G. Mythili

G. Mythili

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Ph.D. in Econometrics, Department of Econometrics, University of Madras. Major areas of research are Agricultural Economics, Environmental Economics, Applied Econometrics and CGE models. Awarded Ford Foundation Post-Doctoral Fellowship for the year 1990-91 for pursuing a study at UC Berkeley Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, USA and Visiting Fellowship in Environmental Economics by SANDEE ( South Asian Network for Development and Environmental Economics) for the year 2002 to visit PG Institute of Agriculture, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka. Have been associated with many research projects funded by national and international agencies including Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India on ‘Farm Management cost and production’; WRI, Washington on ‘Environmental Implications of Energy Use’; ACIAR Australia on ‘Agricultural Growth through globalization of Indian Agriculture’; Economic Research Service, US Department of Agriculture on ‘Supply Response of Indian Farmers’; ZEF, University of Bonn on ‘Drivers of Land Degradation’; European Commission on ‘Trade, Agricultural Policies and Structural Changes in India’s Agri-food System using GAMS’; and Bill Melinda Gates Foundation on ‘Agriculture-Nutrition Disconnect Pathways- Analysis using GAMS’ . Was a Member of Research Committee and Course curriculum Committee of World Bank/ MOEF Capacity Building in Environmental Economics.


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  • Main Drivers of Land Degradation in Agriculture and Economic Costs of Land Degradation. Agriculture - Nutrition Pathway: Alternative Policy Scenario analysis in CGE model.

  • Trade, Agricultural Policies and Structural Changes in India’s Agrifood System: Implications for National and Global Markets (TAPSIM)”, European Commission

  • IGIDR: Mathematical Economics, Environmental Policy, CGE Modeling with GAMS.
  • Madras School of Economics: Resource and Environmental Economics, Mathematical Economics, Statistics, Econometrics, Micro Economics.

  • Available on request