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  • "Examining the Role of Corporate Social Responsibility Funding in Indian Education.", with Nishant Chadha, New Philanthropy and the Disruption of Global Education (2020): 102
  • “Growth, Development Spending and Inequality in Indian States – 1988-2012”, with Nishant ChadhaEconomic & Political Weekly (2019): 54(11), 45-52
  • "Decentralisation, Economic Inequality and Insurgency", Journal of Development Studies (2018)
  • "Ethnic fragmentation, public good provision and inequality in India, 1988–2012", with Nishant Chadha, Oxford Development Studies (2018): 1-15.
  • "Caste and Class." Review of Market Integration 8.3 (2017): 135-151.

Working Papers

  • "Financial development and Conflict Mitigation: Can finance combat conflict?”, with Sankar De (Submitted) [Web Appendix]

  • Community forestry and its implications for land related disputes: Evidence from India (submitted)
  • Ethnic Fragmentation and School Provision in India, with Nishant Chadha (submitted)
  • Financial development and Conflict Mitigation: Can finance combat conflict?, with Sankar De (submitted)
  • Public and private schools in India, with Nishant Chadha (submitted)
  • How do households finance private education: Insights from the NSSO data, with Nishant Chadha
  • Rainfall shocks and school provision

Courses Tought

  • Econometrics I (Msc), July-Dec, 2018

  • Political Economy (MSc), Jan-June, 2020