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Indian economy & Covid-19: Risk aversion may be higher in 2nd wave Rajeswari SenguptaMay 26, 2021
Towards a more equitable post-pandemic growthS. Mahendra DevMay 25, 2021
India’s economy will do well once vaccination reaches critical massAshima GoyalMay 18, 2021
Increasing expenditure will stimulate economy - ICFAI and IGIDR 14th Doctoral thesis conferenceMay 6, 2021
India’s progress in meeting its climate goals Manisha JainApril 22, 2021
If inflation remains strong, RBI will have to choose — debt or inflation management Rajeswari SenguptaApril 20, 2021
Needed, a measured approach to cryptos Ashima GoyalApril 18, 2021
Higher import tariffs will hurt Atmanirbharta Anjali Tandon,
C Veeramani
March 30, 2021
Fine-tuning flexible inflation targeting Ashima GoyalMarch 14, 2021
How FPOs can help small and marginal farmers C Rangarajan and
S Mahendra Dev
March 11, 2021
India’s Monetary Policy Easing Wasn’t Very Impactful, Study SaysMarch 05, 2021
Of twists and turns: Monetary policy and ‘term premium’ Rajeswari Sengupta and
Harsh Vardhan
March 03, 2021
Prosperous Maharashtra, Karnataka hide a disparity within. Development is not for all: Study Vikash Vaibhav and
Varun Kumar Das
Feb 26, 2021
A clear-eyed and consistent Budget Ashima GoyalFeb 14, 2021
Atmanirbhar & rural growth: Need to make all the right noises S.Mahendra DevFeb 2, 2021
Fix inverted tariff structures to boost industrial growth in India C. Veeramani and
Anwesha Basu
Jan 27, 2021
The post-Covid priority: Budget needs to ramp up spending on health and education S. Mahendra DevJan 09, 2021
Exports: A post-Covid opportunity S Mahendra Dev and
C Veeramani
Jan 07, 2021