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While servers are powered by LINUX, Windows 2012/2016 Server Operating systems, the workstations are loaded with Linux (viz, Ubuntu, Fedora) , Windows 10 OS and Antivirus.

The center provides all standard Econometrics and Statistical packages such as Eviews, Stata, Mathematica, SAS, RATS, MATLAB and GAMS both under Unix/Linux and windows environment. Office automation packages like MS Office, Office 365, TeX are also available both under Mac/Linux and Windows environment. In addition to the above software, the institute subscribes to various corporate databases such as PROWESS, INDIASTAT, CAPITAL LINE, WITS and number of other national and international databases.

The Computer Center conducts various training and orientation seminar on several computer related topics, software, databases and on new IT technologies implemented at Institute to enhance and upgrade the computer skills of the user community of IGIDR.