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Prof. Sonalde Desai

Prof. Sonalde Desai   
Distinguished University Professor, University of Maryland, USA
Ph.D. in Sociology, Stanford University
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Sonalde Desai (Professor and Centre Director, NCAER-National Data Innovation Center, New Delhi and Distinguished University Professor, Department of Sociology, University of Maryland) is a demographer whose work deals primarily with social transformation and its impact on the lives of individuals with a focus on education, employment, and maternal and child health.

She leads the India Human Development Survey of over 40,000 households which is the only national panel survey in India providing a rich public resource for studying the transformation of the Indian society in the 21st Century. Since April, Desai and her colleagues at NDIC have carried out telephone surveys around COVID-related experiences in Delhi National Capital Region.

She is a frequent contributor to Indian newspapers and serves on the editorial board of Population and Development Review. She received a Ph.D. from Stanford University and post-doctoral training at the University of Chicago and RAND Corporation. Desai has recently been elected President of Population Association of America.