IGIDR Working Paper:The Problem of Inequality

NO : WP-2016-029

AUTHOR :S. Mahendra Dev

TITLE :  The Problem of Inequality


Inequality is the most discussed development problem all over the world. Development can’t be discussed without talking about inequality. The paper addresses two questions:
(a) What are the dimensions and trends in inequality at global level and India?
(b) How do we tackle rising inequalities at policy level?

The paper examines consumption, income, regional, social and gender inequalities in India. Income inequalities are much higher that of consumption. It also looks at inequalities in opportunities like education. The paper discusses policies such as redistributive measures, agriculture, social protection, employment, education, gender disparities and eradication of corruption.

Keywords : Inequality, social, gender, consumption, income, inequality of opportunity, agriculture, employment, education, corruption

JEL Code : D63, I14, I24, I31, I38
Weblink : http://www.igidr.ac.in/pdf/publication/WP-2016-029.pdf