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DP-99-153Jayati Sarkar, Subrata SarkarLarge Shareholder Activism in Corporate Governance in Developing Countries: Evidence from India
DP-99-152Manoj Panda, Kali P. RathPrice Changes and Some Underlying Aspects of Measurement of Poverty
DP-98-151Ajay Shah, Susan ThomasMarket Microstructure Considerations in Index Construction
DP-98-150A. Ganesh-Kumar, Gangadhar Darbha, Kirit S. ParikhImpact of a Hike in the Administered Prices of Petroleum Products: Analysis Using an Applied General Equilibrium Model for India
DP-98-149Sudipta Dutta RoyLags in Employment Adjustment and Inter-Industry Differentials: Analysis Using Dynamic Inter-Related Factor Demand Functions
DP-98-148Sougata PoddarCapacity, Entry and Demand Uncertainty
DP-98-147Ashima GoyalTransitional Exchange Rate Policy in a Low Per Capita Income Country
DP-98-146Tirthankar RoyEconomic Reforms and the Textile Industry in India
DP-98-145Mahendra Dev and Ajit RanadeCash versus Food for Public Works Program
DP-98-144P.J.J. Herings and H.M. PolemarchakisPareto Improving Price Regulation when the Asset Market is Incomplete
DP-98-143Raghbendra Jha,K.V.B. Murthy,Hari K. Nagarajan and Ashok SethComponents of the Wholesale Bid-Ask Spread and the Structure of Grain Markets: The Case of Rice in India
DP-97-142Jayati Sarkar ,Subrata Sarkar and Sumon BhaumikDoes Ownership Always Matter? Evidence from the Indian Banking Industry
DP-97-141R. RamanathanA Multi-Criteria Framework to the Global Negotiations on Climate Change
DP-97-140S. Geetha and Madhura SwaminathanEarnings profile of workers in a slum: Findings from a survey of Santosh Nagar, Mumbai
DP-97-139Sudipta Dutta Roy and Gangadhar DarbhaDynamics of Money, Output and Price Interaction--Some Indian Evidence
DP-97-138Subhajit BhattacharyaRivalry between DC and LDC firms and trade policy issues
DP-96-137Pradeep AgrawalDo India's labour policy harm Indian workers? A comparison with East Asia
DP-96-136K.V. RamaswamyLabour Productivity, Employment Growth and Industrial Structure in India: An Exploratory Hypothesis
DP-96-135Nivedita DasDynamic regulation with technological progress
DP-96-134Jayati SarkarTechnological diffusion: Alternative theories and historical evidence
DP-96-133Jayati SarkarThe role of structure and interdependence in the diffusion of innovations
DP-96-132Shikha Jha and P.V.SrinivasanLiberalization of foodgrain markets: Implications for food security and price stability
DP-96-131Sumon Bhaumik and Jayati SarkarEntry deregulation and banking market competition: The Indian experience
DP-96-130Sridhar Dash and Ashima GoyalIs Broad Money Endogenous in India: Hypothesis & Some Evidence
DP-96-129Jean Dr?ze and P.V.SrinivasanPoverty in India: Regional Estimates, 1987-88
DP-96-128Gangadhar DarbhaAsymmetries in household consumption and liquidity constraints - A switching regression approach
DP-95-127Kirit S. Parikh ,Manoj Panda and N. S. MurthyModelling framework for sustainable development: Integrating environmental considerations in development strategies
DP-95-126Raghbendra Jha and M.S. MohantyModeling Inflation in India
DP-95-125Jean Dr?ze & P.V.SrinivasanWidowhood and Poverty in Rural India: Some Inferences from Household Survey Data
DP-95-124P. G. BabuA framework for dynamic agency interaction
DP-95-123P. G. BabuCommon perception
DP-95-122S. Gokarn ,K. Sen and R. VaidyaDeregulation and Market Power in the Indian Cement Industry: A Multicointegration Approach
DP-95-121N. Hadkar,S. Sharma, A. David,T.R.Muraleedharan,S. Geetha and P.G.BabuAre Peoplein Developing Countries Willing to Pay for Natural Resource Preservation: Evidence from a Contingent Valuation of the Borivali National Park, Bombay.
DP-95-120S. Geetha and M. SwaminathanNutritional Status of Children in a Slum Community: Findings from a Survey of Santosh Nagar, Bombay.
DP-94-119R. RamanathanAn Eigenvector Method for Deriving AHP Priorities in Systems with Feedback.
DP-94-118Thomas W. Gilliyan and Subrata SarkarStatistical Causality and Strategic Behaviour in Industrial Markets
DP-94-117Gangadhar D and Sudipta D. RoyWage Price Nexus: The Indian Case
DP-94-116Jyoti Parikh,Manoj Panda and N.S. MurthyConsumption Pattern Differences and Environmental Implication: A Case Study of India
DP-94-115Rajendra VaidyaProfit Dynamics and the Extent of within Industry Heterogeneity: A Study of Five Indian Manufacturing Industries.
DP-94-114Subrata SarkarDid the Gypsum Industry Really Collude? Some Evidence Using Tests of Non-Nested Hypotheses.
DP-94-113D. Chattopadhyay ,K. Bhattacharya and Jyoti ParikhA Systems Approach to Least-Cost Maintenance Scheduling for an Interconnected Power System.
DP-94-112Shikha Jha and P.V. SrinivasanEffects of Private Storage and Subsidized Food Distribution on Price Band Stabilization Policies.
DP-94-111R. Ramanathan and T.R. MuraleedharanThe Role of the Analytic Hierarchy Process in Environmental Impact Assessment.
DP-94-110V.S. Borkar and P. GuruswamyBayesian Learning and Assymptotic Equilibria in Stochastic Dynamic Games.
DP-94-109Tirthankar RoyThe Depression in India.
DP-94-108K. Bhattacharya ,D.Chattopadhyay and Jyoti ParikhReal-Time Adaptive Pricing for Load Frequency Control in Interconnected Power System.
DP-94-107Ashima GoyalIndustrial Pricing and Growth Fluctuations in India.
DP-94-106B.Sudhakara ReddyA Multilogit Model for Fuel Shifts in the Domestic Sector.
DP-94-105K.V. RamaswamySmall Scale Manufacturing Industries in India: Some Aspects of Size, Growth and Structure.
DP-94-104Kunal Sen and Rajendra VaidyaPolitical Budget Cycles in India.
DP-94-103S. Mahendra DevIndicators of Unsustainability of Agriculture in Indian Himalayas: A Survey.
DP-94-102Saumen Majumdar and Jyoti ParikhMacroeconomic Consistency in Energy Planning.
DP-93-101R. SridharSuperfluous Matrices in Linear Complimentarity.
DP-93-100R. SridharDegree Theory in Linear Complimentarity.
DP-93-99D. Chattapadhyay ,Rangan Banerjee and Jyoti ParikhIntegrating Demand Side and Supply Side Resources in Electric Utility Planning: A Multi-Objective Approach
DP-93-98R. NagarajEmployment and Wages in Manufacturing Industries in India: Trends, Hypothesis and Evidence
DP-93-97Piyush Tiwari and Jyoti K. ParikhCost of CO2 Reduction in Building Construction
DP-93-96Saumyen SikdarA Model of Corruption in an Investment Project
DP-93-95D. Chattopadhyay and S. MajumdarImpact of Oil Price Shock on Carbon Emission in India: An Econometric Analysis
DP-93-94Pradeep AgrawalSupervision Cost, Risk Premia, and the Choice of Agricultural Tenancy
DP-93-93Kunal SenThe Efficacy of Macroeconomic Policy in a Food Constrained Economy
DP-93-92Kunal Sen and Rajendra VaidyaThe Determination of Industrial Prices in India: A Post Keynesian Approach
DP-93-91Bibhas SahaChoosing Sides in a Bargaining Game with Asymmetric Information
DP-93-90Ashima GoyalStability, Expectations and Bifurcations: A Characterization of Disequilibrium Growth Paths
DP-93-89Pradeep AgrawalRelationships Among Some Risk Premia
DP-93-88K.V. RamaswamyTechnical Efficiency in Modern Small-Scale Firms in Indian Industry: Applications of Stochastic Production Frontiers
DP-93-87Tirthankar Roy and Kunal SenReal and Financial Flows in the Indian Economy, 1970-89
DP-93-86Subir Gokarn and Rajendra VaidyaDeregulation and Industrial Performance: A Case Study of the Indian Cement Industry
DP-93-85Kunal Sen ,Tirthankar Roy,R.Krishnan and Arundhati MundlayA Flow of Funds Model for India and Its Implications
DP-92-84B. Sudhakara ReddyElectrical Water Heater Vs. Solar Water Heater
DP-92-83Pradeep Agrawal ,Subir V. Gokarn,Veena Mishra,Kirit Parikh and Kunal SenLearning from Tigers and Cubs Economic Restructuring in East Asia : Lessons for India
DP-92-82Veena MishraTransactions Costs and the Effects of Inflation on the Relative Price of Durable Goods.
DP-92-81Ashima GoyalRelative Price Rigidity Dynamics and the Closure Debate
DP-92-80Tirthankar RoyPrice Movements in Early Twentieth Century India
DP-92-79D. Chattopadhyay and Jyoti K. ParikhCO2 Emissions Reduction from Power System in India
DP-92-78M.H. Suryanarayana and S. GeethaEstimation of P-? Poverty Measure for Grouped Data Using Two Parametric Lognormal Distribution
DP-92-76Jyoti Parikh and Subir GokarnClimate Change and India's Energy Policy Options
DP-92-75Rajendra R. VaidyaThe Persistence of Profits: The Indian Experience
DP-92-74Shikha Jha and P.V. SrinivasanOptimal Administered Pricing with Capacity Constraints on Optimizing Input-Output Model for India
DP-92-73K.V. RamaswamyCapital Intensity, Productivity and Returns to Scale in Modern Small Industries in India.
DP-92-72Vibhooti Shukla and Kirit ParikhThe Environmental Consequences of Urban Concentration: Cross-National Perspectives on Economic Development, Air Pollution and City Size.
DP-92-71P.V. SrinivasanDeterminants of Capacity Utilization in Indian Industries.
DP-92-70Ashima GoyalThe Role of Foreign Aid and the Foreign Exchange Constraint in Growth: Some Extensions.
DP-92-69Ashima GoyalGrowth Dynamics in a General Equilibirium Macroeconomic Model for India.
DP-92-68M.H. Suryanarayana,Tirthankar Roy and Kirit S ParikhGrowth, Distribution and Demand for Textiles in India.
DP-91-67Neelanjana Mitra and Anindya SenStrategic Planning in Public Sector Companies: A Case Study of IBP.
DP-91-66J.P. Painuly ,Jyoti Parikh and D.R. ShahRural Energy System and Agriculture: Alternative Scenarios for Gujarat.
DP-91-65Ashima GoyalDemand Supply and Savings Constraints in the Indian Economy.
DP-91-64Shikha JhaConsumer Subsidies in India: Is Targetting Effective?
DP-91-63Shikha JhaFactors Determining The Allocation of Food Subsidies in India.
DP-91-62Neelanjana MitraIndian Tea Industry: Problems and Policies.
DP-91-61Manash Ranjan Gupta ,Bibhas Saha,Anindya SenBribing and Strategic Delay: A Theory of the Interactions between Formal and Informal Rural Credit Markets.
DP-91-60Jyoti K. ParikhSustainable Development of Agriculture: Resource, Technology and Environment.
DP-91-59Jyoti Parikh,Kirit Parikh,Subir Gokarn,J.P. Painuly and Bibhas SahaConsumption Patterns: The Driving Force of Environmental Stress.
DP-91-58Pradeep AgarwalThe Relation Between The Two Risk Premia.
DP-91-57Anindya Sen ,Bibhas SahaTrade Union Bargaining, Privatization and Adjustment Measures.
DP-91-56Pranlal MangaHealth and Socio-economic Development in India: An Overview.
DP-91-55S. Mahendra Dev ,Kirit S. Parikh and M.H. SuryanarayanaRural Poverty in India: Incidence, Issues and Policies.
DP-91-54Kirit S. ParikhGood Growth is Green Growth.
DP-91-53Manash Ranjan GuptaAgricultural Credit, Duopoly and Interest Rate Differences.
DP-91-52Anindya SenNash Bargaining and the Cournot Theory of Oligopoly.
DP-91-51Kirit S. Parikh4% Growth Rate in Agriculture Over the 1990's: Policy Implication and Environmental Consequences.
DP-91-50Kirit S. ParikhAn Outward Oriented Strategy: Even More Relevant Now.
DP-91-49Jyoti Parikh and J.P. PainulyCompressed Natural Gas (CNG) in Transport Sector: Techno-economic Assessment for India.
DP-91-48Kirit S. Parikh ,Upal GhoshNatural Resource Accounting for Soils: Towards an Empirical Estimate of Costs of Soil Degradation for India.
DP-91-47Kunal SenThe Use of the Statutory Liquidity Ratio for Resource Mobilisation and Financial Disintermediation.
DP-91-46R. Maria SalethMeasuring Sustainability in a Regional and Resource-Specific Context: The Case of a Groundwater Aquifer System.
DP-91-45Kirit S. ParikhToward a National Resource Accounting System.
DP-91-44Tirthankar Roy and Kunal SenChanges in Savings-Rate and its Implications for Growth.
DP-91-43Jyoti Parikh,S. Modak,S.G. Deshmukh and C.B. KagalkarIGIDR-HT Industries Survey in Maharashtra.
DP-91-42Kirit S. Parikh,S. Mahendra Dev and Shantanu DeshpandeThe Role of Technology in Agricultural Development in India
DP-91-41R. Maria Saleth ,John B. Braden and J. Wayland EheartCan Efficiency Be Improved in a Sport Water Market under Bargaining Conditions?
DP-91-40R. Maria SalethRental Markets for Tubewells and Pumpsets in India: A Logit Analysis.
DP-91-21 (Revised)Kirit S. ParikhAn Operational Definition of Sustainable Development.
DP-90-39Bibhas Saha and Anindya SenLayoff Compensation as Commitment for Entry Deterrence.
DP-90-38Kaivan D. Munshi and Kirit S. ParikhMilk Supply Behavior in India: Data Integration, Estimation and Implications for Dairy Development.
DP-90-37Bibhas SahaWage and Employment Bargaining with Asymmetric Information
DP-90-36Bibhas SahaImplicit Contracts, Worker Quit-Rates and Investment.
DP-90-35Bibhas Saha and Anindya SenTrade Union Bargaining and Privatization.
DP-90-34Anindya SenEntry and Managerial Incentives.
DP-90-33Anindya SenThe Structure of Firms.
DP-90-32Anindya SenPrivatisation and Social Welfare.
DP-90-31Ashima GoyalIndustrial Pricing, Stability and Dynamics: A Theoretical Model Applied to Explain The Growth Path of the Indian Economy.
DP-90-30Anant K. Sundaram and Veena MishraExchange Rates, Pass Through and Economic Exposure: A Review.
DP-90-29Veena Mishra and Anant K. SundaramOptimality of Market Share Competition in a Symmetric Duopoly: A Note.
DP-90-28Anant K. Sundaram and Veena MishraStrategic Substitutes and Complements, Demand and Cost Functions and Generalized Conjectures: An Exploration of Linkages.
DP-90-27Anant K. Sundaram and Veena MishraCurrency Movements and Corporate Pricing Strategy.
DP-90-26Kirit Parikh and T.N. SrinivasanPoverty Alleviation Policies in India: Food Consumption Subsidy, Food Production Subsidy and Employment Generation.
DP-90-25Jyoti Parikh and S.G. DeshmukhhSimulation of Alternative Scenarios of Western and Southern Electricity Grids for the Eighth Plan.
DP-90-24J.P. Painuly and Jyoti ParikhOil Substitution by Natural Gas in Transport and Industry Sectors.
DP-90-23K.S. Parikh ,K. Frohberg,G. FischerWould Developing Countries Benefit from Agricultural Trade Liberalisation in OECD Countries
DP-90-22K.S. Parikh and M.H. SuryanarayanaFood and Agricultural Subsidies: Incidence and Welfare under Alternative Schemes.
DP-89-21K.S. ParikhAn Operational Measurable Definition of Sustainable Development.
DP-89-20Shikha JhaIncome Effects and the Theory of the Firm Revisited.
DP-89-19Shikha JhaRedistributive Effects of Food Procurement-cum-Distribution Versus Income Transfers.
DP-89-18M.G. Pai ,Jyoti Parikh and J.C. ShahSuperconducting Storage of Electricity at Grid Level.
DP-89-17M.G. Pai and Jyoti ParikhTechnology Assessment of Superconducting Generators.
DP-89-16M.G. Pai and Jyoti ParikhRelevance of Superconducting Transmission to Power Sector in India.
DP-89-15S. Mahendra DevSome Aspects of Non-Agricultural Employment in Rural India: Evidence at a Disaggregate Level
DP-89-14K.S. Parikh and M.H. SuryanarayanaFood and Agricultural Subsidies: Incidence and Welfare Under Alternative Schemes.
DP-89-13Kirit S. ParikhEighth Plan & Beyond: Strategies and Tactics.
DP-88-12P.V. SrinivasanHow Progressive Can Indirect Taxes Be?
DP-88-11Shikha Jha and P.V. SrinivasanIndirect Taxes in India: An Incidence Analysis.
DP-88-10B. Kamaiah (co-author)A Ratio Analysis of Bank Branches: A Case Study of a Nationalised Bank in Tamil Nadu Region.
DP-88-09P. Nandakumar and B. KamaiahForecasting Exchange Rates: Some Time Series Evidence.
DP-88-08P. Nandakumar and B. KamaiahOn the Random Walk Characteristics of Exchange Rates: Some Further Evidence.
DP-87-07Shikha Jha and P.V. SrinivasanWho Pays More? The Case of Excise Duties in India.
DP-87-06Kishore KulkarniSaving Behaviour in the Monetary Sector of the Indian Economy.
DP-87-05Jyoti ParikhEnergy Conservation in Manufacturing Industries.
DP-87-04Kirit S. Parikh,Gunther Fisher,Klaus FrohbergAgricultural Trade Regimes: Import on Sector Proportions, Real Incomes and Hunger in the World. Paper presented at the 8th World Congress of International Economic Association, New Delhi, Dec. 1986.
DP-87-03N.S.S. Narayana,Kirit S. Parikh,T.N. SrinivasanPolicies and Impacts.
DP-87-02Jyoti K. ParikhSustainable Development of Agriculture.
DP-87-01Kirit S. ParikhA Development Strategy for the 1990's.