Mathematics and Economics [Science Direct]
International Business Review [Science Direct]
International Journal Of Electrical Power And Energy Systems[Science Direct]
International Journal Of Forecasting[Science Direct]
International Journal Of Industrial Organisation[Science Direct]
International Journal of Production Economics [Science Direct]
International Review of Economics & Finance [Science Direct]
International Review of Financial Analysis [Science Direct]
International Review Of Law And Economics[Science Direct]
Japan and The World Economy[Science Direct]
Journal of Accounting and Economics [Science Direct]
Journal of Asian Economics [Science Direct]
Journal of Banking And Finance[Science Direct]
Journal Of Comparative Economics[Science Direct]
Journal of Contemporary Accounting & Economics [Science Direct]
Journal Of Corporate Finance[Science Direct]
Journal Of Development Economics[Science Direct]
Journal of Econometrics[Science Direct]
Journal Of Economic Behaviour And Organisation[Science Direct]
Journal Of Economic Dynamics And Control[Science Direct]
Journal Of Economic Psychology[Science Direct]
Journal Of Economic Theory[Science Direct]
Journal of Economics and Business [Science Direct]
Journal of Empirical Finance[Science Direct]
Journal Of Environmental Economics And Management [Science Direct]
Journal Of Financial Economics[Science Direct]
Journal Of Financial Intermediation[Science Direct]
Journal of Financial Markets[Science Direct]
Journal of Financial Stability [Science Direct]
Journal of Health Economics [Science Direct]
Journal of Housing Economics [Science Direct]
Journal of International Accounting, Auditing and Taxation [Science Direct]
Journal Of International Economics [Science Direct]
Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money [Science Direct]
Journal Of International Money and Finance[Science Direct]
Journal of Macroeconomics[Science Direct]
Journal Of Mathematical Economics[Science Direct]
Journal Of Monetary Economics[Science Direct]
Journal of Multinational Financial Management [Science Direct]
Journal Of Policy Modeling [Science Direct]
Journal Of Public Economics[Science Direct]
Journal of Rail Transport and Management
Journal of Socio-Economics [Science Direct]
Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference[Science Direct]
Journal of the Japanese and International Economies [Science Direct]
Journal of Urban Economics [Science Direct]
Journal of World Business [Science Direct]
Labour Economics[Science Direct]
Management Accounting Research [Science Direct]
Mathematical Social Sciences[Science Direct]
North American Review of Economics and Finance [Science Direct]
Pacific Basin Financial Journal[Science Direct]
Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications [Science Direct]
Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance [Science Direct]
Regional Science and Urban Economics [Science Direct]
Renewable Energy[Science Direct]
Research in Economics[Science Direct]
Research in International Business and Finance [Science Direct]
Research in Social Stratification and Mobility[Science Direct]
Research in Transportation Business & Management [Science Direct]
Research in Transportation Economics [Science Direct]
Research Policy[Science Direct]
Resource and Energy Economics [Science Direct]
Resources Policy [Science Direct]
Review Of Economic Dynamics[Science Direct]
Review of Financial Economics [Science Direct]
Social Science and Medicine [Science Direct]
Socio-Economic Planning Sciences[Science Direct]
Structural Change and Economic Dynamics[Science Direct]
Technological Forecasting And Social Change[Science Direct]
Transport Policy[Science Direct]
Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment [Science Direct]
Value in Health [Science Direct]
World Development[Science Direct]