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(A)       Books

(1) C Veeramani and R Nagaraj (Eds), International Trade and Industrial Development in India: Emerging Trends, Patterns and Issues, Orient Blackswan, New Delhi, 2016.

(B) Journal Articles

(2) “Intensive and Extensive Margins of Exports: What can India Learn from China” (with Lakshmi A and Prachi Gupta), The World Economy (Wiley).


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(5) “Network Trade and Development: What do the patterns of vertically specialized trade in ASEAN tell us about India’s place in Asian production networks” (with Meenu Tewari), Global Economy Journal, (De Gruyter and Berkeley Electronic Press), Vol 16(2), 2016.

(6) “Manufactured Exports and Intermediate Imports by Indian States: Analysis Based on ASI Plant Level Data” (with Dennis Rajakumar and Purna Banerjee), Journal of Income and Wealth, Journal of Indian Association for Research in National Income and Wealth, Vol 38, No 2, July-December 2016.

(7) “World’s Knowledge Spillovers: Beyond Openness and Growth”, Journal of Economic Integration, June; 29(2), 2014: 298-328.

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(9) Impact of ASEAN-India Preferential Trade Agreement on Plantation Commodities: A Simulation Analysis” (with Gordhan Kumar Saini), Economic and Political Weekly, Vol XLVI, March 5, 2011 (Refereed Special Article), pp 83-92

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(C) Articles in Edited Volumes

(18) “Indian Manufacturing in Asian Production Networks: Patterns and Prospects of Deeper Regional Integration” (with Meenu Tewari and Manjeeta Singh) in Jayant Menon and Srinivasan T.N (eds), Integrating South and East Asia, Oxford University Press, 2017

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(20) “India’s export of unskilled labor-intensive products: a comparative analysis” (with Garima Dhir) in C. Veeramani and R Nagaraj (ed) International Trade and Industrial Development in India: Emerging Trends, Patterns and Issues, 2016, Orient Blackswan.

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  • “From Import Substitution to Integration into Global Production Networks: The Case of Indian Automobile Industry” (with Prema-Chandra Athukorala)
  • “Reaping Gains from Global Production Sharing: Domestic Value Addition and Job Creation by Indian Exports” (with Garima Dhir)
  • Trade, Productivity and Markups: Analysis of India’s manufacturing Plants (with Prachi Gupta)
  • Job Dynamics, Exchange Rates, and Trade Openness: A Study of Gender Differences in Indian Manufacturing (with Purna Banerjee)
  • Growth Gains from Trade (with Sugata Marjit)
  • Exchange Rates, Margins of Trade and Pass-through: An Empirical Analysis for India (with Lakshmi A)
  • Vertical specialization and fragmentation trade (with Garima Dhir)
  • Trade in Calories, Protein and Fat (with S Chandrasekhar)

  • Applied International Trade