SPANDAN: Call for research proposals Closed


Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research (IGIDR), Mumbai (click here for more about IGIDR), and the System of Promoting Appropriate National Dynamism for Agriculture and Nutrition (SPANDAN) India, invite research proposals for short studies focusing on the broad areas covered under the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals-2 (SDG-2 Zero Hunger). The details are as follows:

Scope of the study: The focus country of the study should be India. The main objectives of the proposed studies should be centered on any of the SDG-2 target(s). Studies that seek to examine linkages between the SDG-2 target(s) and one or more other SDGs – in particular SDG-1 No poverty, SDG-3 Good health and well-being, SDG-4 Quality education, SDG-5 Gender equality, SDG-6 Clean water and sanitation, and SDG- 10 Reduced inequalities – are encouraged. The proposed studies are expected to be empirical in nature based on existing data sets.

As part of the SPANDAN initiative, an integrated survey on agriculture, food consumption patterns, behavioral factors and nutrition outcomes was conducted in Bihar and Odisha. The surveys were conducted in collaboration with IGIDR and National Institute of Nutrition (NIN), Hyderabad between October 2014 and December 2015. The survey data collected under the SPANDAN initiative would be made publicly available soon. Details of the data collected are available on SPANDAN website. Authors of the proposed studies are encouraged to make use of the SPANDAN data set. However, proposals for studies that intend to make use of other existing data sets are also welcome.

Proposal format: Each proposal should clearly mention the following: (i) Title of the study; (ii) Author(s) of the study (in case of multiple authors, the team leader should be clearly mentioned – see Eligibility conditions below), along with designation, affiliation and contact details; (iii) Description of the proposed study (1500 words) that includes the rationale, objective(s) and scope of the study citing the relevant literature, the data set and tentative methodology to be used, and policy relevance if any. Authors are advised to avoid detailed review of literature, tables and figures. Bibliography should be kept to bare minimum; (iv) Source of the data and expected cost, if any.

Duration of the study: One year starting from January 2020.

Eligibility: (i) Only permanent faculty in universities or research institutes in India may submit a proposal. (ii) Proposals may be submitted by an individual or a team of researchers. In case of a proposal from a team, the same should clearly indicate the team leader, who should meet the above mentioned criteria. All correspondence will be sent to the team leader who will be responsible for the study. (iii) An individual can be associated with only one proposal (as an individual / as a team member). In case multiple proposals are received involving the same person, then IGIDR may choose to reject all such proposals.

Modalities: Proposals have to be routed through the Head of Department or any other appropriate authority of the University / Research Institute, indicating that the author(s) has the necessary approval for undertaking the study. IGIDR will not be responsible for obtaining such approvals. The last date for receiving the proposals is 31-December-2019. Proposals have to be sent by email to:


The Coordinator,

SPANDAN Initiative Grants

Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research

Gen. A. K. Vaidya Marg, Goregaon East,

Mumbai 400 065



From among the proposals received in all 10 proposals would be chosen by a Screening Committee. Decision of the Screening Committee / IGIDR in this regard will be final.

Workshops: A launch workshop is expected to be held in IGIDR in January 2020 (dates to be decided), which the authors of the chosen proposals are required to attend. They are expected to make a detailed presentation of their proposed study at this workshop. An interim workshop will be held around June-July 2020, in which authors are expected to report the progress made in their study. It is expected that 3-4 expert reviewers will attend these workshops that would review the proposal / work done under each of the study and provide comments / suggestions. Authors are expected to incorporate these comments and suggestions as best as possible and have to present the findings of their in a final workshop that may be held around November 2020. Based on the feedback received from the experts, a final report has to be submitted to IGIDR within one month of the final workshop.

IGIDR aims to publish these studies in the form of chapters in a book to be edited by a team from IGIDR. Authors are expected to address queries from the editors / publisher and also provide all required help (such as proof-reading of their chapters) in order to expedite publication of the book.

Funding and payment schedule: Each chosen proposal would receive a lump-sum grant of Rs.6,75,000/- (Rupees Six Lakh Seventy Five Thousand only), inclusive of travel to attend the project workshops in IGIDR (accommodation and meals will be borne by IGIDR). Limited additional funds may be available for select studies to support data acquisition cost, if any. Authors requiring such funding should clearly indicate this in their proposal. Authors should note that the additional funds, if available, may meet only a part of the costs.

Funds will be released as per the following milestones: 30% at the end of launch workshop; 30% at the end of interim workshop upon satisfactory progress made and as per the recommendations of the team of reviewers; 20% at the end of final workshop upon presenting the final findings of the study incorporating reviewer comments / suggestions; and balance 20% once the book chapter has been accepted for publication (copy-edited version).